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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


A video of the Manticore intel they recovered from Antarctica is shown as Knox narrates to Cormack what they're seeing.

Knox: This is Manticore. A biological agent designed to target specific genotypes. If your DNA signature isn't in the Atlas database, you're dead.

It then shows a Manticore sample with an Atlas soldier on the left and a Sentinel soldier on the right. It shows that the Atlas soldier's DNA is in the database while the Sentinel's isn't, thus showing the Atlas soldier with a status of immune while the Sentinel is dead.

Cormack: So he could drop this in the middle of a battle. His troops live - ours die.

Knox: That's right - contact with even a single spore is fatal. Chem suits are useless.

The camera then looks down from the screen to Knox and Cormack as Mitchell slowly walks in.

Cormack: Is it operational?

Knox: Unknown - but because he produced this sample, he could already be manufacturing at an industrial scale.

Cormack: If he is, we need to know the where and the how - it's the only way we bring Irons down.

Knox then puts up a map of the world with Atlas factories labeled.

Knox: Problem is, Atlas has dozens of site capable of mass production. By the time we put the pieces together...

Knox is then cut off by Mitchell.

Mitchell: Gideon has the location.

Cormack then turns around towards Mitchell.

Cormack: Are you sure he can be trusted?

Mitchell: This mission doesn't happen without him. What other choice do we have?

Cormack then looks back at the map as the scene changes to Gideon' and Mitchell's VTOL flying over a Bulgarian forest.

Gideon: The target is a former lumber factory in Bulgaria.

The scene then goes into the VTOL.

Gideon: We'll converge on the rendezvous point and link up with Cormack and his team.

Pilot: Three minutes to target.

Gideon: You were right about Irons. Just took me a while to figure it out.

Mitchell: Better late then never right? If it weren't for you we'd still be stumbling around in the dark.

Gideon: Just like old times, huh?

Mitchell nods as they get ready. Suddenly, an alarm goes off. Gideon gets up and holds onto a rail above him. An Atlas EMP hits their VTOL as they start to spin out of control.

Pilot: Kingpin, this is Viper five-three, we're hit! Atlas EMP!

Gideon: Fuck! Exo's failing!

Pilot: We've been hit! Cannot hold! Prepare for impact!

Gideon: C'mon! Jump!

Mitchell and Gideon then jump out of the VTOL just before it crashes. The screen then turns black.




APRIL 4, 2060 - 0300 HRS




Sniper shots can be heard as the screen then goes to Mitchell and Gideon running on foot.

Gideon: They're on us! Leg it!

Mitchell and Gideon continues running on foot and get to the hut.

Gideon: Don't let that sniper dial us in!

They went into the hut, the sniper shoots, Gideon ducks. They run out.

Gideon and Mitchell ran on the hill, jumping across a wooden fence, then they went into a river, swimming fast as they can.

Gideon: Exo's still rebooting!

As they went on land, they ran to a big wall, with twigs for climbing. Gideon was on the top, while Mitchell was still climbing.

Mitchell grabbed a twig, while still climbing it snapped.

Gideon: Hold on!

Mitchell trying to grab another twig.

Gideon: Come on!

Their Exo suits was rebooted.

Gideon: Exo's up! Cloak!

Gideon Cloaks.

Mitchell taps on his pad, activating his cloak. The chopper would shine light at Mitchell's position, then it leaves.

Mitchell grabs the branch, then finally climbs up to the top, with Gideon.

Gideon: Chopper's movin' off. We're good to go.

Gideon: Sync your visor to my signature.

Gideon: Move slow near hostiles. Don't let them hear you.

Gideon spots an Atlas Drone heading towards him and Mitchell.

Gideon: DRONE! Don't move!

The Atlas Drone scans for any movement.

Gideon: Easy... Easy...

The Atlas Drone hears movement, but it only spots a Buck and it runs away.

The Atlas Drone finally moves away.

Gideon: Let's go.

