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The Battle of Kursk was a large armored engagement between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union on the eastern front near the city of Kursk during World War II. The battle is considered to be the largest armored engagement in history and was Germany's last offensive on the Eastern Front.

Call of Duty: United OffensiveEdit

The player plays as Yuri Petrenko, who fights through Kursk with the 67th Guards Rifle Division against Waffen-SS Panzers and Panzer-Grenadiers. Yuri has to defend the line against German SS Panzer-Grenadiers and is successful in doing so. He then destroys German Elefant Tanks firing onto the trenches; all are destroyed and most of the Panzer-Grenadiers are killed. The surviving soldiers retreat. They then move to capture a small Russian village that is being held by Waffen-SS soldiers. The town is initially cleared of German resistance but is then attacked again by several German Panzers and Panzer-Grenadiers. The Panzers are destroyed, most of the German troops are killed, and the rest retreat. The Russians successfully capture the Russian village, then head onwards to capture Ponyri.


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