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"Unlike the government, we don't keep secrets of our capabilities. We don't sell policy, we sell power. We are a super power for hire."
Jonathan Irons in Atlas
"I am a member of Atlas.
I serve Atlas and their clients.
I will always place Atlas' interests first.
I will not be defeated.
I will never be out-worked, out-classed, or out-gunned.
I stand ready to eliminate the enemies of Atlas.
I am Atlas.
— The soldier's creed

The Atlas Corporation is a private military corporation (PMC) featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It was founded and led by CEO Jonathan Irons and is the largest, if not the most powerful private company in the world. Between the missions "Atlas" and the beginning of "Utopia", they are the main allies, but from the rest of "Utopia" to the end of the game, they are the main antagonists.


Founded in February of 2035 in Colorado Springs[1] by Jonathan Irons, the Atlas Corporation began its investments by purchasing the largest bioengineering research and development firm in the world in April 2037. By June 2039, Atlas had successfully developed and patented advanced exoskeletons for military use.[1]

Atlas continued to experience success in the early 2040s, successful field testing 3D printed weapons and munitions in December of 2041.[1] Atlas would ultimately expand internationally during this decade, opening up its first European headquarters in Belgium and Switzerland in February 2044 and patenting hover technology for weapons and vehicles by November 2047 - these would see fruition in a new generation of hover combat vehicles in 2053. In October 2045, Atlas would once again make corporate history, signing the largest ever weapons contract for the US military.[1]

The Atlas Corporation soon became well known as the first to act after devastating and catastrophic events, assisting various agencies and governments as their first choice. For example, Atlas entered Baghdad after the Second Gulf War in January of 2047, doing more in five years to repair the city than what the U.S. government could do in 50 years.

May of 2050 marked the beginning of the Atlas Corporation as the largest private military company on the planet.[1]

With freedom to act without governmental or congressional approval, the corporation quickly built itself up using its immense funds and vast results. It became the first such corporation to be admitted into the United Nations Security Council.


  • First private military corporation to gain a seat in the United Nations Security Council
  • Created the most advanced armored combat vehicle on the planet
  • The largest corporation in the world
  • Most profitable privately owned corporation in the world
  • Established the internationally recognized "United as One" Foundation
  • Achieved a higher approval rating than any U.S. President in history
  • Atlas named "Savior" among First and Third World nations
  • Recipient of the 2051 Technological Innovation Award for advancements in biogenics
  • Awarded a seat on the United Nations Security Council in 2060[2]

Known Operations[]







Exo Zombies[]

  • Oz - Janitor (K.I.A., Zombified, Cloned)
  • Kahn - Executive (Formerly)
  • Lilith Swann - IT Specialist (Formerly)
  • Jim Decker - Security Guard (Formerly)

Call of Duty: Mobile[]

Call of Duty: Mobile[]

The Atlas Corporation first appears in Season 1 2021: New Order. They play an important role in aiding the reeling civilization from the attacks of the Five Knights. Ether is shown helping out in rescue and relief works, along with several Atlas operatives. Meanwhile, their main HQ is hacked by Cordis Die.

They wouldn't appear again until Season 6 2022: To the Skies comics, where Ether is overseeing an op in Zurich, while also noting Makarov's involvement. At the same time, the Atlas Corporation unveils their "miracle in the desert": New Vision City, the fastest growing city in the world; from a barren desert to a metropolis of one million inside a single decade; the headquarters of Atlas Corporation and the exclusive residence of its executives, their families and invited guests; a playground for the ultra-wealthy; it is also a place shrouded in mystery, surrounded by miles of inhospitable land patrolled by armed guards, located inside a small desert nation, a veil of secrecy and misinformation has kept it well-hidden for years, earning New Vision City other names, such as "The Invisible City", "Atlas' big dirt secret" and "the most exclusive place on Earth".

