"Six weeks now since Turner was killed and I got promoted. It's Christmas. We're diggin' into the Ardennes Forest in Belgium. So cold we're pissin' ice cubes. Gonna be one helluva fight."
— Mission Briefing

"Battle of the Bulge" is the ninth campaign level in Call of Duty: WWII.


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  • It is possible to pick up two weapons (a M1903 and a M1928) while delivering the ammunition to the east dugout, though they cannot be used before making the delivery. The two guns are located next to each other near a group of seven soldiers standing in a log-walled crossroads on the way to the east dugout. If both are picked up, then when the German patrol appears, the player will have the Lee-Enfield as their primary and whatever the last weapon they picked up as their secondary. If neither weapon is picked up, a M1 Garand will be given to the player as a default secondary.
  • At some point, Pierson says "Take out those Panzerfausts!", even though the enemies are actually using Panzerschrecks.
  • At the start of the level when delievering the ammo box, one soldier speaks a line that is mirroring a line spoken by Private Jackson in Saving Private Ryan.
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