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Awaken the Gazebo is a zombie-related gameplay achievement/trophy in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It requires the player to Pack-a-Punch a weapon in round 1 in Buried, with no one using the Bank or Weapon Locker.

One simple but possibly time-consuming way is to draw all the weapon chalks as well as gaining points from The Giant. Trying to obtain the Paralyzer from the Mystery Box on the first try makes this possible, as with it the player can access areas without paying to open any doors or debris (by jumping and shooting the ground below them, which makes them levitate). However, getting the Paralyzer on the first try depends on luck, and as such restarting the game and repeatedly attempting to get it is advised, making the achievement largely luck-based. The weapon chalks are located in the gunsmith shop (apart from Remington 870 MCS which is located on the wall to the right when jumping down the big slide in the beginning), and the places to draw them are next to Remington 870 MCS, on the sheriff's wall, up the stairs next to the initial Mystery Box spawn, on the saloon's balcony, in the courthouse next to Speed Cola and in the church. The Giant must be let loose, and the church has to be accessed by having him break the debris on the church's entrance. This allows only one bottle of Booze to be used (apart from the one used to break him free from his cell), which can spawn either in one of the tables in the saloon, or in the jail cell. After all weapon chalks are drawn, the player should have about 7000 points (killing all the zombies but one is recommended, too), and the player has to pass through the mansion. Buying an automatic weapon such as PDW-57 in place of the M1911 is highly advised against the ghost that dwells in the mansion, as she steals 2000 points from the player each time she touches them. Care should be taken when going through the house if the player is unfamiliar with her spawning locations. After coming to the maze, the player is practically finished; the player can go through the maze with greater ease by flying above the green gates with the Paralyzer, and the maze is nothing but a small puzzle regardless. The Pack-a-Punch Machine is located on the other end of the maze at the end of a spiral staircase.

There are several ways to achieve extra points or cut losses to ensure the achievement/trophy, including the use of certain Persistent Upgrades, or letting The Giant smash debris so that it outsets the price of an additional booze bottle (i.e. more than 1000 points) such as the debris in front of Juggernog.

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