Ether later pays a visit to Alias in Atlas' robotics lab, discussing with her about Division A. Alias notes that the 'Iron Will' AI built by them is impressive yet intimidating, and she used their AI to help her with her work on the Reaper program and it cut a year of their schedule, which she finds almost scary. Alias also notes that a good friend of hers transferred to Division A in the previous year, within a week he was moved to the on-site dormitory with another Division A coder; he hasn't spoken to her since then, and she says she didn't accept a position there because she felt Division A is like a cult. Ether tells her that she would need to change her mind, as she suspects Division A to have a hidden agenda and she will need her to spy on them.

Meanwhile, Ether also tends to Hidora Kai, who had spending time in a simulation to prevent his neurological atrophy and spare him months of painful rehabilitation. Though Hidora is skeptical of Atlas' generosity, Ether informs him that Atlas had invested quite a bit in him, and they want to keep him happy. After kitting him with a new uniform, Ether dispatches him to kill Makarov.

Some time later, the Atlas Corporation is revealed to have agreed to meet with Makarov, at a location of his choosing. Although his subordinates, Wraith and Sophia are wary, he decides to take the meeting anyway. Makarov later arrives in New Vision City, sneaking past security scanners and screening and makes his way to the Atlas Corporation's "brain": the secure digital archive which contains every technological innovation, every strategy it has ever devised and every dirty secret Atlas has.

Later, Cipher, via a live broadcast, reveals he had been working for Atlas Corporation as a deep cover operative, running intelligence on the UAC. He also reveals that Atlas Corporation had been funneling resources to the People's Covenant through Ortelius, funding terror so they could swoop in and clean up the mess--for a tidy profit.

Ether is alarmed by this and sends security detail to find Cipher, while discussing with the Director about the current situation. The Director reveals that the Iron Will had knew this would happen, and the board had authorized the creation of the People's Covenant through Ortelius and had been funneling resources and prototype technology via trafficking networks, and also commanded the termination of Cipher. He also says that these decisions were specifically engineered to result in the board's downfall. Although Ether believes they only initiated the programs, the Director confirms that they did, on the advice of the Iron Will.

The Director also mentions that the men in Atlas' board are easy to control: so long as the Iron Will fed their greed, they chose not to question any of it. By asking the Iron Will over and over to make them powerful and wealthy, the board was convinced the answers they were getting came from the questions they asked. Ether however, iterates that the Iron Wil is controlled by Division A, so it wasn't serving the board, but the Director himself. She then realizes the Director is staging a coup to eliminate the board, to which he states that they have outlived their usefulness. He then tells Ether to ask herself not how she can salvage the situation, but what she will do next, as the UAC won't just come for Foxtrot and Cipher alone, but all of them.

Ether decides to contact the board to prevent things from spiraling out of control, but the Director prevents her from doing so, while stating that her loyalty to the board is commendable but obsolete. He also reveals that he knows she sent Alias to spy on Division A, so he knows he had her doubts. He advises her that humanity can no longer afford men like those in the board, as they would consume the world to fatten themselves, leaving nothing behind but ash, so they must be removed.

Meanwhile, Makarov and his group, comprising of Sophia and Wraith, set off multiple explosive charges in New Vision City, reducing the city skyline to flaming rubble. Atlas officials believe that the UAC is attacking them, so they order the launch of the Sky Carrier. Makarov relishes in the ruined landscape of New Vision City, until his group is greeted by Spectre.

Spectre engages in combat with Makarov and his group, managing to sever his right arm but is thwarted by Wraith. Meanwhile, Atlas dispatches a fleet of Reaper drones to find and kill Cipher and Foxtrot, who have lit a flare to allow the UAC to find them. The siblings are attacked by the Reapers, but the UAC plane shoots them all down and extracts them. Just then, an orbital strike is launched on the Sky Carrier, disabling it and causing it to crash. In the ensuing confusion, Makarov is loaded onto an ambulance and driven out of New Vision City, while Ether escapes, though not before the Director notices, who orders Samael to assemble a squad and find her.

