Badger Company is an M1A2 Abrams unit in Call of Duty: Ghosts. This unit is part of the 2nd Tank Battalion, United States Marine Corps.

Only seen in the mission Severed Ties, Badger Company is tasked with destroying a Federation Satellite Array. Badger-Two is being transported by Valkyrie (callsign for C-17 Globemaster III) along with the A-10 Air Support Squads and 4th Battalion Marines to rake on the federations ground array.Badger Company missed the drop but pushed on towards the array. They continued to the array and received orders to help Bravo group. After helping Bravo and being bombarded by mortars, Badger Company moves on to the airstrip. Badger Company clears the area of missile launchers. Badger Company later comes in to take care of the V75 Mantis Turrets. After A-10's Angel 1-1,1-2 and Hawk come in and destroy vehicles on the bridge, Badger Company, along with AH-64 Apache helicopters Cobra 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3, race to destroy the turrets. After all turrets are destroyed, Badger-2 is disabled and its three crew members are killed bar the commander. The commander of Badger-2 bails out of the destroyed tank and runs towards Badger-One and mans its Mk 47 Mod 0 grenade launcher. Badger, Bobcat, Boston, Bohyia and Bulldog escape the base before it is destroyed by the missile launched by Logan and Hesh.

Known M1A2 AbramsEdit

  • Badger-One (Badger) - Alive
  • Badger-Two - Tank Destroyed, But The Commander Alive (Playable)
  • Badger-Three - Alive
  • Boa - Destroyed
  • Banshee - Destroyed
  • Buzzard - Destroyed
  • Bobcat - Alive
  • Barracuda - Destroyed
  • Bronco - Destroyed
  • Bravo-One - Destroyed
  • Buckwild - Destroyed
  • Big Sparks - Destroyed
  • Bohiya - Alive
  • Boston - Alive
  • Bullfrog - Destroyed
  • Blue Misty - Destroyed
  • Barret - Destroyed
  • Bulldog - Alive


  • Badger Ones side states that they've had 18 confirmed kills in battle.
  • Badger Ones Grenade Launcher says "BOOM! Suck my D**K Feds! This hard to see because of how fast the player gets into the tank.When aiming down the sights in the lower area,the grendae launcher also states that they have only gotten 12 kills with the greande launcher.So this means that badger one has a total of 30 confirmed kills in all.
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