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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

For the Scorestreak with a similar name, see Aerial Assault Drone.
For the similar drones, see UGV and Wheelson.

The Assault Drone is a 10-point (9 with Hardline) Assault Strike Chain reward in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3[]

The Assault Drone is a small, airdropped ground vehicle that comes equipped with a 50-round MK46 LMG and a single shot rocket launcher. The drone is player-controlled. The drone has unlimited ammo, but still has to reload its weapons. Its weapons can only be reloaded when empty; reloading the Drone's machine gun takes approximately three seconds, and the rocket launcher takes approximately 5 seconds. The drone's weapons are very powerful, and it has a decent movement speed.


The Assault Drone can take much more damage than a standard player can, even being able to withstand a direct hit from an RPG-7[1].


The robot is destroyed after it has taken enough damage, if the operator is killed, if an EMP is triggered by the opposition, if the match ends, if the game disconnects or after 60 seconds (if a player looks carefully at the HUD there is a timer on how long the Assault Drone can last). Naturally, since the operator will be busy controlling the device, this leaves him vulnerable to enemy retaliation. It can be also taken out by a single, well thrown EMP Grenade, or one shot from a Stinger[2].

Furthermore, the Predator missile, AC-130's 40mm and 105mm cannons and similar controlled aerial killstreaks can quickly destroy it with a precise shot, although it's much harder to destroy it with helicopters like the Strafe Run, Pave Low or the Overwatch escort chopper (which generally ignore enemy killstreaks anyway and only target legitimate players).

Unlike the AC-130 and other aerial killstreaks, it can only travel on the ground, which significantly limits its effectiveness unless the map is small. This also prevents players from identifying enemy positions and relaying them to teammates. Like all other manually controlled killstreaks, the robot lacks any form of aim assist, potentially making it more difficult for the user to hit targets at a distance. Also, the assault drone is unable to capture enemy dog tags in Kill Confirmed.



  • The Assault Drone cannot collect dog-tags in Kill Confirmed.
  • The Stinger[2], SMAW and Javelin can all lock onto the Assault Drone.
  • If the player is killed by an Assault Drone and viewing the killcam, the timer of the Drone is always 0:00.
  • In the early kill streak logo of the Assault Drone, it resembled more of a tank than a drone.