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For The Call of Duty 3 character, see Leroy Huxley.

Leroy is a friendly NPC in the zombie map Buried. He will help the player(s) if he is provided with the right objects.


Leroy is found in a jail cell near the first mystery box spawn. He can only be accessed from the stairs by the box and through the roof. The key to free him is found on the wall by the cell. After freeing him he will turn away. Find some 'Booze' in the cell and give it to him. He will turn around and destroy the debris to get out. He will then proceed to pace from the Sherrif's building to the Saloon and back. More 'Booze' can be found in the Saloon. If a player is in possession of 'Booze' Leroy shall follow them until it is given to him. After it is given he will turn around and run in a straight line at whatever is there, killing any zombies in the way. This technique can be used to access other areas of the map (Note: he has to be facing away from the debris). If he is given 'Candy', found in the sweet shop, he will follow the player and attack zombies near them for a short amount of time. If given candy near a workbench he will build it for you as long as he is not shot while getting parts. Also if he observes the player getting the teddy bear from the box when they have "booze" once it respawns he will go and rip the box from the new location and place it back at the one it just left if the player stays there

If he is shot, he will run back to the cell and lock himself in. If this happens, the key can be found again in various locations, including the bank, the courthouse, the saloon and the hanger where it first spawns. 


Leroy is a giant human wearing ragged clothes. He is very skinny and has a 'bowl' haircut. He looks as if he has been starving in the cell he is found in. On Leroy's fingers, it is evident that the word "sugar" (Misspelled "sugr") is emblazoned onto them. He has a slouched and somewhat fearful posture. He will cower and cover his face with his hands if shot while in his cell. It is possible that he has some form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, due to his fearful and traumatized nature and appearance.



  • Leroy is the first friendly NPC in Zombies.
  • If there is a single crawler left near Leroy when candy is given to him, he will follow the player around the map with the crawler in his hands. To make him kill the crawler, just shoot Leroy.
  • He will sometimes mutter something about Richtofen, suggesting that he may too hear Richtofen
  • Leroy reacts negatively when in a gas cloud created by zombies with Vulture Aid, stopping and looking disgusted.
  • He will not enter the haunted manor house. If the player brings him near it, he will run away in fear.
  • Even though he is needed to access most areas, some can be manuevered around. An example is the gun shop from the bank.
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