Battle of the Bulge
Worst Christmas Ever achievement image WWII
Previous level Hill 493
Next level Ambush
Game Call of Duty: WWII
Character Ronald "Red" Daniels
Matthew Weber
Team US 1st Infantry Division SSI 1st Infantry Division

509th PM 509th Fighter Squadron

Place The Ardennes, Belgium, Luxembourg
Date December 25th, 1944
Objective Deliver the Ammo Box.
Report to Pierson.
Protect the Convoy.
Regroup on Pierson.
Get to the Radio.
Defend Cpl. Howard.
Call for Air Support.
Protect the B17s.
Retreat to the Front Lines.
Get to the Left Flank.
Defend your Tanks.
Defend the Area.
Form up on the Center Line.
Hold the Line.
Destroy the Enemy Tanks (x3).
Rally on Pierson.
Enemies Balkenkreuz Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe
Multiplayer map Ardennes Forest, Operation Griffin, Operation Husky
"Six weeks now since Turner was killed and I got promoted. It's Christmas. We're diggin' into the Ardennes Forest in Belgium. So cold we're pissin' ice cubes. Gonna be one helluva fight."
— Mission Briefing

"Battle of the Bulge" is the ninth campaign level in Call of Duty: WWII.


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Starting Loadout
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Mementos in Battle of the Bulge



  • It is possible to pick up two weapons (a M1903 and a M1928) while delivering the ammunition to the east dugout, though they cannot be used before making the delivery. The two guns are located next to each other near a group of seven soldiers standing in a log-walled crossroads on the way to the east dugout. If both are picked up, then when the German patrol appears, the player will have the Lee-Enfield as their primary and whatever the last weapon they picked up as their secondary. If neither weapon is picked up, a M1 Garand will be given to the player as a default secondary.
  • At some point, Pierson says "Take out those Panzerfausts!", even though the enemies are actually using Panzerschrecks.
  • At the start of the level when delievering the ammo box, one soldier speaks a line that is mirroring a line spoken by Private Jackson in Saving Private Ryan.
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