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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Cutscene #1: Parade[]

Eighteen hours after Wolf, Sipes, and Tee's death. Reyes and Raines are viewing Wolf's video feed.

Reyes: What is Riah?

Raines: Unclear. Helmet cam stopped transmitting. It's been 18 hours, no contact, SetDef's made no demands.

Reyes: Settlement Defense Front doesn't make demands. They planted a flag on our rock. They executed three men and shot down a pilot.

Raines: Our team was sent to secure classified weapons from a closed facility.

Reyes: That facility is a black site, Admiral. Why the hell is SetDef allowed in that airspace?

Raines: By the permission of the Accords, all nations have access to free an un--

Reyes interrupts Raines.

Reyes: Sir, that objective required a full strike force, not a four man team.

Raines: Lieutenant Reyes, I implore you to use diplomacy in this office. Take a different tact.

Reyes: Yes, sir. Who else knows about this?

Raines opens the blinds and looks towards Geneva

Raines: Right now. Joint Strategic Air Command, and you.

Reyes: This is a deliberate act of aggression, Admiral. We should be out there on patrol, not down here throwing confetti.

Raines: The rules of engagement prohibit definitive action under these circumstances.

Reyes: So we stand by with out barrels in the sand and watch a fleet week parade?

Raines: Lieutenant Reyes, make no mistakes. My instincts, which are aligned indelibly with your own, are that we need to engage.

Reyes: Why don't we sir?

Reyes and Raines sit down across from each other

Raynes: They're politicians, Reyes. They'll wipe hell's ass with whatever flag keeps the smokestacks burning. To these men, the idea of mounting an offensive triggers a fresh and unplanned piss. Until there's war, the warriors aren't in charge.

Reyes: But, sir. By the time there's war, it's too late. 'Hesitation is a hole in the head'. You drilled that into us relentlessly in flight school. 'Work the problem, respond'.

Raines: You were always a fast learner, Lieutenant. STRATCOM is well aware of our grievances. At this time, no use of force is being considered on the operational level. These are the laws of war, son.

Reyes begins to stand up

Reyes: Thank you for the briefing, sir.

Petty Officer appears on the monitor

Petty Officer: Admiral Raines. E3N is in position on the roof.

Raines: Thank you, Petty Officer.

Reyes: What is E3N?

Raines: Go take a look for yourself. I think you'll be quite impressed. Dismissed.

Raines dismisses Reyes. Reyes leaves the office and meets with Salter

Salter: How many?

Reyes: Four. KIA.

Salter: Europa?

Reyes and Salter walk down the hall

Reyes: Front was already there. Took out the whole team, looted the site.

Salter: Son of a bitch. This fleet sh...stuff is nonsense. We should be up in our Jackals flying watch.

Reyes: Admiral doesn't disagree.

Salter: Captain Alder know?

Reyes: Negative. Today, Retribution isn't a warship, it's a parade float.

Salter: Whole fleet here in Geneva, doesn't seem right.

Reyes: We do this every year, Salt.

Salter: Well, let's not miss the party.

Reyes: After you, Lieutenant

Salter: Thanks, slick.

Gameplay: Parade[]

Salter: C'mon, we'll take the scenic route.

Salter and Reyes walk through Memorial Hall, Salter runs her hand across the wall of names.

Salter: Not a list you wanna make.

Reyes: Peace to the fallen.

Reyes opens the door to the Memorial Garden.

Salter: Welcome to fleet week.

Jackals fly in formation overhead. Retribution and other warships are flying by, Retribution flies directly overhead.

Salter: There she is. 'Retribution'. Home sweet home.

Reyes: Only been down here a day Salt.

Salter: I prefer the wild black yonder.

Reyes: You and me both.

Parade Announcer: And now, fresh out of sky dock, let's give a big Geneva welcome to the Atlantic! Helmed by Captain Edwin R. Bailey, the Atlantic is responsible for over 22 confirmed takedowns. A warship if there ever was one.

Reyes: Raines mentioned a thing called E3N- Heard of it?

Salter: Negative. Rainman's got all kinds o' tricks up those four star sleeves.

Reyes: He's flying to the ceremony with us. Make sure you don't call him that.

Salter: Never, to his face.

Reyes and Salter walk through a detector.

Salter: Make a hole. This service has its perks. We got a plane to catch.

The Eclipse flies overhead.

Parade Announcer: Coming up, is the UNSA destroyer Eclipse. The Eclipse is a Zulu Class DDX guided missile destroyer built in Saitama, Japan...

