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"Betio Airfield" is the third campaign mission in Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts.


The player, along with Roebuck and his squad, are sent to take a Japanese Airfield and to destroy some AA guns, then they have to help the 8th Division to conquest and defend the Japanese HQ.


The player starts with an M1897 Trench Gun and an M1A1 Thompson. The level starts with Roebuck, Polonsky, Miller and two other soldier are pinned down by Japanese machine gun fire. One of the soldiers asks Roebuck if they should be attacking the airfield. Roebuck responds by saying "Well the air field's over there and we're pinned down here." Polonsky then pops a comment by saying "I say we just give 'em Miller, that'll make em surrender for sure." Roebuck starts to chew Polonsky out but is stopped short by one of the soldiers, who informs the squad of a soldier with an M2 Flamethrower going for the bunker. The soldier kills the Japanese soldiers in the bunker then gets shot and killed. The squad then proceeds to a destroyed bunker where another enemy squad opens fire on them from inside.

After a brief firefight, Roebuck orders a bazooka to be used on the bunker. A soldier fires a shell from the bazooka and the squad moves on. They are then encountered by several Japanese soldiers. There are two choices here: Just crouch down and wait it out, or take out the player's Thompson and fire it in bursts at enemy troops. After this is done, the player heads into an airfield and repel a small suicide charge. Then the player must head into a trench, and take out the crew of an AA gun and the Japanese soldiers in the trench. The player must do this once again and then the squad gets a call on the radio and the from an officer who tells the squad to destroy the radar gear directing the Japanese air defense.

The squad forces their way toward the radar station, meeting strong resistance along the way. The squad then gets caught in a skirmish with Japanese soldiers. After gaining access to the radar equipment Roebuck orders Miller to destroy it. The squad then gets another call from HQ, saying that Marines from the 8th Division have found the enemy headquarters. The squad then moves to reinforce the 8th but is attacked by suicide soldiers and a Chi-Nu tank. Roebuck and his squad then push through an enemy trench and the player helps secure the roof of the enemy HQ. A large force of enemy tanks and troops launch a counter attack, which the squad repels, ending the mission.


Call of Duty World at War - Final Fronts PS2 gameplay - Betio Airfield mission

Call of Duty World at War - Final Fronts PS2 gameplay - Betio Airfield mission

Gameplay of the level.

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