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"Known arms-dealer. Deals with Al-Qatala rivals were discovered by "The Butcher". Storehouses were raided, family was killed. Used connections to expand North Africa network. Partnered with Jackals to destroy AQ and feed ambition."
— In-game Biography

Azur Rashid El-Sarraf (Arabic: أزور الصرّاف) is a Jackals operator of the Allegiance faction featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Azur was born in Egypt in 1986. He became an arms dealer in Alexandria and became active across Northern Africa in 2007.

After an arms deal with Al-Qatala's rival, Chimera, Azur's family, his wife and his two children were murdered by Jamal "The Butcher" Rahar. After their death, Azur began hiring private instructors and entered combat training from western and eastern PMCs, including Chimera over six years.

In 2018, Azur entered a long-term partnership with the Jackals, a pan-African revolutionary group backed by the Allegiance, consolidating influence across the continent. However, frequent tension has been observed between Azur and Jackals' founder, Viktor "Zane" Metiko.

In March 2020, Al-Qatala's new leader Khaled Al-Asad launched a full-scale assault against Verdansk in Kastovia. Operators from Coalition and Allegiance were deployed to Verdansk to stop Al-Qatala as part of the Armistice initiative.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Azur's blood type is A-.
  • Azur's dominant eye is the right eye.
  • Azur has a vision of 20/20.
  • Azur's dossier is found in Operation Crosswind
  • Investigating root causes of conflicts with Zane.
  • Azur is unlocked after completing the Campaign Mission "Old Comrades".
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