A Raven lands ahead.

Reyes: Crowds eating this thing up.

Salter: Public relations, Reyes.

Reyes: It's propaganda, Salt. We lost four men and we're throwing a party.

Salter: Our hands are tied. Take a little R&R today, Reyes. That's an order.

Reyes: You can't give me an order, we're the same rank.

Salter: You got me there, Lieutenant.

A Jackal lands on the adjacent landing pad. Reyes opens the Raven's door. A robot called "Ethan" helps Reyes on board. Salter boards the Raven after Reyes.

Ethan: Lieutenant Reyes.

Salter: What the hell is that?

Reyes: I think we found "E3N".

Ethan: Indeed sir. Petty Officer First Class. E3N. Enhanced Tactical Humanoid. Third revision.

Salter: That's a mouthful.

Ethan: You ain't kidding. Call me Ethan, Ma'am.

Reyes: What are you orders?

Ethan: I'm assigned to Retribution, reporting to Captain Alder.

Salter: You programmed for combat?

Ethan: Thoroughly Ma'am. Born to kill.

Reyes: You look like you can kick some serious ass.

Ethan: Well, now you're just making me blush, sir.

Raines enters the Raven. Ethan tries to help him in but Raines refuses.

Raines: Step aside Ethan, this old goat can still climb.

Ethan: Welcome aboard, Admiral

Raines: Well, now that we're all acquainted, let's get up and away.

Raven-6: Roger, Admiral.

The Raven lifts off.

Raven-6: Six to Red Crown, we’re up.

Red Crown: Roger Six, Crowns will escort you to Vengeance.

Raven-6: Copy. Raven Six to Vengeance, Top Cat is on board. We’re coming to ya.

Vengeance: Copy Six, Vengeance is awaiting your arrival.

The Raven begins flying to the Vengeance.

Reyes: You kept the Ethan project well under the Radar Admiral.

Raines: Captain Alder knew. First troop ready model. Quite remarkable. We're revealing him at the ceremony today.

Ethan: You know I get stage fright, right, sir?

Salter: You get feelings Ethan?

Ethan: I do, Lieutenant. I do. I carry the brain of a human farmer.

Salter: Holy shit. Are you serious?

Ethan: No, ma'am. Not at all.

Cutscene #2: Under Attack[]

Raines: Hahaha. He got you Lieutenant

Salter: Did not.

Reyes: AATIS guns are working overtime today, huh, Admiral?

Raines: Lotta allied traffic. Always vigilant, Lieutenant.

Salter: You familiar with the air intercept systems, Ethan?

Ethan: Earth's iron shield. Major firepower.

Raven-6: Vengeance, this is Raven Six, we're on final approach.

Vengeance: Copy, Six. Vengeance is awaiting your arrival.

An AATIS gun begins moving and aiming at their Raven..

Ethan: Admiral sir.

Raines: What is it Ethan?

Ethan: The AATIS guns. They appear to be tracking our fleet.

The AATIS fires.

Ethan: Incoming.

The Raven is hit. As it starts to spin, the Vengeance also gets hit.

Salter: Pilot's hit!

Reyes: I'll take it!

Reyes and Salter pull the pilot out and try to control the dropship.

Salter: Pull up, pull up!

Reyes: No joy - I can't control her!

As the dropship descends out of control, multiple SDF warships and fighters arrive and start firing on the SATO fleet.

Ethan: SDF destroyers inbound!

Radio Operator: All stations, shots fired at the AATIS control tower, say again, SHOTS FIRED!

A UNSA destroyer crashes into Lake Geneva.

Raines: This is not a drill! Divert and deploy all available assets immediately!

Reyes: Brace for impact!

Salter: Hold on!

The Raven crashes into a building.

Gameplay: Under Attack[]

Reyes wakes up after the crash.

Ethan: Sir?!

Salter: Reyes! Nick!

Reyes: I'm alright!

An SDF Warden flies in and drops off some SDF soldiers. They begin firing on civilians.

Raines: They're shooting civilians.

Salter: Here! Take this!

Salter hands Reyes a Kendall 44. Two SDF soldiers jump onto the Raven, causing it to fall. The soldiers lose their balance. Reyes and Salter take out the two SDF soldiers and jump out of the Raven.

Salter: Get up! We gotta move!

Ethan: Sir, they're firing on innocent people!

Salter: Evacuate this area immediately! All of you! Now!

Reyes: SetDef is using our AATIS guns to shoot down the fleet.

