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Park: "...And now the training's complete. We just need to give the subject a name."
Adler: "Bell."
— Park and Adler, as Adler gives Bell their codename.

"Bell" is the codename for a character in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. They act as the main protagonist and playable character.


Agent of Perseus

During the 1980s, an agent and close associate of Perseus was present during a meeting with Arash Kadivar, Anton Volkov, Vladimir Rudnik and Robert Aldrich where Perseus exposed his fears about the United States' power slowly consuming the Soviet Union and the Soviet leaders doing nothing about it. He revealed his plan to steal an American nuclear bomb which could unlock the Greenlight nuclear arsenals based throughout Europe. From there, Perseus planned to detonate all the bombs so he could alter the balance of power in the Cold War in the Soviet Union's favor and create a Greater Russia.

Trabzon Airfield Incident

On January 13, 1981, the individual accompanied Kadivar to the Trabzon airfield in Turkey. Kadivar revealed to them that they were supposed to transport weapons in a plane to Duga before shipping them to Volkov. Kadivar, however, jealous of the individuals' status in Perseus' ring, had other plans and shot the individual inside the car leaving them for dead. After CIA operatives Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Russell Adler prevented Kadivar from leaving the country, they swept the tarmac for survivors and found the individual still alive with a dossier related to Perseus.

Becoming "Bell"


After the individual recovered from their injuries, the CIA tried traditional interrogation for days, to no avail. It was then decided to brainwash them through the CIA's MKUltra Program into trying to give up Perseus' location. During several weeks, through painful psychological torture, neuroactive drugs and hypnosis, the CIA, with the help of MI6 agent, Helen Park, used Adler's experience in Vietnam to create a bond with the individual, implanting fake memories of the war and backgrounds into their mind and altering their personality and identity to make them believe they knew Adler for years. Once the training was completed, Adler gave them their nickname "Bell". Adler also used the phrase "We've got a job to do" (as well as "We had a job to do" or "We have a job to do") whenever he wanted Bell to remember their fake memories and being kept in check. Jason Hudson, however, wasn't so keen on having Bell as a member of Adler's team to hunt Perseus.

Now part of Adler's team, Bell arrived in the CIA Safehouse E9 in West Berlin on February 23rd. The team was composed of Adler, Bell, Park as well as Lawrence Sims and Eleazar "Lazar" Azoulay. The team made Bell relive their implanted memories to decrypt the dossier found in Trabzon, which gave several names including Anton Volkov. Adler and Park would continue injecting Bell drugs without their knowledge during the following weeks to ensure the brainwash was still effective.

Stopping Volkov

Using intel from the MI6, the team learned that Volkov is an arms dealer and head of the Russian mob that moved into East Berlin after 1961. They also identified one of his couriers, Franz Kraus, who had a meeting with Volkov the next day.

Using the U-Bahn, Adler and Bell infiltrated East Berlin via a ghost station. They followed Kraus to a bar near one of the Berlin checkpoints and Bell met with one of Hudson's contacts, Greta Keller. Realizing that Kraus was followed, Volkov sent Stasi soldiers into the bar forcing Bell to escape through the restrooms. They regrouped with Lazar and Park who were observing Kraus' appartement after he went back to his home. Bell was sent to enter the apartment and find the briefcase Kraus was keeping. They found a hidden room with the briefcase which contained documents and photos of a nuclear bomb. After Bell put a tracker in the suitcase, they heard a noise coming from a closet. Once opened, it was revealed that Keller was taken prisoner after a colleague of her, Lukas Richter, reported her to the Stasi. Bell didn't have time to react before Kraus knocked them out.

Kraus brought Bell and Keller to Volkov's warehouse, both of them being tied to chairs. Volkov noted that Perseus was looking for Bell and that he had a large bounty on their head before starting to interrogate them.

Bell chose to insult Volkov who in return ordered one of his men to kill Greta by crushing her neck.

Bell stayed calm allowing Greta to be left alone and rescued by Park.

Not receiving the answers he wanted, Volkov pushed Bell to the ground ready to kill them while noting that Bell were "damaged goods". The team arrived through the roof just before Volkov pulled the trigger and fled. During the initial fight, Kraus is killed, and Park untied Bell ordering them to pursue Volkov while she secured the briefcase. Fighting through the warehouse, Bell found Volkov stuck in front of a door.

Bell killed Volkov, Adler congratulated them for taking one of Perseus' men off the board. Park, however, became upset noting that the knowledge of Volkov could have helped the MI6.

Bell captured Volkov, Park thanked them on behalf of the MI6 while Adler noted that it was "more than he deserved".