Six months after the event, Atlas officials are being put on trial for various charges. with multiple executives facing indictments and the UN also considering possible war crime charges. Meanwhile, Stitch seizes control of a chemical factory belonging to Atlas, who proclaims himself as the "Eagle of the Steppes" and pledges "Western Purge" of Central Asia. During this time, the Director meets with Dark Shepherd to discuss Stitch. Dark Shepherd informs that without Atlas' support, the local militaries in Central Asia have difficulty containing Stitch. As they planned, the world's dependence on Atlas' support will bite them back into the fold, and according to their agent, Sophia Couteau is on the move.

The Director later meets with the Kurohana delegation, consisting of Kestrel and Dusk. He welcomes them to Atlas' corporate family on their behalf, but on his part, he does not welcome nor trust them, as Kurohana and Atlas have been adversaries for decades. Kestrel informs him that Kurohana now owns 5% of Atlas, they are no longer adversaries, but a family; Kurohana Corporation wants Atlas to rise again, and to succeed, but in order to help them regain their status as Earth's greatest corporation, they need to know everything, so Kestrel asks the Director to tell them all there is to know about the Iron Will.

Elsewhere, in The Club, Cipher is relaying the intel he has for Ether, Alias and Deadman pertaining to Atlas Corporation, as well as a log of field performance data on Spectre's armor. Nyx, who has infiltrated the club, makes her presence known, alarming Ether's group. As they attempt to flee, they are ambushed by Spectre himself.

During this time, a duo of fighter planes from Atlas are dispatched to the sea near Japan to destroy T-3 crystal formations that a science vessel named Heikagani had chanced upon; they are successful in doing so, and their bombing of the thermal vents with the T-3 crystals results in the destruction of the Heikagani as well. A news broadcast (which is in fact a cover up on their part) reports that the ship was destroyed as a result of volcanic activity near the region, and that there were no survivors. Unbeknownst to them, Naomi "Manta Ray" Mizushima, who was on board the Heikagani at the time, had survived its destruction.

In New Vision City, a mass of T-3 crystal is placed in a gallery, which Kestrel is inspecting. Dusk reminds her of the board meeting, which they later attend. The Director produced promotional pictures of Kestrel from the Iron Will itself, who predicted that Kestrel, above all others, had the capacity to reframe the narrative around Atlas. Kestrel thinks it's some kind of joke, but the Director reminds her that she was the one who wanted to know the capabilities of the Iron Will, and she was also the one who said the company's image needed to be 'rehabilitated'. Kestrel doesn't know what kind of game the Director is playing, but decides to play along for the time being.

Vehicles, Weapons and Equipment[]




Assault Rifles[]

Submachine Guns[]

Sniper Rifles[]


Heavy Weapons[]





Blueprints (Call of Duty: Mobile)[]


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare[]

Call of Duty: Mobile[]


  • Gideon is the Multiplayer announcer for the Atlas Corporation.
  • The company's name is from the Greek mythology's Titan.
  • The Tac-19 in Atlas' possession are the only times the gun will spawn with a Foregrip.
  • This corporation, along with the Cordis Die organization from Call of Duty: Black Ops II, is featured in the Fight for Humanity event in Call of Duty: Mobile. Joining this faction will reward the player with a special frame, Nucleobase series camos, a rare variant of the Russian Merc, and the Atlas Corporation blueprint for the Cordite. This faction also won the event, and currently only the players who chose this faction has the ATV - Override camo.
    • This faction was once again featured in an event titled "UAC vs Atlas Corporation". However, the rewards for both faction is the same. Completing missions would unlock the Epic HG 40 - Clash of Giants blueprint and an Epic FTL - Anniversary Suit Character.
  • The character Atlas references the Atlas soldier creed as the last part states "I am Atlas" signifying the character's name simply being "Atlas".
    • The "Clash of Giants" weapon blueprint of the HG 40 have the Atlas Corp's logo on the barrel.
    • The "Corporate Issue" weapon blueprint of the AK117 have the Atlas Corp's logo painted on the gun.


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