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"Only by invoking the beast can you find the items you need."
— The Shadow Man

The Beast is a feature in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies map Shadows of Evil. It allows the player to enter a mode similar to Afterlife, where the player can power up items, and in addition, the player is able to kill zombies and revive teammates while in Beast mode. Unlike Afterlife, it is not accessed via being downed, and so the player will be teleported to where they entered Beast mode when the timer depletes. They can also end Beast mode early. Beast Mode is also used to obtain the ritual items necessary to conduct the four main rituals as part of the main Easter Egg.

There is one Beast pedestal per area of the map, except for the ends of the Canal and Waterfront districts which have two. The Beast effect can be used once per round in co-op (the player starts with three when playing solo), and lasts for approximately 30 seconds, signified by the icon on the bottom of the screen turning blue. While the Beast is active, the player is able to send electric shocks that paralyze zombies for a short amount of time and can be used to power up power switches. The Beast also has a "grab" and "melee" attack that will kill zombies in one hit. Each of the actions, shock, grab, or melee, reduce the timer by a small amount. It is worth noting zombies killed by the Beast do not give the player points. The shock attack can be charged and released to produce an electrical chain on zombies. The player can pick up power ups while in beast mode.

The time to revive teammates in Beast mode is 75% faster than the normal revive rate and 25% faster than Quick Revive's revive rate.

Only those with the "Mark of the Beast" are able to transform into the Beast. The four characters in Shadows of Evil are the only known people to have the mark.


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