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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII
For the Call of Duty: World at War Final Fronts level, see Basic Training.

Basic Training is a modifier featured in the multiplayer aspects of Call of Duty: WWII. Like Perks, they passively affect gameplay, allowing further customization of classes. They affect available equipment, effectiveness of the player's equipment, the speed the player's equipment can be used, the usefulness of the enemy's equipment, and the physical properties of the player's character.

Basic Trainings
Name Unlock Description Icon
Espionage At start Bullet damage paints enemies on mini-map for your team.
Bonus: Reveals enemy Scorestreaks on mini-map.
Basic Training Ribbon Espionage WWII
Launched At start Launchers deal more damage, have extra ammo, and can be resupplied from enemies killed without explosives. Basic Training Ribbon Launched WWII
Requisitions At start Scorestreaks do not reset on death, but cost more and can only be earned once. Basic Training Ribbon Requisitions WWII
Instincts Level 3 Warning when targeted off-screen & detect explosives.
Bonus: Immune to Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment.
Basic Training Ribbon Instincts WWII
Rifleman Level 12 Take two Primary Weapons, and swap weapons faster. Basic Training Ribbon Rifleman WWII
Hustle Level 16 Reload faster and while sprinting. Basic Training Ribbon Hustle WWII
Lookout Level 20 Enemy targets appear from further away, and increased mini-map coverage. Basic Training Ribbon Lookout WWII
Gunslinger Level 24 Fire guns while sprinting and diving. Basic Training Ribbon Gunslinger WWII
Ordnance Level 28 Cheaper Scorestreaks, and killed enemies drop Streak packs that fill your meter. Basic Training Ribbon Ordnance WWII
Undercover Level 36 No name or reticle color change when enemies aim at you.
Bonus: Killed death locations hidden.
Undercover Basic Training WWII
Serrated Level 39 Take Melee Weapon as Primary, and melee faster.
Bonus: Two Throwing Knives and two Tacticals.
Basic Training Ribbon Serrated WWII
Duelist Level 43 Take akimbo pistols as a Secondary.
Bonus: Extra pistol Ammunition.
Basic Training Ribbon Duelist WWII
Forage Level 47 Resupply bullets from killed enemies & over time.
Bonus: Extra Magazines.
Basic Training Ribbon Forage WWII
Flanker Level 54 While moving quickly, hidden from enemy Recon Aircraft.
Bonus: Delayed detonation of enemy mines.
Basic Training Ribbon Flanker WWII
Scoped Infantry Division Prestige 1 While aiming down sights, have less idle sway and move faster. Basic Training Ribbon Scoped WWII
Energetic Airborne Division Prestige 1 Inscreased sprint speed, and no damage from falling. Energetic Basic Training WWII
Hunker Armored Division Prestige 1 Early grenade warning, and take less explosives damage.
Bonus: Fuse of Mk 2 Fragmentation is reset on throwback.
Basic Training Ribbon Hunker WWII
Inconspicuous Mountain Division Prestige 1 Quieter movement, and walk fast while crouched. Basic Training Ribbon Inconspicuous WWII
Concussed Expeditionary Division Prestige 1 Take two pieces of Lethal & Tactical equipment. Basic Training Ribbon Concussed WWII
(The Resistance)
At start Shortens fuse of explosives and take two pieces of Lethal equipment. Saboteur WWII
(The Resistance)
Resistance Division Prestige 1 Pistols have two additional attachments & unlimited ammo.
Bonus: Pistol Magazine is always full when switched to.
Shifty WWII
(The War Machine)
At start Streaks are earned by kills (instead of Score).
Bonus: Streaks are improved & select a 4th Streak.
Basic Training Ribbon Blitzkrieg WWII
(The War Machine)
At start Slain enemies drop Intel Packs that reveal nearby hostiles.
Bonus: Intel ping at the start of each life.
Basic Training Ribbon Clandestine WWII
(United Front)
At start Spawn with a random gun (has up to 6 attachments).
Pressing <key> will always provide a new weapon.
Basic Training Ribbon Wanderlust WWII
(United Front)
At start Shortly after kills, aim down sight significantly faster.
Bonus: Multi-kills instantly refill magazine.
Basic Training Ribbon Escalation WWII
(United Front)
Cavalry Division Prestige 1 Earn Basic Trainings instead of scorestreaks. Unlock at 200, 400 and 600 score.
All Basic Trainings are granted at 800 score. Progress resets on death.
Specialist Basic Training WWII
(Shadow War)
At start Access to a serum which improves weapon handling while active. Serum replenishes over time. Catalyst Basic Training WWII
(Shadow War)
Commando Division Prestige 1 Health regenerates quicker. Basic Training Ribbon Remedy WWII
Basic Trainings removed after Divisions Overhaul
Primed Level 32 Additional Primary Attachment, and flinch less when shot. Primed Menu Icon WWII
Bang Level 51 Take a Mk 2 Fragmentation as a Lethal and an extra piece of Tactical equipment. Basic Training Ribbon Bang WWII
Basic Trainings exclusives of Throwback Moshpit playlist
Danger Close At start Explosives deal more damage.
Bonus: Frag x3.
Danger Close Menu Icon WWII
Commando Pro At start Increased melee range, and no damage from falling.
Bonus: Melee faster.
Commando Pro Menu Icon WWII
Double Tap At start Greatly increased fire rate of weapons.
Bonus: Significantly improved hip-fire accuracy.
Double Tap Menu Icon WWII
Martyrdom At start Drop a live grenade on death.
Bonus: Shortens fuse of explosives.
Martyrdom Menu Icon WWII
Stun x3 At start Three British N° 69 concussion grenades.
Bonus: Immune to Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment.
Stunx3 Menu Icon WWII
Stopping Power At start Deal increased bullet damage. Stopping Power Menu Icon WWII
Juggernaut At start Increased health. Juggernaut Menu Icon WWII