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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Azadeh is a minor character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. She is a member of of the Urzikstan Liberation Force, fighting alongside Farah Karim during a fight to escape confinement.


Azadeh was captured by Barkov's forces sometime during the outset of the Invasion of Urzikstan. She was eventually transported to a prison camp ran by General Roman Barkov in Tobrak, Urzikstan.

In 2009, Azadeh collaborated with her fellow cellmates led by Farah Karim to escape confinement. Farah managed to contact SAS forces to rescue them, but Barkov caught wind of the message, causing all involved to be interrogated. Azadeh was the first to be questioned, being beaten and taunted by one of Barkov's guards as she refused to answer. During Farah's interrogation, Azadeh was brought into her room, where Barkov threatened to shoot her if she refused to tell him who sent the messages.

Farah could choose either to reveal herself as the messenger or lie to preserve her secret at the expense of Azadeh's life. If Farah were to lie or spit in Barkov's face, Azadeh would be shot, despite Farah's pleas that she is harmless. Barkov would then reveal to Farah that he knew she was the messenger the entire time, causing her death to be entirely in vain.

If Farah were to reveal herself as the messenger, Azadeh will reprimand her for sacrificng her secret, before being returned to her cell. As Farah is freeing her cellmates, Azadeh will join them as they attack the base, surviving long enough to reach the warehouse where the male prisoners were held. As the surviving guards ambush Farah's group, a team of SAS members lead by Lieutenant John Price eliminate them and assist them in freeing the remaining prisoners. After their escape, Azadeh continues to fight for the Urzikstan Liberation force. Sometimes, if the player dosen't defend Azadeh during the sniper escape sequence, she could be shot and killed.