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"We control the south end of the bridge but we're under heavy counter attack. Our position is completely surrounded. We've no choice now but to stick it out and hold our ground until reinforcements arrive - whenever that may be."
— Corporal Micheal Dabrowa, 6th Airborne Division

Arnhem Assault is the second mission of the British campaign in Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.


The barricade on the northern end of the bridge has spotted Panzers, so the player needs to get there to reinforce them. Head into the building immediately in front. Then advance through a series of rooms, with some light resistance from Germans. Upon exiting the building, the German tanks will fire on the player.

Grab the Panzerschreck, and take out the Panzers assaulting the barricade. A Tiger tank will appear; it will take several rockets to eliminate it. Once the player has destroyed the tanks, head right to the next objective.

Continue through the building. As an ally kicks open the door, a German will fire through it, killing him. Take him out, and head out into the street. Another tank will advance towards the player's position. Grab the Panzerschreck and take it out. Head into the building to the right, and quickly take out the German before he can get to the MG. Clear out the remainder of the Germans in the house, and head out. The player will be above a group of three tanks.

The player will need to flank the tanks, but the path to them is heavily guarded by Germans. Advance slowly, as the Germans have excellent cover and throw grenades constantly. Once the player makes it to the street, run straight to the tanks.

The player must now mark the tanks for an airstrike, so rush up and put some smoke on them in the same way one would plant a charge. Once the plane has taken out the tanks, the level is complete.


  • Cpl.Michael Dabrowa
  • Lt.Pearce(Green Beret)

Medal requirementEdit


  • Time: 6:00
  • Accuracy: 48%
  • Shots Fired: 175
  • Kills: 30
  • Head shots: 15

Silver Edit

  • Time: 7:00
  • Accuracy: 43%
  • Shots Fired: 275
  • Kills: 25
  • Head shots: 12

Bronze Edit

  • Time: 8:00
  • Accuracy: 38%
  • Shots Fired: 375
  • Kills: 20
  • Head shots: 10


Starting Loadout
Found in level


  • Upon retaining the Panzerschreck and having activated the Unlimited Ammo cheat, one can destroy the last tanks in the level. But the player will still have to set up smoke for the aircraft to destroy them.
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