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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
For the multiplayer map, see Bio Lab (Map).

"Sentinel has uncovered the location of the Manticore facility, hidden in a forest in Bulgaria. Infiltrate the facility and neutralize the weapon."
— Level Description

Bio Lab is the tenth mission in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Following Gideon's defection to the Sentinel Task Force, he reveals Atlas' bio-lab within Strandja, Bulgaria. After Mitchell and Gideon regroup with Cormack and Knox, the group is tasked with infiltrating the eponymous bio-lab.


Gideon and Mitchell deploy to Strandja, Bulgaria and discuss Irons' betrayal until their Razorback is knocked down by an EMP, forcing them to crash land in a forest. Mitchell loses consciousness momentarily before flashing to running with Gideon as the pair struggle to escape from a persistent helicopter sniper. After crossing a creek, the duo are cornered by the sniper, forcing Mitchell to use his exoskeleton's cloak until the chopper leaves.

Gideon and Mitchell evade several soldiers and eliminate a few, with Mitchell and Gideon picking up unsilenced HBRa3s. They evade several ASTs and troops until a vehicle with an anti-cloak scanner (a seeker) appears, where they barely avoid it. They then reach Cormack and Knox, who are waiting at a cliff overlooking the facility. The four Sentinels rappel down, revealing the holographic ceiling used to shield the facility from view.

After shooting their way inside, the Sentinels recover vital information on Manticore as well as Atlas' plans and destroy the evidence, causing a security breach and alerting both scientists and soldiers to their presence. The Sentinels eventually fight their way to a courtyard and encounter ASTs, with Mitchell taking them down. The group finally rallies to an experimental tank.

Mitchell pilots it and decimates infantry and armor alike until they reach the rendezvous point, where Gideon destroys the tank as they make their escape.



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  1. Right as you gain control of your character inside a rickety wooden shack, turn around and look left of the entrance-way.
  2. Complete the upload in the facility before moving on to a series of rooms with a scientific fixture in the center. The path splits left and right — enter the room on the right and turn left to find the intel on a cabinet near the interior center windows.
  3. Moving upstairs toward the hangar, you’ll run past a tree on your left and enter a room with red emergency lights and a locked room behind glass on your right. Smash the glass to jump inside and look on a shelf in the back.
"In order for a butterfly to be born, a caterpillar must die. At a certain point, imaginal cells are triggered in the caterpillar's DNA, and these cells remain dormant but once activated they suddenly behave like a cancer, aggressively attacking the healthy cells. The cancer cells grow and the caterpillar is eventually destroyed, but the cancerous cells become the basis of a new life form, a butterfly; and so, the cycle continues. So cruel, yet so beautiful. Our greatest advances can equally lead to our destruction. Manticore is the fork in the road. One path leads to death, a weapon more powerful than anything before it. And the other, to life, the regeneration of human cells. The conquest of death itself. Immortality."
Jonathan Irons


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  • In the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reveal trailer, the setting was day rather than night.
  • In the beginning, Gideon says "five ASTs". He says this in all versions, although in the last gen version, there are only three ASTs.
  • When Mitchell retrieves his first gun, the Atlas soldier is wielding a Bal-27 or an IMR but when he takes it, it turns into a HBRa3.
  • Knox's HBRa3 will be equipped with an ACOG Scope as Gideon and Cormack's rifles will have a Hybrid Sight.
  • Gideon does not pick up the suppressed HBRa3 near the suppressed KF5 and the bag of supplies, he instead is given one after roping down the cliff.
  • Atlas Hazmat operatives will be given KVA weaponry; this is likely to due to the fact that they are the exact same hazmat NPCs that were KVA soldiers in disguise in the mission Aftermath.