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Sergeant Bill Taylor was an American soldier who fought in World War II. Taylor is the main protagonist of the Call of Duty 2 American Campaign.


Taylor was a Corporal in Dog Company, part of the American 2nd Ranger Battalion landed on the Normandy Coast and scaled the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc on D-Day. Cpl. Taylor helped Sgt. Randall and his fellow squadmates survive the Battle of Normandy and fight German "Heer" Army Troops of the 352nd Infantry Division. Until they received reinforcements from surviving members of the 5th Ranger Battalion from Omaha Beach. After the Battle of Normandy, Taylor and his squad were ordered to clear a town at the foot of Hill 400 at Bergstein. The next mission is to attack the hill, where the player must clear the bunkers full of Germans. In the next mission, Taylor and other Rangers are ordered to defend the bunker near the top of Hill 400 where they were heavily barraged by German infantry and artillery which killed Pvt. Braeburn and were attacked by two waves of German Forces. After heavy fighting, American P-51 Mustangs helped them by bombing the German's and their Tiger Tanks, who then the surviving German troops retreated. At the end of the campaign, the 2nd Ranger Battalion reached the Rhine River. After the battle in the Rhine, Colonel Blake appears and asks Sgt. Randall whether he would like to be a Lieutenant. However, Randall points out that the company would be short of a Sergeant and suggests that Corporal Taylor should take his place.



  1. The playable character Bill Taylor is partially based on the American Hero Leonard Lomell
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