Salter: We have to get to the tower to take back control of the guns.

Reyes goes up the stairs.

Reyes: Moving up, second floor!

Ethan: Rog'!

Salter: On you, Reyes. I'll cover.

Reyes and Salter take the enemies upstairs by surprise. They clear out the enemies

Salter: Clear!

Ethan: All clear!

Raines: Scramble your fighters Lieutenants.

Reyes: Affirmative. All SCARs, this is 1-1, do you read?

Ethan: Communications must have been hit.

They exit the building. Several Wardens fly by.

Ethan: SDF's breaking for the tower!

Reyes: They're landing troops.

Raines: We need that AATIS back, under our control. That's all that matters now.

Salter: Guns ain't ­­c­uttin' it.

Reyes: We need anti-personnel weapons!

Reyes opens a gate. Salter hands him some frag grenades.

Salter: Here! I got frags off the transport!

Reyes: Good call!

A Warden drops off some soldiers, who start shooting civilians. Reyes, Salter, Ethan, and Raines take them out, as well as the soldiers that rush towards them to respond. The move up. A Warden with a manned turret begins shooting civilians.

Salter: Airship! Take cover!

Ethan: It's targeting civilians!

Salter: This is horrible!

Raines: Hit that gunner! Get to shelter!

Salter: Go! Run!

Reyes takes out the gunner.

Ethan: They're deploying reinforcements!

Reyes: Cut 'em down!

They eliminate all the enemies in the area and move through a café.

Reyes: We should be getting close to the tower now.

Salter: Civilians are everywhere! Check fire!

Ethan: Why are they targeting our civilians?

Reyes: I don't know, Ethan. Our AATIS guns are still firing on our fleet! Only way to save this city is to get inside the AATIS tower.

Another destroyer is shot down by the AATIS guns.

Ethan: Endurance is hit! Watch it!

Endurance crashes into the water. It creates a large wave that brings a yacht onto the road and splashes water on the team.

Ethan: Go right! Go right!

Salter: What's our heading?

Ethan: Up the street!

Reyes: Open fire!

They kill some enemies and move up some stairs.

Ethan: Stairs, this way!

An enemy Seeker explodes on a civilian.

Reyes: More targets! Second deck!

Salter: Try and flank them!

Raines: We'll cover you, Reyes!

They clear out all the enemies.

Ethan: No threats!

Reyes: Through here.

If Reyes delays:

Salter: Catch up, Reyes. We need to keep moving.

They exit the rear of a bookstore and reach a dead end.

Reyes: It's a dead end, Ethan.

Ethan: I can get us over the wall sir. This way, Lieutenant.

Ethan scales the wall and pulls Reyes up over the wall. A damaged destroyer descends overhead.

Reyes: That's the Nova...

The Nova crashes somewhere ahead, creating a large explosion. A large dust cloud starts moving towards them.

Salter: Holy shit...

Raines: Take cover!

The dust cloud reaches them, blacking out Reyes' vision for a few seconds. The group coughs. Car alarms go off.

Reyes: Group up! Stay close!

Salter: Keep moving to the tower!

Raines: Ethan? Take point. Lead us out.

Ethan: Aye, sir.

Ethan leads the group through the street.

Ethan: Civilians up ahead.

Raines: Hold your fire.

A civilian stumbles and falls. Ethan helps him up.

Ethan: You okay, sir? Get yourself to safety.

A woman walks through the street dazed.

Ethan: Get off the street, stay indoors.

The woman yelps in surprise at Ethan.

Ethan: Left, up the stairs.

They move left. Objects crashing can be heard.

Reyes: You hearing that?

Salter: Something's incoming.

More objects crash.

Reyes: They're getting closer.

A drop pod lands right in front of Reyes. A C6 comes out and tries to attack Reyes but he quickly takes it out by stabbing it in the back.

Ethan: Heads up!

Reyes: Uhh!

Salter: Reyes!

Ethan: More of them!

The group takes out the remaining C6s that came from the pod.

Ethan: Comms are still down sir.

Salter: AATIS tower's dead ahead.

Raines: We're getting close.

More drop pods land in the courtyard ahead.

Ethan: C6's dropping in!.

Salter: Get guns on em!

Reyes: Use grenades on the bots!

Reyes: Push through!

They destroy all the C6s.

Reyes: Salter, take us out.

Salter: Rog, this way!

Ethan: Threats dead ahead!

A Warden begins firing down the street. It flies away after shooting for a bit. The group clears the street of soldiers and C6s.

