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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies
For other uses, see Armory.
"View all collected items and craft new items."
— Description

The Armory is featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare through the Quartermaster in multiplayer and Zombie Crates in Zombies. In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, users use the Armory to access the Prototype Lab, Mission Team Depot, and QR-M5TR Collection to view a list of Prototype Weapons, which then they can craft in the Prototype Lab using their Salvage, see what progress they've made in the Mission Teams Depot, and see what luck they've had with Supply Drops in the QR-M5TR Collection.

On 1/11/17, a re-issue of weapons from the Prototype Lab and QR-M5TR Collection was released under a whole new collection known as the Mark II Collection.

Prototype Lab[]

"Craft new Prototype Weapons and view your collection."
— Description

Enter the Prototype Lab to craft Prototype Weapons, unique and powerful armaments with special perks that modify functionality and provide bonuses based on your actions, and also some statistical differences.

Functional modifications can increase a weapon’s base traits, while action-based modifications include bonuses such as increased ammo, more XP per kill, bursts of speed after each kill, and Payload meter bonuses for headshots. Modifications are especially effective when stacked with weapon attachments.

Each weapon has four Prototype Weapon variants, which must be unlocked through normal level progression. Once a Prototype Weapon is unlocked, it must then be crafted using Salvage. The rarer the Prototype Weapon, the more Salvage it will cost to craft.

There are three ways to obtain Salvage:

  • Within Supply Drops
  • Acquiring duplicate items in Supply Drops (items are automatically dismantled for Salvage)
  • Completing active missions in Mission Teams

Mission Team Depot[]

"View Mission Teams-exclusive Prototype Weapons."
— Description

In the Mission Team Depot, you can view and craft Prototype Weapons unlocked by completing Mission Team missions. Accept missions in Mission Teams and complete them for Mission Team XP, giving you access to these exclusive weapons.

QR-M5TR Collection[]

"View exclusive Prototype Weapons only available via Supply Drops."
— Description

The QR-M5TR Collection contains exclusive Weapon Prototypes that are only available from Supply Drops. Many of these weapons are locked by player level and cannot be used until reaching the required level.

Mark II Collection[]

"Mark II is the pinnacle of next gen weapon fabrication. Each MKII weapon is manufactured from the most valuable rare metals and generates an addition 15% experience per kill!"
— Description

The Mark II Collection is a collection of all the weapons from the Prototype Lab and the QR-M5TR Collection re-issued with an exclusive camo based on their rarity and a 15% bonus XP per kill. They are only available from Supply Drops.

It is possible to be able to obtain a Mark II version of a Prototype Weapon you already don't own yet, as they are treated separate form their original versions.