The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2.

Beltot is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty 2.


Beltot, France is a very large map, with a size similar to El Alamein and Caen. It has multiple spawn spots, and few buildings. The main buildings in this map are simple to memorize. There is one large one at the American side overlooking the whole area, one large one on the southeast side along the German road, and smaller, more damaged buildings on the east and west. A barn holds the German flag in Capture the Flag, and at the back of the American's side by a cart is the American flag. An MG42 is mounted on the German side, up in a large tower, and a Browning M1919 at the east side close to the Americans. The main American building has many windows and areas to snipe German players coming to their base from the center. In the center of the map lies a deep, long trench that stretches from the east to the west side of the map. It is also one of the few CQB spots on the map. The MG42 in the tower is useful in fending off attacks from the east. The suggested weapons for this map depend on what one is doing. Trench Guns are not recommended, as the long sight lines will make a shotgun difficult to use effectively. Sub machine guns are recommended for medium combat, which the player will probably meet the most. Rifles are recommended for sniping in the multiple buildings at a distance.


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