Ethan: Why are they attacking us, sir?

Raines: SetDef's been trying to take control for years, Ethan.

Salter: They knew our whole fleet was here.

They come to a restaurant. Screaming and gunshots are heard inside.

Ethan: There's movement inside.

Salter: Reyes, pie that door, I'll clear in behind you.

(If you wait to open the door)

Salter: On you, Reyes.

Reyes opens the door and spots an SDF soldier preparing to execute hostages.

SDF Soldier: Him first. Shut her up!

Reyes kills the soldier. They breach the restaurant and clear all the enemies inside.

Salter: Let's get out there.

A drop pod lands outside and C6s start firing at the restaurant. Ethan blocks the window with a table.

Salter: Bots!!

Ethan: Sir, take this.

Ethan hands Reyes hacking devices.

Reyes: What is it?!

Ethan: Hacking module. You can hijack a bot's view.

If Reyes delays:

Ethan: Go for it Lieutenant. Hack it!

Reyes hacks into a C6.

Reyes: Okay, I'm in!

Ethan: Now control the bot to attack. Quickly Lieutenant!

Reyes uses the bot to destroy all the other C6s.

Raines: Good work, Lieutenant!

Reyes: That's good tech!

Ethan: Keep it, sir.

Raines: Let's advance.

Gold Team Leader: All stations! Marines are pinned down! Gold teams cannot advance! We need immediate suppression!

Raines: Eclipse, this is Top Cat, how copy?

Eclipse Captain: 5's Admiral, send traffic.

Raines: I need your airship drawing fire at the tower for ground force cover.

Eclipse Captain: Clear sir. Inbound hot.

Salter: Let's cut through here!

Reyes lifts up a piece of wood blocking a hole. Salter nods at him. Inside the hole are friendly soldiers.

Salter: SATO Forces- Blue! Blue!

UNSA Marine: Friendlies! Hold your fire!

The group enters the hole.

Raines: Lt. Reyes, get your Jackal in the air for support.

Reyes: Roger that sir.

Inside, wounded Marines pulled out and treated.

Reyes: Retribution, this is 1-1.

Gator: Go for Ret 1-1.

Reyes: Gator, I need SCAR-3 airborne for interdiction, call for fire to follow.

Gator: Copy Lt. Time to target, 1 Mike.

Raines: Top Cat to Gold - air is inbound for suppression. Once they engage, we're takin' this hill!

Gold Team Leader: Roger, Top Cat! Golds are in place!

The group and the Marines begin pushing towards the AATIS Tower.

Raines: Eclipse, go weapons free!

Reyes points towards the tower.

Reyes: Let's get to the tower - Go, go, go!

Eclipse flies in and starts attacking the SDF destroyers around the tower.

Salter: Tear out!

Raines: Move - Hustle!

Enemy drop pods fall from the sky. One causes a piece of a crashed Raven to tumble towards the group.

Ethan: Enemy drop pods! Admiral, watch it!

Raines: Good eye Ethan!

SCAR 3-1: This is 3-1, waitin' for your mark.

The Jackal targeting system is available for use. Reyes calls for Jackal air support.

Reyes: Request for fire. Target is marked.

SCAR 3-1: Roger. Target acquired, inbound hot.

The Jackal arrives and begins firing on the targets.

SCAR 3-1: Shots out, shots out.

Reyes: Good effect on target, 3-1!

SCAR 3-1: Copy - shaking bandits, buggin' out.

Reyes: Take the hill!

Salter: We're moving up Reyes.

A Warden appears and fires on the USA forces.

Ethan: Enemy transport in the AO!

Salter: It's pinning us down!

Reyes: Can't advance!

Salter: Reyes, we gotta take it out!

Ethan: Sir, the airships' got bots. Use the hacking module!

Reyes uses the hacking module to hack into a C6 in the Warden.

Reyes: Check! Hacking!

Reyes self-destructs the C6. The Warden burns and loses control before exploding.

Ethan: Good kill sir! Target destroyed!

Salter: Solid hack, Reyes!

Reyes: Force up! Tower's at the top of the hill! Gold 2-4, I need you on the left flank! 2-6, take the right!

As they push up, SCAR 3-1 becomes available for air support again.

SCAR 3-1: 3-1, ready for re-attack. | 3-1, in position for gun run. | 3-1 on station. Available for tasking. | This is 3-1, waitin' for your mark.

Reyes marks targets for attack as SCAR 3-1 becomes available.

