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"Bonus damage towards the groin instead of headshots."
— In-game description.

Below the Belt (referred to as "Below the belt" in-game) is an Epic gun perk in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare exclusive to the RPR Evo - Bosozoku variant. It changes the multipliers of the weapon variant, causing damage multipliers to switch for headshots and damage dealt to the groin.

Variants Edit

Weapon Variant Rarity Cost (Salvage) Notes
RPR Evo Bosozoku Epic 4000 Formerly unlocked via supply drops.


  • The gun perk icon is that of an acorn with a crosshair on it, referencing the colloquial term for the testicles as the "nuts", as well as the gun perk effect of increasing damage to the groin.
  • "Below the Belt" is a reference to the term given to an action (usually a boxing punch) that involves the lower half of the body.
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