bharris is the user account of Bruce Harris in the Central Intelligence Agency Data system which is accessible from the computer terminal in the interrogation room depicted in the main menu of Call of Duty: Black Ops.


The bharris account uses a non-secure password, goskins.


Typing the command MAIL opens Harris' mail account. It then shows a list of messages exactly as follows:

ID From Date Subject
0 Grigori Weaver Monday, February 4, 1968 Bundle Up
1 Jason Hudson Monday, February 11, 1968 Yamantau
2 Front Desk Monday, February 16, 1968 Message from Donna
3 Ryan Jackson Monday, August 12, 1968 Cupcakes

Bundle UpEdit

From: Weaver, Grigori
To: Harris, Bruce
Date/Time: Monday, February 4, 1968
Subject: Bundle Up

Wanted to give you the heads up -- we're shipping out someplace real cold in the next 2 weeks. Can't get into any details otherwise, Mr. Shades will take my other eye, but I figure since your both wed-locked, your better halves deserve some notice their men are going to be out for a time. And Bruce, looks like you're going to have to give up those Skins tickets. Too bad, too. Good match up.

You didn't hear this from me.


From: Hudson, Jason
To: Harris, Bruce
Date/Time: Monday, February 11, 1968
Subject: Yamantau

As some of you already heard, we're shipping out on 16 Feb for a classified black operation in the heart of the soviet union. There will be a full briefing in ADDO/SAD Richard Kain's office at 2pm sharp.

Be there on time or you answer to me.


Message from DonnaEdit

From: Front Desk
To: Harris, Bruce
Date/Time: Monday, February 16, 1968
Subject: Message from Donna
Agent Harris,

Your wife called but you were out of the office. Here's her message from 16 Feb at 1800 hours:

"Hi honey. I know you're leaving today for work, but the kids and I just wanted to say one more time that we love you, we already miss you, and be safe. I know how much you hate heights, so be careful while you're in Paris and don't climb to the top of the Eiffel tower. Mwa! Bye!"

End Message

Cupcakes Edit

From: Jackson, Ryan
To: Harris, Bruce
Date/Time: Monday, August 12, 1968
Subject: Cupcakes
My lovely wife Bridget, the saint that she is, got up at the crack of dawn and made cupcakes. She coerced me into bringing them into the office to share with all of you. They'll be in the Coffee room while supplies last.

WARNING: Only 1 cupcake per person. The room is being monitored. Don't make me sic the SAD on you. That goes double for you Stanz and Sutton.










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