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"Orphaned as a child, raised in and out of foster care. Earned criminal record in London punk scene. At 18, intervened in public stabbing (Al Qatala), gaining local fame. Joined British Commandos, later passed SAS selection."
— In-game biography

Corporal Benjamin Francis Lee, also known as Otter, is a Special Air Service operator of the Coalition faction featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Benjamin Lee was born in 1992, he became orphaned at the age of three and was raised as a "ward of the state". His juvenile criminal record includes several counts of larceny, burglary, vandalism, public intoxication and aggravated assault.

In June 2011, at the age of 19, Otter gained international fame after thwarting an Al-Qatala knife attack in Hyde Park, London. He beat the suspect unconscious while onlookers watched and recorded the event. Two months later, he joined the British Commandos.

Lee thrived in training and entered the SAS selection on recommendation by senior officers. He passed the selection in January 2012. Otter was deployed to operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Urzikstan. He served under Captain John Price in at least seven operations. Price describes Otter as a ruthless, capable soldier but often overzealous.

Lee developed a friendship with Jackson Wyatt during a joint SAS/Australian Special forces operations in Afghanistan. Psychological evaluation of Otter describes anti-social tendencies suggesting his friendship with Wyatt is unique.

In March 2020, Al-Qatala's new leader Khaled Al-Asad launched a full-scale assault against Verdansk in Kastovia. Operators from Coalition and Allegiance were deployed to Verdansk to stop Al-Qatala as part of the Armistice initiative.



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Jungle Raider Base Otter Jungle Raider Skin.webp Complete the Operation Crosswind on Special Ops.
Swampland Base Otter Swampland Skin.webp Complete the Operation Crosswind on Special Ops.
Woodland Base Otter Woodland Skin.webp Complete the Operation Crosswind on Special Ops.
Sandstorm Rare Otter Sandstorm Skin.webp Battle Pass Season Two Tier 10
Desert Rare Otter Desert Skin.webp Operator Mission
Urban Rare Otter Urban Skin.webp Operator Mission
Safeguard Rare Otter Safeguard Skin.webp Battle Pass Season Five Tier 10
Evanesce Rare Otter Evanesce Skin.webp Operator Mission
Insulator Rare Otter Insulator Skin.webp Operator Mission
SAS Otter Rare Otter SAS Otter Skin.webp Bundle SAS Pack
Crew Expendable Epic Otter Crew Expendable Skin.webp Bundle Crew Expendable Operator Pack
Demolitions Expert Epic Otter Demolitions Expert Skin.webp Unobtainable
I Pinch Back Epic Otter I Pinch Back Skin.webp Bundle Clover and Out
Jungle Epic Otter Jungle Skin.webp Unobtainable
Lock and Stock Epic Otter Lock and Stock Skin.webp Bundle Warzone Combat Pack
Snow Drift Epic Otter Snow Drift Skin.webp Bundle Snowstorm
TF 141 Epic Otter TF 141 Skin.webp Bundle Amphibious
Irradiated Legendary Otter Irradiated Skin.webp Bundle Cleanup Crew
Call of Duty League Skins


Name Rarity How to obtain
Queen and Country Base Unlocked by default
Little Sleep Common Operator Mission
Proper Scrap Common Unobtainable
See That One Common Unobtainable
Must Be Going Rare Operator Mission
Don't Go Nowhere Epic Bundle Cleanup Crew
My Advice Epic Unobtainable
Tossers Epic Bundle Amphibious
Ya Know That Epic Bundle Snowstorm
Give My Best Legendary Unobtainable

Finishing Moves

Name Rarity How to obtain
Cranial Carnage Base Complete the Operation Crosswind in Western Verdansk
First Degree Epic Bundle Amphibious
Ice Breaker Epic Bundle Cleanup Crew
Universal Finishing Moves

Call of Duty: Mobile

Otter appears in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added during Season 10 The Hunt as part of the Amphibious Assault Crate


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Mobile


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • Otter's blood type is A+.
  • Otter has a vision of 19/21.
  • Otter's psychological state is monitored and any incident is to be reported, noting any apparent triggers.
  • Otter's dossier is found in Operation Harbinger
  • When Otter has a skin that covers his face equipped, he will make a gesture with 2 fingers when selected instead of spitting on the ground.
  • Otter's "Crew Expendable" skin is heavily based on the uniform worn by SAS during the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare mission Crew Expendable.
  • In his biography image and intro video, Otter is wearing his Sandstorm skin instead of his default skin.
  • Otter's "Safeguard" skin is heavily based on the S.A.S soldier during the Nairobi hostage rescue in 2019.