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"Integrated silencer that also prevents revealing of victim death locations."
— In-game description for the VPR - Yokai version of Assassin Build

Assassin Build is an Epic gun perk in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It is exclusive to the VPR - Yokai and Katana - Masamune variants. The perk affects both weapons differently; the VPR - Yokai is given a built in suppressor that can remove the death location symbol of an enemy killed, while the Katana - Masamune's version of the gun perk allows it to have faster melee speeds, as well as cause enemies to gore into bits when killed, which will not reveal their death locations as well.


Weapon Variant Rarity Cost (Salvage) Notes
VPR Yokai Epic 4000 Originally only obtained via Supply Drops.
Katana Masamune Epic N/A Obtained via Supply Drops.

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