Reyes: 3-1. Target marked. | Request for fire. Target is marked.

SCAR 3-1: Roger. Inbound for gun run. | Roger. Target acquired, inbound hot.

SCAR 3-1 arrives and starts firing.

SCAR 3-1: Guns, guns, guns! | Shots out, shots out.

SCAR 3-1 finishes their attack.

Reyes: Good hits, 3-1!

SCAR 3-1: Copy. Disengaging. | Copy - shaking bandits, buggin' out.

If the player doesn’t mark a target:

SCAR 3-1: SCAR-1, there’s too much activity. Need you to mark the target for me. | 3-1, ready for re-attack.

The UNSA forces keep pushing.

Raines: Getting close, stay focused!

Reyes: Gold team - report!

Gold 2-4: 2-4 in position, left side!

Gold 2-6: This is 2-6, we’re in position!

Reyes: Okay, let's take it!

The UNSA forces reach the tower and clear all the enemies outside.

Salter: Clear!

Ethan: All clear!

UNSA Marine: Sir, multiple SDF barricaded inside.

Reyes: Roger - set up a perimeter, SCARs are moving interior.

Reyes, Salter, Ethan, and Raines enter the tower.

Raines: Ethan, patch in to AATIS security, I want eyes in that room.

Ethan: Yes, sir. Streaming to your HUDs, now.

A video appears in the top right corner of the HUD, showing an SDF operative and SDF troops in the control room.

SDF Operator: Ten ships remain. The UNSA fleet is finished. Moving to AATIS system destruct now. Mars aeternum.

The SDF soldiers cheer. Alarms start blaring.

Reyes: We gotta go, now!

Raines: Get us in there, Lieutenant.

Salter: Let's go, Reyes.

PA: Please exit the building. This is not a drill. Repeat, please exit the building. This is not a drill. This area is off limits to non-military personnel.

Reyes and the others prepare to breach the door.

Reyes: Ethan - Go!!

Ethan breaks through the door. The group breaches and eliminates the soldiers while Ethan restrains the operative.

Ethan: Sir, the terminal!

If Reyes delays:

Ethan: Lieutenant! NOW!

Reyes disconnects the terminal from the system, stopping the meltdown.

Cutscene #3: Take to the Sky[]

Reyes: Jackpot. All stations, I say again Jackpot.

Raines: Relieve the bot, take the prisoner into custody. Petty Officer, get that AATIS back up. We still got enemy ships in our airspace.

Marines enter and take custody of the operative.

Ethan: Right away, Admiral.

Salter: SATO Forces are trenched in outside setting up a FOB.

Reyes: Good. Let's get a look at this on of a bitch.

Raines: He'll need medical.

Riah: I need nothing.

Salter: He's got an employee I.D.

Reyes takes his ID and scans it

Salter: That's him.

Reyes: "Michael Aaron Page". Mechanical engineering department, two years.

Salter: SDF sleeper cell.

Riah: That's not my name. That is the moniker of an Earthen fool.

Reyes: What is your name?

Riah stands up.

Riah: Commander Akeel Min Riah, of the Settlement Defense Front.

Raines: The operation on Europa.

Reyes: You started a war.

Riah: And I will finish that war.

Ethan: AATIS guns are moments away from acquiring enemy targets, Admiral.

Raines: Fast work, Ethan. Well done.

Riah: You prolong the inevitable.

Raines: Get him out of here.

Riah: Mars aeternum.

The Marines begin taking Riah away.

Salter: Stand fast, Marines. Give me five minutes with this bastard.

Reyes: Salt.

Salter: So many innocent people, Reyes.

Reyes: Let's get out there and fight for them.

Salter: Roger.

Ethan: We're a go, sir.

Raines: Let's move.

Gameplay: Take to the Sky[]

Reyes: All stations, this is SCAR 1-1, AATIS is back under UNSA control, I say again, we have control of AATIS.

Salter: SetDef's retreating.

Reyes: Raider to Main. Lieutenant Salter and I need birds.

Gator: Aye sir, 3-2 will escort to your position.

Reyes: Solid copy.

SCAR 3-1: Jackals touching down, Lieutenants.

Reyes' and Salter's Jackals arrive and land..

Reyes: That's our ride, Ethan.

Reyes and Ethan board the Jackal.

Raines: Ethan you're with Lieutenant Reyes.

Ethan: Yes sir.

Reyes starts up his Jackal and puts on his helmet.

Reyes: Spark it, Fever.

