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The Batallón Dignidad (Dignity Battalion) was a paramilitary group/militia formed by civilians. It was created by Manuel Noriega in 1988 for internal subversive activity. Unlike the PDF, they were fully loyal to Noriega. They only appear in Suffer With Me when the team moves up to the slums, attacking the player with melee weapons such as Machetes and spiked baseball bats.



Battle dialogueEdit

"¡Muerete yankee!"
— "Die yankee!"
"¡Hijo de puta!"
— "Son of a bitch!"
"¡Están avanzando!"
— "They're advancing!"
— "Kill them!"


  • Game files refer to them as "dingbats". This was a slang term used to refer to the Batallón Dignidad.
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