"Beware of no man's land as you battle over control of the Berlin Wall."
— Berlin Wall's map description

Berlin Wall is a multiplayer map in the Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack First Strike.


Berlin Wall is a medium-sized urban snow terrain map set in Berlin, Germany with several large buildings and a "No-man's land", where indestructible automatic turrets will fire at anyone trespassing the area. The "No-man's land" is highlighted in red on the mini-map to show its danger. There is also a small path in the middle of "No-man's land" which leads to both sides of the map. The map is good for camping, sniping, and long range combat. There are several windows/holes that can see great distances (such as over to the other side of the map), making this map ideal for snipers or campers. On one side of the map there is an ally checkpoint, with small security buildings, gates and tanks. The "No-man's land" is great for a quick getaway, but the player will need Willy Petes to prevent the turrets from firing.

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  • At one point Berlin Wall was a canceled map.
  • In the record store, there are some books written by Edward Richtofen. This can be found in multiple multiplayer maps.
  • One of the buildings is labeled "Wagner". "Wagner" is also the surname of Richard Wagner, a German composer. He is the composer of Ride of the Valkyries which was famously used in Apocalypse Now, which was set in Vietnam during the war.
  • In the store, the record "Musik Bomb" has similar album artwork and word art to The Clash's 1979 album, London Calling.
  • Looking in the record stores, one can see records that have the Illuminati symbol on it.
  • The eagle on the German flag that was seen in the trailer isn't featured in the final version.
  • Berlin Wall's existence was originally teased during the campaign level U.S.D.D. wherein its map is seen drawn on a chalkboard.
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