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For the achievement in Call of Duty 2, see Basic Training (Call of Duty 2).

"We thought we were going to win the war all by ourselves. We were wrong......."
— Joe Miller

"Basic Training" is the first level in Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts.


The level begins with a cutscene of Joe Miller talking about how he joined up with the Marine Corps. The player starts in a training camp in South Carolina. Miller is then caught without his rifle. The player must go across the farm to retrieve a M1 Garand. The player then goes to a firing range to practice aiming and how to throw a grenade. Then they must run an obstacle course where they learn how to crouch. Later the player is thrown into a mud puddle and told to continue. As the player starts to drown. the screen blacks out and the games logo shows. Miller says "We thought we were gonna win the war all by ourselves. We were wrong." The player then wakes up on the island of Guadalcanal being attacked by the Imperial Japanese Army. After advancing up a hill, a path is burned using the Flamethrower. The soldier goes into the tunnel and is then immediately killed by a tripwire bomb. The player is then told to take the flamethrower and to go on ahead through the tunnels. after some fierce fighting the player emerges to see a plane shot down. This goes on to the player having to advance through a village supported by a flame tank. The player then kills the gunners and place a charge on the gun destroying it. They advance along a beach eliminating any enemy who gets in the way until they come across a bombed out hut. The player goes in the hut and is told to use the machine gun. After eliminating as many enemies as possible, then watch the flame tank destroy the second triple AA. the game shows a cut scene of a ship exploding and the squad saying that they are glad that the battle is over.


Call of Duty World at War Final Fronts (PS2) Gameplay

Call of Duty World at War Final Fronts (PS2) Gameplay

Gameplay of the "Tokio Express" part of the first mission.


  • If the player shoots the pears off the tree at the end of the rifle range, Roebuck will say "Wow. Excellent fruit-killing skills, Miller. Now stop messing around!" This is a reference to Gaz's quote in F.N.G..
  • When the player starts the portion called "Tokyo Express", Roebuck will tell Polonsky to get the player out of the mud. When control of yourself is regained, if the player turns around, the mud puddle looks very shallow, but if the player goes in it, they will go in very deep.
  • In the Tokyo Express portion, when Miller takes Anderson's Flamethrower, one will notice that the fuel tanks on Anderson's back don't disappear.
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