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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"Alongside a team of Winslow Accord Cyber Soldiers, infiltrate the NRC airfield in Ethiopia and secure the captured Egyptian Minister for extraction."
— Mission Briefing

"Black Ops" is the first (fifth in Nightmares) level in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.



Level Briefing

Encryption Enabled. Protocol: Oscar

Winslow Accord Black Ops team approved for mission

Mission: Retrieve Egyptian prime minister held in Ethiopia

Team: Classified

Date: 21:00Hrs Oct 27th 2065

Pre-Mission Scrolling Text

Scrolling Text
AAR INCOMING. WA FOB SAFEHOUSE-CHE. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Secondary: Sierra-Delta. LNO WASF: Juliet-Hotel WASF. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT:Classified WACF. SOCWA-C Eyes Only. Encryption #1-8-9-2-TANGO-1-0-2. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Search & Rescue. Target Secured. Mission Status: CLOSED. Oct. 27th '65. At approx. 14:00hrs we received confirmation that HVI Egyptian Minister Said had been located at an NRC airfield in the Ethiopian Simien Mountain Range. Following the NRC's recent defeats in Cairo, SOCWA had reason to believe the Minister was to be made "an example of", in retaliation. Mission Priority was to extract the Minister via an EXFIL drone located outside the principal AO. Airspace window was limited, mission success relied on the hacking of the Site's DEAD systems - We moved in at 21:00Hrs. The operation was coordinated between two teams. Primary was my team - WA Black Cyber Ops Division comprised of Specialists Sebastian Diaz, Sarah Hall and Peter Maretti. Secondary was WASF, led by CO Hendricks and a bunch of new faces. Plan was that my team would keep the NRC occupied while WASF moved to secure the HVI for extraction. Personal disclosure - This operation was my first time working with Hendricks since #61-63-6B-75. He noticed the Scarf on my arm and asked about Rachel, I guess he hadn't heard about our separation. As you no doubt already know, the operation did not go as planned. WASF discovered additional hostages on site, among them Lt. Khalil - captured by the NRC at Lotus Towers and previously assumed KIA. Initially I stuck to protocol and denied Hendricks' request to extract - With our limited window for extraction, I did not believe we had sufficient time to secure both the Minister and the additional hostages. However - after some deliberation, I changed my mind. I made the call to return for the other captives - while Hendricks' team moved to EXFIL. Though the Drone was able to secure the Minister and Khalil - the others were not so lucky. Hendricks' VTOL was forced out of the airspace with his team still on the ground. Though they tried to fight back, they were quickly surrounded and brutally overwhelmed by NRC Bipedal Robots. Most did not survive. I'd like to state for the record - the responsibility for this outcome lies solely with myself. No blame should be apportioned to Hendricks - even though he directly challenged my orders. I was the one who decided to break protocol and return for the other hostages. Even in light of the tragic consequences of my decision, I do believe that trying to save the lives of our allies was indeed the right thing to do. The sole survivor of Hendricks' team was taken to the Zurich facility to undergo emergency lifesaving procedures. After being stabilized, they were quickly identified as a potential candidate for the expansion of the Cyber Ops program, and were fitted with a DNI. Prior to limb replacement surgery and full body augmentation, I personally interfaced to assist with their integration, acclim and training. They had potential. Unfortunately, complications arose during the procedure - They were pronounced dead shortly thereafter.


At the Abu Simbel airport in an air traffic control tower, the Player, Hendricks, and three "Alpha" soldiers create the "mother of all distractions" to get inside the nearby compound to retrieve Minister Said safely. After an NRC plane's runway has been diverted, the Player uses the DEAD to shoot down the plane. The plane nearly lands before being destroyed instantly by the DEAD's directed energy laser and crashes on the runway, hitting the tower. The team, with the exception of the "Alpha" soldiers, go to the compound. After entering the security station, the Player uses the surveillance footage to locate Said. They go to the interrogation room to retrieve him.

After rescuing Said, he mentions Lieutenant Khalil, a hero of the Cairo uprising who should be rescued, though it's against orders. The team does so, and become compromised when they free Khalil. After fighting through the depot, they get into a cargo elevator and become surrounded and outnumbered, but are saved by Taylor's team. The team now moves through several hangars, right before getting to the bridge. Due to many Technicals blocking the path, everybody goes to plan B and blows up the bridge, altering their extraction zone to a new location.

The team nearly surrender to a VTOL, but it's destroyed by Taylor. After the team gets into an alleyway, they hear loud footsteps, which, it turns out, are from the nearby assault robots. The Player, Hendricks, Taylor, Said and Khalil and three Alpha soldiers get into the nearby garage to seek safety. Hendricks wants Taylor to rescue the other hostages they noticed from the security station, and Taylor agrees to have him and his team rescue them while Hendricks' team escapes via the APC.

The team escapes and fights through multiple vehicles, four VTOLs, and many Grunts before reaching the extraction zone. The team arrives, but the APC goes too fast for Hendricks to control, eventually crashing. Fortunately, everyone survives and makes it to the extraction zone. When the VTOL picks up the escape pod, everybody gets aboard except the Player, who is nearly wounded by a missed rocket. The Player doesn't catch Hendricks' hand, leaving him/her there. Then, the remaining Grunts attack the Player, tearing both hands from the wrists and breaking their right leg right before Taylor saves them (before possibly dying), and the Player goes into surgery.


For collectible analysis, see Black Ops (level)/Collectibles.


  • Untouched: Completed the mission without dying
  • Score: Completed the mission with a score of 10,000 or higher.
  • Got 'em: Found all of the collectibles in the mission.
  • Quick On The Trigger: Kill the three guards in the interrogation room before Hendricks does.
  • Turkey Shoot: Kill four enemies in an elevator before they exit.
  • Overburdened: Crush an enemy to death.
  • Wildfire: Set 9 enemies on fire in 7 seconds.
  • Force Multiplier: Kill 5 robots with one explosion.
  • Clear Skies: Shoot down all of the VTOLs.
  • Trail Of Destruction: Destroy 12 ground vehicles.
  • Whites Of Their Eyes: Defend the escape pod using only a pistol.
  • The Unseen Blade: Complete "The Dark Battle" using melee only.[1]
  • Master Of Shadows: Complete "The Dark Battle" without taking any damage.[1]
  • Toasty!: Kill 4 enemies while they are surrounded by fireflies.
  • Truck Stopper: Destroy the 2 technicals guarding the bridge.
  • Phoenix's Nest: Destroy the VTOL in the hangar with a grenade.

Weapon Loadout

Field Ops Kit

Found in level

Found in level


  • All Black Ops soldiers that appear at the beginning and throughout the level are named "Alpha".
  • When playing this level in the Nightmares mode, the thrust jump and slide abilities are available, although they are not usable during regular campaign.
  • When replaying the mission, if the Player is equipped with any outfit, they will be reverted to the Undercover outfit in the final cutscene.
  • The RK5 that Hendricks uses is semi-automatic.
  • The mounted machine gun the player uses is a fully automatic 48 Dredge.
  • In the story trailer, Hendricks's KN-44 is covered in a camo





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  1. 1.0 1.1 "The Dark Fight" is the duel happening when all the lights are shut down.