For the Scorestreak with a similar name, see Aerial Assault Drone.
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The Assault Drone is a 10-point (9 with Hardline) Assault Strike Chain reward in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit

The Assault Drone is a small, airdropped ground vehicle that comes equipped with a 50-round MK46 LMG and a single shot rocket launcher. The drone is player-controlled. The drone has unlimited ammo, but still has to reload its weapons. Its weapons can only be reloaded when empty; reloading the Drone's machine gun takes approximately three seconds, and the rocket launcher takes approximately 5 seconds. The drone's weapons are very powerful, and it has a decent movement speed.

Advantages Edit

The Assault Drone can take much more damage than a standard player can, even being able to withstand a direct hit from an RPG-7[1].

Limitations Edit

The robot is destroyed after it has taken enough damage or after 60 seconds, if a player looks carefully at the HUD there is a timer on how long the Assault Drone can last. Killing the operator will bring it offline, as will the detonation of an EMP. It can be also taken out by a single, well thrown EMP Grenade, or one shot from a Stinger[2]. Furthermore, the Predator missile, AC-130 cannon and similar controlled aerial killstreaks can quickly destroy it with a precise shot. Unlike the AC-130 and other aerial killstreaks, it can only travel on the ground, which significantly limits its effectiveness unless the map is small.



  • The Assault Drone cannot collect dog-tags in Kill Confirmed.
  • The Stinger[2], SMAW and Javelin can all lock onto the Assault Drone.
  • If the player is killed by an Assault Drone and viewing the killcam, the timer of the Drone is always 0:00.
  • In the early kill streak logo of the Assault Drone, it resembled more of a tank than a drone.


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