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Attack VTOL? Attack VTOL? Attack VTOL is not what these people need – hell, it’s not even what they want.
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For similar vehicles and scorestreaks, see VTOL and Lightning Strike.

The Attack VTOL is a type of fighter jet mentioned in the military database within the Data Vault, which shows up in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III campaign missions Sand Castle. It has the same appearance as the Lightning Strike scorestreak from multiplayer.

As seen in the mission Sand Castle, the Attack VTOL has the ability to hover above ground, as well as shooting projectiles from its front. The Attack VTOL is used by the Winslow Accord, and it is further armed with the Hellstorm Missile (referred to as the Arrow 19) from which it launches. The attack VTOL was developed by the Chinese company China Aerospace Technology Corporation (CAETC).

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