Operation Greenlight

Looking through the documents found in the briefcase, the team learned that Perseus smuggled a nuclear bomb through East Berlin. The team also found encrypted geocoordinates which pointed to an unpopulated region within the Ukraine Republic. After an aerial recon run, the location revealed a massive military base hidden within the Ukrainian forest.

On February 27, Bell and Frank Woods were sent to infiltrate the base to uncover what was inside. After making their way inside the building, they realized it was a giant Spetsnaz training ground made to look like an American town, featuring arcades, shops, and restaurants, including a Burger Town restaurant. They reached the central computer and Bell managed to enter the system.

They learned that Perseus infiltrated a secret CIA nuke program called Operation Greenlight which involved Jason Hudson. An alarm soon triggered in the entire base, Woods called Park to have their exfil ready and the two operatives fought their way to an exit. They found an APC and used it to storm out the facility.

KGB Archives

Following a mission carried by Woods and Mason in an abandoned base in Mount Yamantau to recover its mainframe, the team learned that Perseus was looking for the names of the sleeper agents used by Nikita Dragovich in 1968. However, Perseus managed to erase the names before the mainframe was retrieved. This left only one option for the team, infiltrating the Lubyanka, the KGB headquarters in Moscow to get the names.

On March 9, the team arrived in Moscow and with the help of Dimitri Belikov, a double agent in the KGB working with the CIA, they acquired a key belonging to Anton Charkov to access the bunker located 100 feet below the building. Belikov lured two soldiers while Bell and Adler hid in the room with a bag filled with weapons. Using the uniforms as disguises, they entered the building but were stopped at a checkpoint and had to hand over their bag. The duo was saved at the last second by Belikov who replaced the guard that was supposed to inspect the bag. They reached the elevator while the building was in full lockdown with guards and soldiers interrogating people. Just before the doors closed, Imran Zakhaev took the elevator with them. Not recognizing their faces, Zakhaev asked when the two arrived and to whom they were reporting to.

"Why I have an appointment with him now! I'll give him your regards."
— Zakhaev
Bell informed Zakhaev that they and their comrade answered to Commander Sobol, to which Zakhaev lightheartedly said that he would give him their regards, as he was just heading to a meeting with Sobol.

"Do not take me for a fool!"
— Zakhaev
Bell informed Zakhaev whom they were reporting to. However, Zakhaev recognized that the two were lying and pulled a pistol out, pistol whipping Adler and holding Bell at gunpoint. However, Bell was able to push Imran back, with Adler getting up and knocking him out in the elevator.

"What are you doing?"
— Zakhaev
Rather than bothering to answer Zakhaev's question, Bell proceeded to hold Zakhaev in a headlock as Adler knocked the Soviet out in the elevator.

Bell and Adler retrieved their weapons before leaving the elevator. They eliminated the first few soldiers but triggered an alarm. They fought their way throughout the bunker and hid a remote gas grenade in the ventilation in case they needed a plan to leave before reaching the archives door. They entered the room using the key and locked the door behind them. Bell used the computer to access the list of Dragovich's sleeper agents and copied it into a floppy disk. During the copy, soldiers and Spetsnaz operatives stormed the room, but the duo managed to hold them off. They tried to find a way to escape but found that Belikov was captured and was about to be executed if the team didn't surrender. They put on gas mask and detonated the grenade, filling the entire bunker. Bell rushed to Belikov to give him a gas mask. The trio fought all the way back to the elevator where they acquired heavy weapons and gear.

Inside the elevator, Adler contacted Lazar to inform that Belikov was coming with them. Bell armed a C4 and threw it to the soldiers waiting outside as the doors of the elevator opened before eliminating the remaining soldiers. The team reached the exit and entered the car driven by Lazar before escaping the city.


The team discovered the name of Theodore Hastings in the list of sleeper agents. Hastings was a nuclear engineer tied to Operation Greenlight. The CIA tracked Hastings movements from Salt Lake City which led them to Cuba. They discovered a vacant government facility south of Havana which has become a hub of activity for Perseus and believed to be the location of the stolen nuke.

On March 13, the team launched an assault against the compound before separating in two teams with Bell, Park and Lazar. Using security cameras, Bell discovered the location of the lab inside the building but witnessed a man executing all the scientists. Once the team reached the room, they found the dismantled nuke and a dying Hastings on the floor. Hastings revealed that Perseus forced them to reverse-engineer the detonation codes, giving him access to the entire Greenlight arsenal which could wipe out half of Europe. Perseus managed to flee the compound as Bell, Park and Lazar fought their way to the rooftop. They fought off Cuban reinforcement while they wait for the Skyhook plane. The pilot warned them that the plane only had enough fuel for one pass, so they began to harness up starting with Bell. However, an RPG rocket hit the team which prevented Park and Lazar from reaching the rope. and with the plane flying over them, Bell had to make a decision.

