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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

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Barbarians is a special event in the Black Market of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The event is available between January 22nd, 2019 and February 19th on PlayStation 4 and from January 29th to February 26th on Xbox One and PC.

Black Market

In the Black Market, the Barbarians special event was a supply stream alongside the Operation Absolute Zero Contraband. The event had 25 tiers, each of them with a unique item. The tiers are as follows:

Tier Item
Tier 1 "Pixel Perfect"
Rare Shared Warpaint

Pixel Perfect Bo4.png

Tier 2 "Dark Knight"
Common Sticker

Dark Knight Bo4.png

Tier 3 "City Snake"
Rare Calling Card

City Snake.png

Tier 4 "Battle Stance"
Common Tag

Battle Stance Bo4.png

Tier 5 "Black Adder"
Legendary Torque Specialist Outfit

Black Adder Bo4.png

Tier 6 "Winged Skull"
Common Sticker

Winged Skull Bo4.png

Tier 7 "The Wave"
Rare Gesture

The Wave Bo4.png

Tier 8 "Onward"
Common Tag

Onward Bo4.png

Tier 9 "Gorgons"
Rare Calling Card

Gorgons Bo4.png

Tier 10 "Warlock"
Epic Crash Specialist Outfit

Warlock Crash Bo4.png

Tier 11 "Demon Flame"
Common Sticker

Demon Flame Bo4.png

Tier 12 "Supplication"
Rare Calling Card

Supplication Bo4.png

Tier 13 "Executioner"
Common Tag

Executioner Tag Bo4.png

Tier Item
Tier 14 "Tectonic"
Rare Ruin Specialist Outfit
Tier 15 "Nub"
Legendary Gesture
Tier 16 "Honor"
Common Sticker
Tier 17 "Leviathan"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 18 "Dive Attack"
Common Tag
Tier 19 "Winged Serpent"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 20 "Roadtrip"
Ultra Reactive Camo

Roadtrip Bo4.png

Tier 21 "Death Vigil"
Common Sticker
Tier 22 "Don't Shoot"
Rare Gesture
Tier 23 "Dark Rider"
Common Tag
Tier 24 "Backflip"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 25 "KAP 45"
Ultra Weapon

KAP 45 menu icon BO4.png