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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

"Lying about the whereabouts of Perseus, Bell leads the team to the Duga radar array in the Soviet Republic of Ukraine."
— Mission Description

Ashes to Ashes is the sixteenth, and one of the two final campaign missions, in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.



"Bell", resentful for what the CIA has done to them and still loyal to Perseus, informs Adler that Perseus is operating from the Duga-2 Radar Array. Adler, believing that "Bell" has redeemed themselves, unbinds them and orders the team to gear up.

As the Duga-2 array is located deep in Soviet/Ukrainian territory, surrounded by dense forest, a light team is assembled with no outside support. Arriving at the Duga-2 center, the team finds that there are no Soviets, with Woods realizing that "Bell" has lied to them. Adler confronts "Bell" over this, realizing that they have been deceived, allowing Perseus to detonate several nuclear bombs across Europe.

Before the team departs to Duga, "Bell" finds their radio and informs the Soviets to set up an ambush for Adler's team. Upon being confronted by Adler over their deception, "Bell" clenches their fist to signal the start of the attack. A Soviet soldier appears and fires an RPG at the group, knocking "Bell" out. As "Bell" comes to, a firefight has already erupted and Adler is severely wounded, retreating into the nearby building. Another Soviet soldier walks up to "Bell", helps them up on their feet, and gives them a gun. After eliminating their former team, the same soldier asks "Bell" to come with him to hunt Adler down. They find him in the control room, where "Bell" kills Adler. The soldier then takes his gas mask off, revealing himself to be Perseus. As a reward for their loyalty, Perseus grants "Bell" the honor to activate the nuclear bombs in Europe. He then mocks the now-deceased Adler for believing that he was working alone. The nukes destroy much of Europe, much to Ronald Reagan's horror as he asks Black for a status update. Reagan orders Black to remove all links between the United States and the nukes as countries around the world question if the United States was responsible for the attack. Elsewhere, Perseus comments on several of his associates' fates, content that the United States will finally crumble as he orders his agents in the West to begin the next phase of the plan.

"Bell" admits the truth, stating that Russia will be victorious. Angered, Adler kills "Bell" and the team leaves their body behind as team leaves in disappointment. Follows outcome 1.


Starting Loadout
Found in Level


  • The name of the level comes from a phrase from the Book of Common Prayer, a similarity shared with Modern Warfare 3's level Dust to Dust.
  • When the player signals the ambush, for a few seconds, Adler and the team’s names will be highlighted in blue as friendlies, although they are now enemies of "Bell".
  • If the player chooses, they can simply shoot Adler instead of picking up his lighter, completing the challenge "Kick the Habit". Depending on how long the player waits before shooting Adler, Perseus will comment on "Bell's" lack of hesitation, or on his lingering feelings of loyalty to the CIA.
    • If "Bell" fires on Adler quickly, Perseus will say "No hesitation. I always loved that about you."
    • If "Bell" waits prior to shooting Adler, Perseus says "Loyalty survives even through betrayal. I know that wasn't easy for you"
  • If "Bell" continues the conversation with Adler after calling Perseus, Bell can say "Sorry, Adler. I've got a job to do," as one of the ambush options.
  • No matter how the player chooses to finish off Adler, Adler always dies in the same pose when he is stabbed by "Bell" with his knife.
  • If the player performs takedowns on Mason, Woods and Park/Lazar (if either of them are present), they will complete the Dark Ops challenge "Antihero".
  • Should the player quick play the mission without playing Identity Crisis beforehand, the player will be unable to use Soviet support and will be subjected to the secondary outcome of the mission, where "Bell" is killed by Adler.
  • During the cutscene where the CIA destroys the West Germany safehouse, the subtitles show "Perseus" as being classified as an enemy with red text, despite "Bell" having effectively allied back with "Perseus" after betraying the CIA.