Gideon: Watch your energy cells. Moving will drain them out.

A two-man patrol is seen approaching.

Gideon: Patrol approaching. Take the one in the front.

Atlas Radio: Victor Zero-Seven, what's your approach?

Mitchell tries to move to the patrol.

Gideon: Slowly now...

Atlas Soldier: This is Victor Seven. We're at Quebec Six, over.

Atlas Radio: We picked up three dead at the crash site, possibly two more on the run.

Atlas Soldier: No sign of them here. Can't see shit through these trees. We need to get a Seeker out here with thermal.

Atlas Radio: Hold your position and wait for the Seeker.

Atlas Soldier: Copy that.

Gideon: Take 'em out.

Mitchell & Gideon kill the two soldiers and both take their unsuppressed HBRa3s.

Gideon: These are unsuppressed. Only fire as a last resort. Let's keep a lid on things.

Gideon: Kingpin, this is Sentinel Two-One. Our helo smoked in hard. We're in E&E mode, in need of immediate exfil.

Kingpin: Negative Sentinel Two-One. Try to effect linkup with Sentinel Two-Three.

Gideon: Copy. Fuckin' hell...

Gideon: Too much activity. Flank right.

Mitchell & Gideon spot an Atlas Soldier in front of them. Once he stops, Gideon moves up and stabs him.

Gideon: Hold up, charging.

Gideon & Mitchell deactivate their cloak, wait for the energy to charge back up, and reactive their cloak.

Gideon: Cormack and Knox should be at the RV by now. Let's move!

Gideon & Mitchell move up to an Atlas Vehicle with Soldiers.

Gideon: Two in the vehicle. Plant a Mute Charge, we'll take 'em out quietly.

Gideon: Take out the passenger.

Mitchell plants and activate the Mute Charge. He moves up to the passenger, rams him on the open door, sticks him in the path of the door, and slams it on him, neutralizing him. Gideon moves to the driver and punches him hard in the face, neutralizing him as well. Gideon lays him on his seat and he & Mitchell close the doors before the Mute Charge expires.

Gideon: Top job.

Gideon & Mitchell move up across the road and stop inside some cover.

Gideon: Charge your cloak.

Gideon & Mitchell deactivate their cloak, wait for the energy to charge back up, and reactive their cloak a second time.

Gideon: Okay, go!

Gideon & Mitchell keep moving up until Gideon sees an Atlas Convoy approaching.

Gideon: Convoy ahead. Hold up.

Gideon & Mitchell stop behind cover.

Gideon: Charge your cloak.

Gideon & Mitchell deactivate their cloak, wait for the energy to charge back up, and reactive their cloak a third time.

Gideon: This way. Five AST's approaching.

Gideon: Forget about shooting our way past this one...

Gideon: Grab some cover.

Gideon & Mitchell take cover behind a flatbed trailer and wait as the Atlas Soldiers & ASTs walk past them.

Gideon: Keep moving. Almost there.

Gideon & Mitchell move up until they saw an Atlas Truck with a Seeker approaching.

Gideon: Seeker!

Gideon & Mitchell take cover behind some logs.

Gideon: Cloak's useless against it. Avoid the beam.

An Atlas Patrol is also seen approaching.

Gideon: Wait for the patrol to pass.

The Atlas Patrol pass, while the truck still uses the Seeker to detect targets.

Gideon: Okay, go!

Gideon & Mitchell move and take cover behind a large rock, avoiding the beam.

Gideon: Wait, wait...

Gideon: Okay, now!

Gideon & Mitchell quickly move and take cover behind another pile of logs before the beam comes by.

Once clear, Gideon & Mitchell move up and crawl under a log.

Gideon: We're past. Keep moving.

Gideon & Mitchell move up and finally meet up with Cormack & Knox.

Gideon: This is it. Cormack, we're on approach.

Cormack: Copy.

Sentinel deactivate their cloak.

Cormack: You're good?

