The Atlas 20mm is a shoulder-mounted sniper rifle featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

It is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, with a 1 hit kill from the thighs up (including the entirety of the arms). Interestingly, it cannot be fired from the hip, forcing the player to scope in. The scope has a thick crosshair with a white circle around it. When aimed at an enemy, the circle turns red. It also has a very large amount of idle sway, making shots taken without holding the player's breath very hard.

Ballistic CPU is a good attachment choice, lowering idle sway to more manageable levels and limiting how much the player has to rely on holding their breath to get long range kills. Extended Mags may be another good attachment, as the player's ammo supply is quite limited. The Parabolic Microphone is helpful when the player is holed up in a sniping position, allowing the player to keep a watchful eye on those making the use of silenced weapons trying to sneak their way towards the player. However, it's only useful if the player keeps their eye on the radar.

It isn't a good idea to use this weapon in close quarter areas, so having a back up weapon is recommended. Whether a fast switching handgun, or using Overkill to have a shotgun or SMG.


Supply Drop Variants

  • Presto (Fire Rate +2; Magazine Size -1; Starting Ammo -1)
  • Carnage (Damage +1; Accuracy +1; Magazine Size -1)
  • Hypersonic (Fire Rate +2; Handling -2)
  • Virtuosity (Handling +1; Damage -2)
  • Interrupt [Enlisted] (Accuracy +1; Mobility -1)
  • Skilled (Handling +1; Accuracy -1)
  • 13 Twist (Accuracy +1; Fire Rate -1)


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