Big Brother
Big Brother
Previous level Race
Next level Hidden
Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Character Hunter 2-1/ Gunslinger 1
Team U.S. Army Rangers/ U.S. Air Force
Place Northeastern Virginia, U.S.A
Objective Reach the objective in under a certain time limit with help from the Blackhawk helicopter
Enemies Ultranationalists
Console codename so_chopper_invasion
Campaign level "Wolverines!"
Wolverines!, Homeland Security, Big Brother, Bodycount minimap MW2
"Explosive ammunition, Vulcan Minigun, Blackhawk Helicopter. Clear the way."
Spec Ops description

Big Brother is the tenth Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the final mission in the Bravo tier. It is one of only two Special Ops levels that requires two players, the other being Overwatch. One player will be the gunner of the Blackhawk 'Gunslinger-One' while the other player, as a soldier on the ground, must make it to the roof of Nate's Restaurant.

The Infinity Ward best time for Big Brother is 1 minute 25.9 seconds.


Players can choose between the soldier on the ground or the Blackhawk Gunner.

The soldier must reach the rooftop of Nate's Restaurant within the specified time frame or the mission will fail. The Blackhawk gunner provides support for the soldier by firing explosive rounds from the helicopter's minigun. Initially, enemy resistance is minimal, but will continue to increase as the soldier nears the extraction point. Enemies will not actively attack the Blackhawk (though there is one part where the Blackhawk temporarily leaves to avoid RPG fire), so the Blackhawk gunner should do most of the fighting, while the soldier deals with any stragglers left behind.

The gunner should avoid firing near the soldier, as the rounds can potentially kill them, much like the AC-130 Gunner in Overwatch.

Once the soldier nears Nate's Restaurant, the Blackhawk will get closer to the restaurant in order to extract the soldier. Enemies will relentlessly pursue the soldier at this point, so the gunner should lay down some covering fire while being careful for their ally. Once the soldier boards the Blackhawk, the mission is complete.

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout
Found in level

These weapons can be found with and without attachments.



  • It is odd that one player must reach an extraction point, as there are many areas in the level where the helicopter could simply land to extract the player. It also appears to be more dangerous to move to the new LZ on top of the restaurant while providing fire support for the soldier on the ground than staying where the mission begins.
  • If the player aims the Vulcan Minigun down, they do not appear to have any hands, and the Minigun can move by itself.
  • When the player who is being escorted reaches the restaurant roof, ready to be evacuated, the player can see that the second player who is using the minigun appears to be standing, with his lower body going through the floor of the Black Hawk. This was probably because Infinity Ward never intended the player to see themselves use the minigun in 3rd person (it was possibly only intended that the player would use the minigun only in "Of Their Own Accord").
  • The Chopper Gunner in Call of Duty: Black Ops is used similarly.
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