Gideon: We need an exfil sharpish. Had to drop a few of their guys. There's going to be a riot when they discover the bodies.

Cormack: Mission isn't over yet. Kit up.

Gideon: The mission was over before it began!

Cormack: We're not leaving until we take a look at this place.

Gideon: I don't see a fucking thing.

Cormack: Knox, show 'em.

Knox: Sending you my feed.

Knox shows Mitchell & Gideon a feed of an object with a huge amount of chemical signature.

Knox: Chemical signature boss, and lots of it.

Cormack: They've got something to hide.

Gideon: We've lost the initiative, we should come back another day.

Cormack: There is no other day.

Gideon: This thing goes sideways, it's on you my friend.

Cormack: It's always been on me.

Cormack & Knox hook up and rappel down, while Mitchell gear up some suppressed weapons and grenades left on top.

Mitchell & Gideon hook up.

Gideon: He's a hard bastard, I'll give him that. Let's get it done...

Mitchell & Gideon rappel down.

Knox: Holographic Canopy.

Once on the ground, Mitchell & Gideon move up with Cormack & Knox.

Cormack: Target building up ahead.

Cormack: Two guards by the camara. Mitchell, pick a target.

Mitchell takes out a guard, while the rest got the other guard and sensor.

Knox: Clear.

Sentinel moves up to a door.

Cormack: This is our breach point. Mitchell, get us in.

Mitchell plants and activates another Mute Charge. Gideon plants a breach charge on the door and detonates it. Sentinel moves in and kill all the hostiles in the room before the Mute Charge expires.

Two guards are seen.

Gideon: Two in the hallway.

Cormack: Take 'em out.

The two guards are eliminated.

Gideon: Clear.

Sentinel moves in.

Cormack: Kingpin, we've infiltrated the target building and are proceeding to the server room.

Kingpin: Roger that. We have you up on a strong ISR feed. Stay with the plan.

Cormack: Roger.

Cormack: Hit the stairs.

Knox: Got you cover.

Sentinel locates a door leading to the server room.

Cormack: This is it. Mitchell, your lead.

The door opens and Mitchell takes out the guard in the room.

If Mitchell enters the room before taking out the guard:

Gideon: Never mind...

The guard spots Mitchell, but he or Sentinel takes out the guard.

Knox: Clear.

Gideon: Get on that console.

Mitchell enters the password on the console.

Cormack: Okay boys, rip the room... Drives, Data packs anything interesting. You know the drill.

Mitchell has the console ready for uplink.

Knox: Kingpin, commencing SSE. Uplink to follow.

Kingpin: Standing by to receive package.

Mitchell sends the data found to the console while Cormack tries to access another console.

Knox: Not that one, grandpa. Those two over there.

Cormack goes to the correct console while the upload is finished.

Knox: Bingo. We have the package. Transmitting.

Knox uplinks the data from the console to Kingpin.

Kingpin: Uplink confirmed.

Cormack: Alright, burn it down.

Knox: Thermite out.

Cormack destroys a console while Knox throws the thermite to the servers.

Cormack: There's more to this place than bio-weapons.

Cormack destroys another console.

Cormack: This is gonna take Irons down. [To Mitchell] You're good?

Mitchell nods his head and Cormack destroys Mitchell's console while Knox throws more thermite to another group of servers, burning and destroying all of them.

Kingpin: Package received. Good job. Procced with second target.

Cormack: Copy that. Proceeding to chemical facility.

Knox: On me!

Sentinel groups up on the server door exit.

Kingpin: Two-Three, be advised. We've got enemy pax swarming the target.

Knox: They just activated a sensor net. Our cloak is gonna be useless.

Cormack: Okay, stealth's no longer an option. Watch out for sensors, they'll scramble our exos. Go!

Sentinel engages with Atlas Soldiers as they move through the rooms.

Mitchell destroys a sensor he spotted.

Cormack: Sensor's down.

Sentinel push through the hallway into a large room.

