Induction Assault Airship AW

A picture of the Assault Airship seen in "Induction".

The Assault Airship is a large aerial vehicle used as an assault ship by the US military. It was capable of carrying a large quantity of cargo, supplies, vehicles, and troops on to the battlefield. The airships had launch bays to deploy drop pods during an assault, allowing it to quickly drop in a small fire team of troops on the battlefield. During the mission "Induction", South Korea was under attack by North Korea. In response, the U.S. military began an assault on Seoul to retake the city; in which multiple airships were deployed to support the counter-offensive. Many of these transports were shot down during the battle, but they were able to drop most of their occupants on to the battlefield. The airships are later seen at the start of a cutscene in the mission "Throttle" where these ships are stationed at a U.S. Airbase, preparing for an invasion of New Baghdad, Iraq.

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