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For Avogadro from Treyarch's Zombies mode, see Cornelius Pernell.
"(static) Hannibal and I were looking for new ways to extend life (static) But we were naive and foolish. And our egos took our experiments down a darker path. (static) Now all of our secrets have escaped... (static) And this is the punishment for our crimes. My crimes."
— Unknown signal

Avogadro is a boss featured in the Zombies story of Call of Duty: Mobile. It appears on the Cornfield section of the map GreenRun. It also appears as an enemy type in the Call of Duty: Mobile version of Shi no Numa as a miniboss.

Fight Edit

The fight against Avogadro has 3 stages.

Suppress Avogadro Edit

In the first stage, players need to deal enough damage to Avogadro. Avogadro will disappeared once its health has depleted.

Analyze Electric Signals Edit

In the second stage, players will need to analyze signals by standing inside three circles while being attacked by zombies. Once all three signals has been analyzed, Avogadro will return on the map.

Kill Avogadro Edit

The third and final stage will require players to kill Avogadro by dealing enough damage to it.

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