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Specialist Baker is a playable character in Call of Duty: Ghosts. He is a United States Air Force specialist regarding the ODIN Space Station. He is present onboard the station during the takeover by the Federation just before their attack against the United States. He died when he burned up in orbital re-entry.

Call of Duty: Ghosts[edit | edit source]

Baker and Mosley, a fellow specialist working at the ODIN Space Station, spent three months in orbit over Earth. He and Mosley were about to brief the new crew coming in about the ODIN Space Station before heading home. But it turns out that the new crew was a platoon of Federation astronauts with the intent to hijack ODIN. Houston orders Baker and Mosley that the space station be destroyed. Baker and Mosley make their way to the ODIN satellite to destroy it while fighting the Federation astronauts with weapons procured from them.

Houston later instructs both to open the cover at the back of the satellite and ignite the fuel lines within it causing an explosion which launches them away from the satellite. Mosley manages to hold onto a wire and grab Baker. Baker continues to fire at the fuel lines causing a second explosion that is successful to cause the satellite to fall into the atmosphere, but Mosley and Baker are killed in the process.

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