Cormack: Flank left or right! Can't afford to get pinned down!

Sentinel moves up, killing the Atlas Soldiers and destroying/avoiding any sensors they see.

Gideon: Sensor's down. [or] Sensor's out.


Cormack: Sensor's dead.

Atlas Soldiers are seen below them.

Gideon: Contact below us!

If a sensor is seen and not destroyed:

Gideon: Sensor in the corner. Kill it!


Cormack: Eyes on a sensor!

Sentinel moves through another room with more hostiles in it. They come up with a room filled with a lot of canisters.

Cormack: We're here.

Knox: I've got trace toxins on these canisters. This is all Manticore.

Cormack: Mitchell, plant the FRBs! Let's seal this up.

Mitchell plants an FRB on a canister.

Cormack: Everyone out!

Sentinel moves into another room with weapons nearby to switch.

Cormack: Mitchell, hit it!

Mitchell pulls out an FRB Detonator and detonates the FRB.

Cormack: Kingpin, Manticore is secure. Ready for exfil.

Kingpin: Primary LZ is too hot. Sky's full of hostiles. We have established LZ black three klicks to the south east.

Kingpin shows a feed of the south hangar as the target location with a T-740 Hovertank as Sentinel's ride for exfil.

Kingpin: We've ID'd a T-740 in the south hangar. That's your ride.

Cormack: Understood. We're moving.

Gideon: Keeps getting better.

Sentinel moves out and heads to the south hangar, with hostiles waiting for them.

Cormack: Contact!

Sentinel pushes through to the south hangar, where the door opens and an enemy AST emerge.

Gideon: AST!

Cormack: Shit! Draw its fire!

Sentinel kills the AST, and they move to the south hangar door, which is closed.

Cormack: Knox, get this door open!

Knox: Running a bypass! Cover me!

Knox tries to open the door, but he's unable due to a scrambler nearby.

Knox: I'm getting interference from that scrambler up there!

Cormack: That's you Mitchell! Get a jammer on that dish! We'll cover!

Mitchell heads for the scrambler while the rest of Sentinel tries to protect him from Atlas Reinforcements. Once there, Mitchell plants a jammer on the scrambler.

Knox: Signal's clear! Should have this open in a minute.

Cormack: More tangos moving in. Mitchell, Gideon, cover Knox!

Mitchell, Gideon, and Cormack protect Knox from hostiles. Knox eventually got the door open.

Knox: Door's open, let's move!

Cormack: Mitchell, regroup down here!

Cormack: Mitchell, rally up!

Mitchell goes inside the south hangar and Knox closes the door.

Cormack: Vehicle hangar's through here.

Sentinel moves up.

Cormack: Sweep the room.

Sentinel checks the room and locates the Hovertank.

Gideon: Clear.

Cormack: This is our ride. Knox, see if you can get it running.

Knox: Copy that.

Gideon: T-740 -- still only a prototype. Can't be that different from the 600.

Knox: Powering it up.

Knox powers up the T-740 Hovertank.

Cormack: Hands up who knows how to drive this thing.

Gideon: Mitchell and I trained up in the 600's. Those thrusters are new.

Knox: Disengaging.

Knox releases the Hovertank.

Knox: We're charged and fully armed.

Cormack: Kingpin, this is Sentinel Two-Three. Enroute to LZ black. ETA 10 mikes. Request you soften the LZ with fires.

Kingpin: Roger that, Sentinel Two-Three. Bird is in an off-set orbit. Standing by.

Cormack: Alright, everyone in!

Sentinel goes in the Hovertank.

Gideon: All systems check green. Alright Mitchell, just like in training.

Mitchell sits in the driver seat and interacts with the controller.

T-740: Weapon systems online.

Gideon: Move it out, Mitchell.

Mitchell moves the Hovertank out of the hangar, where a large group of enemies are waiting.

Cormack: Through the gate!

Gideon: They're on to us! Fire when ready!

