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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Strike Team The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.
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The Assault Shield is a special primary weapon featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Strike Team. It also makes a brief appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It functions quite similarly to the Riot Shield of previous games with one major addition: the ability to plant the shield on the ground to serve as a barricade.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

"Ballistic-proof blunt shield weapon. Can be deployed on the ground as cover."
Create-A-Class description.


The Assault Shield can be found and used in "Celerium". It can also be unlocked in the customized loadout section if the player successfully completes five challenges in "Odysseus".


The Assault Shield is unlocked at level 34. It is classified as a Special in the create-A-class section.

The Assault Shield serves all of the same purposes as the Riot Shield and more. The Assault Shield is capable of protecting the user from bullet fire, edged weaponry, and some explosives. Facing the Assault Shield at explosives tends to reduce the amount of damage taken, and will allow the user to survive explosions that would otherwise kill the user. When standing, the holder's lower legs are usually exposed, and when crouched, most of the user's body is concealed, although the feet may be exposed while moving should the holder not be leaning down with the shield. The area above the holder's knees is always covered when the Assault Shield is deployed, regardless of the holder's position. The Assault Shield does not allow the holder to enter a prone position when it is deployed. The Assault Shield is extremely vulnerable to Semtex and Crossbow bolts, as either of those can stick to the Assault Shield, and the carrier of the Assault Shield will be killed by the explosion regardless. It is also easier to stick those items onto an Assault Shield, especially if the holder is not moving erratically, since the Assault Shield gives a larger area to stick than the holder's body. Any bullet that strikes the Assault Shield will deal no damage to the holder, although the bullet is capable of leaving a scratch that can obstruct the holder's view.

The Assault Shield is capable of blocking attacks from the rear when it is stowed away and another weapon is in use. However, the carrier's legs will almost always be exposed when the Assault Shield is on the carrier's back.

Lethal and tactical grenade usage tends to ramp up as a means to deter Assault Shield usage. Many try to use the splash damage of explosives to try and sneak a hit past the guard of the Assault Shield. The most notable is C4, which can be detonated at almost any time and can be thrown right past the shield. Tactical grenades typically won't kill an Assault Shield user on their own, but they can heavily facilitate a kill, since a stunned or blinded Assault Shield user tends to not get full protection from their shield in a stunned or blinded state, and it becomes harder to put the shield in a position to defend the user from attacks. Resistance perks like Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask will come in great use to deter Assault Shield counterplay.

The Assault Shield allows the holder to more effectively make use of lethal equipment and CQC weaponry, as the shield can protect the user whilst setting up a position to strike, and with CQC weaponry, the holder can take advantage of the enemy's tendency to rush the holder in an attempt to strike from the side to force CQC combat and score surprising kills. Should one wish to use the Assault Shield in this manner, it's best to use Fast Hands since it will facilitate the enormous amount of weapon switching the user will do during the match. It should be noted that the Assault Shield's position will change disadvantageously when using most lethal or tactical equipment, leaving the user more prone to enemy fire.

The Assault Shield has added utility as a defensive support item compared to the Riot Shields in past games. Pressing the fire button will allow the player to plant the Assault Shield on the ground. When planted, the Assault Shield will become fixed into the ground, and part of the shield will extend upward. The Assault Shield acts as a portable wall in this situation, capable of providing supplementary cover. When standing directly behind the planted Assault Shield, most of the player's body is covered, and if the player crouches, their body will be completely covered. There exists a bulletproof panel in the planted Assault Shield that allows players to see through it, although the viewing port is somewhat small, and is prone to blocking the player's view thanks to enemy bullet marks. Planting the Assault Shield can allow a player to better fortify a defensive position, or even use it as a miniature barricade to specific doorways. When planted, the Assault Shield is capable of being destroyed through sufficient damage, and the player won't be able to pick the Assault Shield back up if this happens.

The Assault Shield does seventy damage with each hit. This will make the Assault Shield need two hits to kill, but capable of getting one hit kills on moderately wounded targets. The Assault Shield's hit is fatal in Hardcore game types. Because the Assault Shield's attack is a melee attack with a slow attack speed and cannot kill instantly, the Assault Shield fares very poorly as a weapon in CQC.

The Assault Shield allows users to move at ninety percent of the base movement speed. This is a notable speed improvement from the Riot Shield in previous games, but it still makes the Assault Shield one of the heaviest weapons to carry in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer. It takes one second to raise the shield, and dropping the shield takes either 600 or 800 milliseconds depending on what weapon is being swapped to.

The Assault Shield has no attachments to provide whatsoever. Should players want to use the Assault Shield with another primary weapon via Overkill, it is best to have the Assault Shield as the second primary weapon so that the other primary weapon has more attachment slot options.


Camouflages are available for the Assault Shield, and are completed by doing the following actions:

  • DEVGRU - Get 5 kills with Assault Shield.
  • A-TACS AU - Get 10 kills with Assault Shield.
  • ERDL - Get 15 kills with Assault Shield.
  • Siberia - Get 20 kills with Assault Shield.
  • Choco - Get 30 kills with Assault Shield.
  • Blue Tiger - Get 40 kills with Assault Shield.
  • Bloodshot - Get 50 kills with Assault Shield.
  • Ghostex: Delta 6 - Get 75 kills with Assault Shield.
  • Kryptek: Typhon - Get 100 kills with Assault Shield.
  • Carbon Fiber - Get 1000 score from blocking enemy fire.
  • Cherry Blossom - Get 25 Combat Axe Kills while holding the Assault Shield.
  • Art of War - Get 25 Shield Bash medals by killing the player shooting at your Assault Shield.
  • Ronin - Get 25 kills with the Assault Shield and no Perks equipped.
  • Skulls - Get 25 kills with the Assault Shield and no weapons equipped. (Also includes Lethal equipment and Secondary Tacticals via Tactician)
  • Gold - Complete all Camo unlocks for the Assault Shield.
  • Diamond - Complete all camo unlocks for all Specials (including Combat Knife).


Call of Duty: Strike Team

The Assualt Shield returns in Call of Duty: Strike Team, being called the "Riot Shield" like its counterpart fromthe Modern Warfare series.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

The Assault Shield reappears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, reusing the same model as the one used in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, though it is unavailable to the player. The Assault Shield can be seen at the beginning of Lotus Towers, wielded by the NRC Riot Troopers. It is also used by some enemies found in Combat Immersion, and can be seen in the multiplayer map Breach, resting next to the bar.



Call of Duty: Black Ops II

  • The Assault Shield can ricochet bullets for a kill as shown here.
  • When an Assault Shield is "destroyed", the only part to break is the planting mechanism. The shield itself remains with the same damage as it had before.
  • If the player picks up the Assault Shield in "Celerium", they can possess three weapons for the rest of the mission.
  • In campaign, if the player is holding an assault shield and uses an Ammo Crate to refill their ammunition, then the HUD's ammo section will display 2 carried shields (1 held and 1 in reserve). Despite this, only one shield is actually carried by the player.
  • The Assault Shield can deflect the deadly flood water on Hydro. It must be planted in calm water; the player can take cover behind it and survive, as shown here. This was patched in a later update.
  • If the shield is heavily damaged, picking it up and planting it again will restore its health to full.
  • Using a Hellstorm missile or similar killstreak will clear the visor of bulletholes.

Call of Duty: Strike Team