Bell secured Park but could not reach Lazar's hand before the plane lift them off. Lazar was executed by Cuban soldiers. Back at the safehouse, she expressed her gratitude for saving her life, telling Bell she felt like she owed them. She asked them to help the team one more time as they could lose more than Lazar if they fail.

Bell secured Lazar as Park hit the ground with her fist as the two were lift off. Park was executed by Cuban soldiers. Back at the safehouse, he joked about Bell injuries before expressing his gratitude for saving his life. He noted that maybe Bell was one of them after all and that he would never forget the people that he owed.

Bell secured neither Park nor Lazar before being lift off. Back at the safehouse, Sims told Bell that they would not die for nothing with the team becoming desperate and putting all their chips on the table. Sims asked Bell to stay sharp and focused.

Learning the truth

The next day, Adler returned to the safehouse with Bell and asked Sims to help him putting them on a gurney. Hudson argued that it was a wasted of time and Bell was of no use for them anymore. Adler reassured Bell saying they were the key to find Perseus. The team was now desperate, and Adler injected the drugs directly into the brain through Bell's eye socket.

Adler made Bell go through the different scenarios they created of a mission in Vietnam where Bell encountered Perseus inside a Soviet bunker. Bell's subconscious fought back against the drugs, which made them hear Perseus telling them to not listen to Adler as he was lying to them. Ultimately, Bell remembered taking part of the Perseus meeting with Kadivar, Volkov, Rudnik, Aldrich and Perseus himself where he announced that they would detonate the Greenlight arsenal from the Solovetsky Islands and then blame the Americans for it, shifting the power balance towards the Soviet Union.

Adler admitted that they used the MK-Ultra program to create Bell's false identity so they could give them the location of Perseus and his plans. While still confused about what happened and who they were, Bell was asked by Adler to reveal where Perseus was.

Identity Crisis

Knowing the truth about what the CIA did to them, Bell had a choice. Either remaining loyal to the CIA and their new team by revealing the location of Perseus or lying to them and betraying the CIA to achieve Perseus' goals.

Bell chose to reveal where Perseus was and told Adler about Solovetsky Islands and the monastery, the site where Perseus planned to detonate the nukes. On March 15, Bell, Adler, Woods and Mason as well as several squads of soldiers stormed the monastery and fought off waves of Soviet soldiers while trying to disable the anti-air guns so that their air support could destroy the radar array and prevented the nukes from being set off.

After this mission, Adler took Bell out to a cliff side and told them that they were a hero for the sacrifices they have made. He then revealed that Bell had to make one last sacrifice and that it wasn't personal before they both drew their pistol. While Adler survived their encounter at Solovetsky, the fate of Bell remained unknown.

Bell chose to not reveal where Perseus truly was, telling Adler he was at Duga.

Bell didn't radio Soviet troops to ambush Adler's group. On March 15, at Duga, Bell revealed to Adler they lied and remained loyal to Perseus. Angry, Adler executed Bell leaving their body for Perseus to find as the team left the facility with disappointment. With no one stopping him, Perseus detonated the Greenlight arsenal. With Europe in chaos, President Reagan learned that documents related to Operation Greenlight were leaked anonymously, but seemingly by Perseus, showing the nukes were made by the United States and destroying their reputation around the world. Reagan ordered that anything related to the operation should be erased forever as the Berlin safehouse was burned down by Hudson and the CIA.

During planning, Bell radios the Soviet Base to plan for an ambush. On March 15, at Duga, the team berated Bell for lying to them. Adler was disappointed in Bell due to how much faith he had in them. Bell then signaled the ambush, in which they were briefly knocked out by an RPG but later regained consciousness and is helped up by a Soviet officer wearing a gas mask. Bell then proceeded to execute Mason, Woods and possibly either Park or Lazar.

After most of the team was killed, Bell followed the officer into a building while the other Soviets wipe out the remaining American troops. The Soviet told Bell that Adler fled into the building. They managed to find Adler who was fatally wounded. Adler asked Bell to hand him his lighter so he can light a cigarette one last time. Whether Bell chose to or not, Adler was killed by them and the officer revealed his identity as Perseus. Bell, now reunited with Perseus, was allowed to personally order the Greenlight nuclear arsenal's detonation. The two discussed their plans for the future of a Greater Russia and left Duga together.

With Europe in chaos, President Reagan learned that documents related to Operation Greenlight were leaked anonymously, but seemingly by Perseus, showing the nukes were made by the United States and destroying their reputation around the world. Reagan ordered that anything related to the operation should be erased forever as the Berlin safehouse was burned down by Hudson and the CIA.