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For the map named "The Giant" in German and its remake, see Der Riese and The Giant.

Arthur[1], also known as The Giant (as referred by Samuel Stuhlinger once) and referred to in the games files as Sloth, is a friendly non-playable character introduced the Zombies map Buried. He will help the player if he is provided with the right items. Arthur is also featured in Der Eisendrache in one of the paintings used to gain the Wolf Bow.


Arthur was the loyal servant to the ancient Wolf King. After the Wolf King was killed, Arthur would in mourning bury his King's bones under the site where his castle was built. The following day, he would be teleported to the buried town of Purgatory Point, which was trapped beneath Angola. He would somehow find himself locked in the jail cell in the abandoned ghost town.

On December 31st, 2035, Victis would travel to Angola to activate the regional Pylon in favor of Ludvig Maxis. While there, they would free Arthur from his imprisonment who in turn assisted them in their quest. Activating the pylon, Maxis took control of the Aether and revealed his plan to destroy the Earth entirely to reach Agartha and re-unite with his daughter, Samantha Maxis. When Maxis destroyed the Earth on January 19th, 2036, Arthur was among the thousands of souls who perished in the process.


Arthur is found in a jail cell near the initial Mystery Box spawn. He can only be accessed from the stairs by the box and through the roof. The key to free him is found on the wall by the cell. After freeing him he will turn away, until he is given Booze, where he will then destroy the debris blocking his cell and start to pace between where he was found and the Saloon, ignoring players and Zombies until he is prompted with items.

Hitting Arthur with melee weapons will cause him to sprint for a short period of time (if Arthur hits a zombie while sprinting, the zombie will ‘die’ and will be forced to respawn). This can be used to make him follow a player with either of his items more closely. Shooting at him however, can wound him, which causes him to retreat to his cell and lock himself in, so that he must be freed with the key. However, if the player approaches Arthur before he locks himself in whilst they hold Booze or Candy, they can make Arthur come out of the cell before he locks himself in.

Items Associated with Arthur

There are a number of items that relate to Arthur and how he reacts to players. These items occupy the same slot as the chalk outlines for wall weapons, so the player cannot hold both at one time.

  • The Key - The Key to his cell will open it to initially free him, and any subsequent times he locks himself back in when he is wounded. Whenever this happens, the key can be found on a hanger in the following areas:
    • To the left of his cell. It will always be here when first releasing him.
    • Hanging off the judge's bench in the Courthouse.
    • In the middle room on the second level of the Saloon.
    • In the Bank, behind the Deposit Box.
  • Booze - Booze can be given to Arthur, which causes him to drink it and run off in the opposite direction of where he was given it. This can be used to clear the various debris blocking certain passageways around the map. The player that gave Arthur the booze will receive a bonus of points depending on the distance he traveled to the debris, ranging from a fairly small sum if he ran a short distance, or a much higher one if he ran a longer distance. Arthur is capable of downing both zombies and players in this state. He is also capable of obtaining Power-Ups for the player whilst he is charging.
    • Booze can be found in two places: inside Arthur’s Cell on a desk, or in the saloon on the counter/a table. The player may only obtain one bottle of Booze per round; subsequent bottles can be obtained via buying it from the register in the saloon for 1000 points.
  • Candy - Candy can be found in the Candy Store, and can also be bought from the counter for 1000 points if one has already been used for the round. Candy has a number of uses when given to Arthur, depending on where he is when it is given:
    • If given on its own, Arthur will aggressively follow the player who gave it to him around, attacking any zombies and will be unresponsive to any other items until it wears off.
    • If given next to a crawler, Arthur will pick it up in his hands and follow the player around with it. Shooting him or knifing him will cause him to kill the crawler by throwing it on the ground and stomping on its head.
    • If given near a workbench, Arthur will examine the bench and go off to gather parts and construct a buildable on it, provided he is not shot at whilst gathering the parts. If a buildable is already in construction, he will simply fetch the remaining parts; otherwise he will collect all the parts for a random one. Arthur is able to construct a buildable in one go, but if a player is already in possession of a part, they must manually place it on the buildable.
    • If given near the current spawn of the Mystery Box, Arthur will slam the box, preventing it from rolling a Teddy Bear, this will prevent the Fire Sale Power-Up from being dropped by zombies unless the Mystery Box moved via Teddy Bear before it was slammed by Arthur. It will also prevent it from being moved by Arthur again using candy by an empty box spawn.
    • If given near the Mystery Box that has just been rolled but the player has not accepted the weapon offered, Arthur will force the box to roll again.
    • If given near an empty box spawn, Arthur will go and fetch the Mystery Box from its current spawn, and place it on the requested one, unless the Mystery Box has previously been locked in one spot or cannot be reached by Arthur. The latter can be bypassed by opening doors that lead to the Mystery Box.
    • If given near a Subsurface Resonator, Arthur will find the workbench where the Turbine is built and carry one to the Resonator. If a Turbine is already there, he will destroy it and replace it with the new one.
    • If given near a Power-Up, Arthur will change it into a different one. The money Power-Up and Perk Bottle Power-Up can also be changed.
    • If given near the chalk in the gunsmith shop, Arthur will take as many of them (the Remington 870 MCS chalk included if it hasn’t been drawn) as the number of drawable chalk areas that he can access and draw them at random locations. The player does not get any points for this.


Arthur is a giant human wearing overalls. He is very skinny and has a 'bowl' haircut. He looks as if he has been starving in the cell he is found in. On Arthur's fingers, it is evident that the words "sugar shot" (sugar misspelled as "sugr," making his hands spell “sugr shot”) are emblazoned onto them. He has a slouched and somewhat fearful posture. He will cower and cover his face with his hands if shot while in his cell.



  • Arthur is commonly nicknamed Leroy by the community.
  • He reacts negatively when in a gas cloud created by zombies with Vulture Aid, as he pinches his nose and fans the air.
  • He will not enter the haunted manor house. If the player tries to bring him inside it using the effect of Candy which makes him aggressive, the effect will instantly wear off and he will walk back out. If the player tries to lure him by carrying either Booze or Candy inside the house, Arthur will start wandering outside of the house and making distressed sounds, but not go in.
    • He is able to enter the maze area, however; he does so by using an inaccessible path that leads to the maze, skipping the Ghost house all together.
  • Even though he is needed to access most areas, some can be maneuvered around. An example is getting to the Gunsmith from an underground passage in the bank or accessing the second floor via jumping from the balcony. As well, the debris that Arthur destroys can be flown over using the Paralyzer.
  • He will not return to his cell if shot with a Ballistic Knife.
  • If there are two players holding items for Arthur, he will follow the player that picked up a food item first, and the second player cannot catch Arthur's attention whatsoever. Though they can still give him the food item.
  • Arthur will be slowed down if shot with the Paralyzer, but does not get wounded by it.
    • If he is in the process of charging after given Booze, the Paralyzer will slow him down briefly before canceling his charge.
  • When he is next to a player with Candy or Booze, he will motion to the player to request the held item. If it is Booze, he will beckon and make a drinking motion, whereas he makes an eating motion when presented with the Candy.
  • When Arthur is standing still while holding a crawler, he will begin to cradle it as if it was a baby.
  • Arthur will not build the parts for the Gallows or the Guillotine in the Mined Games easter egg.
  • In Blackout, there is a tomb near Buried's church with Arthur's name on it.