Gideon: Use missiles against infantry.

Mitchell moves up while using a swarm of missiles on hostiles. Enemies are trying to destroy the Hovertank, which has a Trophy System that will deplete overtime. Mitchell passes the gate into the forest.

Gideon: Infantry ahead of us!

Mitchell takes out more infantry waiting. An enemy helicopter and tank approach.

Gideon: Armor approaching!

Cormack: Switch to slugs!

If Mitchell switches and fires EMP rounds at the tank:

Gideon: EMP's useless against those tanks!

Mitchell switches to slug rounds and hits the tank, but is still active.

Gideon: Hit him again!

Mitchell hits the tank again, destroying it.

Gideon: Tanks down!

Kingpin: Sentinel Two-Three, I have a helo heading to a new LZ. ETA two minutes. Coordinates follow: Foxtrot, Whiskey, Zero, Five, Three, Nine, One, Zero.

Cormack: Copy that. Coordinates confirmed.

A group of enemies on a pile of logs fire a barrage of missiles to the Hovertank. Mitchell fires missiles on the enemies.

Gideon: Warbird on our left!

Enemy helicopters appear as well.

Gideon: EMP the choppers!

Mitchell destroys the Warbird.

Gideon: Nice shot.

The Hovertank is taking damage from three more tanks.

Gideon: We're getting beaten up!

Mitchell fires at the tanks, destroying all three of them.

When the Trophy System is at 75 percent:

T-740: Trophy System Net: 75%.

Cormack: VRAP's inbound!

Mitchell destroys the VRAPs and keeps moving to the LZ.

Cormack: Turn left. Across the river.

Mitchell crosses the river, where he takes out more hostiles firing from a building.

Gideon: Tank approaching!

Cormack: The LZ should be over that ridge!

Mitchell destroys the tank and a VRAP.

Gideon: Got him.

Gideon: Warbird incoming!

Mitchell destroys the Warbird.

Gideon: Nice shot.

Mitchell moves to the LZ and takes out more infantry ahead. More tanks and choppers appear.

Cormack: Tanks coming down the road!

Mitchell hits the tank.

Gideon: Hit him again!

Mitchell destroys the tank.

Gideon: Nice shot.

Mitchell clears the area and moves up.

Cormack: More infantry coming in!

Cormack: Up the hill.

Gideon: Fire from the right!

Gideon: LZ is up ahead!

More reinforcements appear. The Hovertank takes more damage.

Gideon: We can't take another hit like that!

Gideon: EMP that Warbird!

Mitchell destroys another tank.

Gideon: Tank's down.

If the Hovertank's Trophy System falls to 50 percent:

T-740: Trophy System at 50%.

If the Hovertank's Trophy System falls to 25 percent:

T-740: Trophy System: 25%.

If the Hovertank's Trophy System falls to 0 percent:

T-740: Trophy System critical.

Gideon: Our trophy system is empty!

More tanks appear. Mitchell destroys the tanks.

Gideon: Nice shot. [or] Got him.

Mitchell almost reaches to the LZ.

Gideon: Get ready to bail out!

Mitchell reaches to the LZ.

Cormack: This is it!

Gideon: Everybody out! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!

Sentinel Pilot: Falcon Two-Two, coming in for a gun run.

The Sentinel Bird fires and arrives at the LZ.

Cormack: That's our bird! Move into PZ posture!

Sentinel Pilot: Standing by to load passengers.

Cormack: Load up! Load up!

Sentinel gets in the Bird.

Cormack: We're up four! We're up!

Sentinel Pilot: Confirm. Four packs on board. Hold on.

The Sentinel Bird lifts off.

Cormack: Shit... we should've scrapped it.

Gideon: One step ahead of you, mate.

Gideon self-destructs the T-740 Hovertank.

Cormack: Nice work, soldier. Once we get this stuff decrypted, Atlas is history.

Sentinel Pilot: Extract complete. Heading home.

Mission fades to black and ends.