Sergeant Benny Church was an American soldier in Able Company, 1st Infantry Division, under the command of Lt. Walker. He appears solely in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.


Sergeant Benny Church leads the assault team under the command of Lt. Chuck Walker. He is a friend of Walker, who is also his commander.

Church is first seen in Aachen as a Corporal, where he and Walker (who was a Sergeant at the time) were part of the squad that was escorting an M12 to the theater. They succeed in doing so, but then they discover that the Germans were attacking from the sewers, so Church, Walker, and some other soldiers go into the sewers after them. After destoying the ladders and saving some other soldiers, Church and Walker then get back topside and once again protect the M12, this time from the buildings. They once again succeed, and they sit back and look as the Germans surrender and retreat.

Church and Walker were promoted to Sergeant and Lieutenant, respectively by the time they got to Remagen. They got orders to scout out the town for a railroad bridge that goes across the Rhine. So they went in with two soldiers, one of which dies fairly quickly, the other whom sees the intact bridge along with Church and Walker, only to die later on as well. Church and Walker are later forced into a nearby building by King Tiger tanks, which get promptly destroyed by Walker. Church compliments the Lieutenant on that accomplishment just before the latter meets up with a tank group led by Sgt. Sam Rivers.

They reach the bridge, but pretty soon, the tanks are barred from going any further, and Capt. Kowalski orders Walker's squad to advance on the bridge, despite Church's protests. They eventually comply, and Church and Walker work with the other soldiers to capture the bridge.


"Are you crazy? We'll get slaughtered!"
— Church to Cpt. Kowalski after receiving orders to cross the Ludendorff bridge.

"Bet'cha we're home for Christmas!"
— Church to Walker after taking Aachen.

"Where are you going, stay behind the tanks!"
— Church right after starting the First City to Fall mission.


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