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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Atrium is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare designed exclusively for the Gunfight mode that was released as part of the Season One of content for the game.


One of the smallest maps designed solely for the Gunfight mode, Atrium is a courtyard situated at the palace dome section of Aniyah Palace in Urzikstan which features a fountain and a small tree at its center. Unlike the original palace dome, Atrium this time features no Al-Qatala banners hung around or murky surroundings, but features a more pleasant looking courtyard.

The interior features pillars situated around the fountain which can be used for cover. The map is lit by the bombed-out palace dome and some light comes from the marble Arabic-styled windows found on the walls. Some corners of the map are lit with decorative chandeliers.

Mentioned before is the fountain and a tree which is situated below the palace dome. It can be used as partial cover and obstructs one's vision to the enemy spawn. The map is designed in such a way that it supports fast-paced frenetic gameplay no matter the kind of loadout players use.


Because of the sheer map size and the kind of loadouts one can receive, players need to be decisive about their actions with certain weapons in order to win.

Light weapons such as pistols and SMGs galore in CQC or point-blank engagements and are the best choice for rushing across the map. Heavier weapons such as LMGs or launchers are used better by staying back, mounted and ready.

Sniper rifles and/or marksman rifles are a better option for long-range engagements due to their high-powered scopes. And lastly, shotguns rule at the pillars' sections of the map, where you could try to gun down an unsuspecting enemy by flanking at the right time.

The best strategy is to rather time your movements and always stay on the move, and keep watch of your surroundings. Areas like the pillars may give good cover but it also hinders your view to the other parts of the map.