Salter: Copy.

The Jackals lift off. They see the damage to the city. SDF ships can be seen escaping ahead.

Salter: Look what they did to us, Reyes.

Reyes: Let's go get them, Salt.

Retribution XO: To all available craft. The Retribution is in pursuit but we are losing ground. We need to leave atmosphere now.

Salter: One-Two, copy. Let's go get them.

Eclipse: Retribution, this is the Eclipse. Trailing your starboard.

Reyes: SCARs fold in, we're going upstairs.

Reyes primes his Jackal's boosters.

Retribution: Pitching 90 for horizontal thrust. All ahead full.

Reyes: Go flight.

The UNSA ships and SCARs begin boosting into space.

Reyes: 1-1, good throttle.

Salter: 1-2, good throttle.

Retribution: Nominal gains. Going through fifty-thousand.

Reyes and the other ships break the atmosphere.

Retribution: Atmospheric drag acceptable. Standby for re-direct.

The Jackals discard their used boosters.

Retribution: Vector 10 hours, 16 minutes. Fire at will, fire at will.

Salter: You got eyes on this, Reyes?

Reyes: Affirmative.

An SDF ship explodes ahead.

Salter: We got incoming!

Reyes: Let's get in there.

Salter: Roger that!

The SCARs boost ahead towards the SDF ships.

Retribution AIC: All SCARs, engage the next destroyer!

A missile warning appears.

Salter: Incoming missiles! Flares! Flares! | Warheads inbound! Deploying flares!

Skelters are launched to defend the SDF ships.

Salter: They're launching Skelters!

Ethan: Lock on to a target, sir.

After destroying the first Skelter, an SDF ship gets destroyed.

Ethan: Good kill.

After destroying a second Skelter, a second ship explodes.

Ethan: Target destroyed.

After destroying another Skelter, another ship goes up.

Ethan: Good effect on target.

Reyes shoots down another Skelter.

Ethan: Good thunder, sir!

After taking out another Skelter.

Ethan: Kaboom.

After destroying the third to last Skelter.

Salter: Two more!

After destroying the second to last Skelter.

Salter: Last one, Raider!

All Skelters are eliminated.

Ethan: Sir, one SetDef ship is in the AO still active.

Reyes: All SATO, direct fire on that enemy destroyer!

SCAR: Copy, engaging.

Salter: Use your cannons, Reyes!

Reyes: Air defenses!

Salter: Take them out!

Reyes: Roger that!

The UNSA forces begin tearing into the destroyer.

Salter: Switch to main cannons! Air defenses are offline!

Reyes: Stay on it!

Salter: She's gonna blow!

The SDF destroyer blows up.

SCAR: Splash one!

SCAR: Yeah! Damn!

SCAR: Target down! Nice shooting.

Reyes: Squadron, this is SCAR 1-1. Return to the Retribution. We're RTB.

SCAR 3-4: Copy. 3-4 returning to base.

Salter: Got a visual on Retribution.

SCAR 3-6: 3-6 is RTB.

Salter: Let's fuel up and get after these guys. (Subtitles say "Let's regroup, fuel up and get after these guys.")

Reyes approaches Retribution.

Salter: Let's get back to the Ret.

Reyes approaches the Retribution's runway.

Ethan: We're cleared to land, sir.

SCAR 2-2: I'm getting some abnormal readings.

SCAR 2-1: Same. Checking static pressure.

Suddenly a massive SDF ship, the Olympus Mons, jumps in, damaging Reyes' Jackal.

Salter: Holy shit! What is that?!

Reyes: SCARs, concentrate all fire on that supercarrier!

The Olympus Mons fires its massive F-SpAr cannon at a UNSA destroyer, instantly obliterating it.

SCAR: Oh shit!

SCAR: 3-6 is hit! 3-6 is down!

Reyes: Rog'. Ethan, you fly, I'll shoot.

Ethan: Aye, sir.

Salter: Raider, I'll target the bridge- you keep those turrets occupied.

The Olympus Mons fires its F-SpAr again, taking out another destroyer. A video feed of Admiral Kotch appears

Admiral Kotch: This is Admiral Salen Kotch of the Olympus Mons. You are defeated. Death is no disgrace.

Another destroyer is destroyed by the Olympus. Reyes and Salter fly right above Olympus to attack it. Missiles lock on to them.

Salter: Deploy countermeasures, Raider!

Reyes: Flares out!

Reyes starts taking out the Olympus' turrets while Salter targets the bridge.

Salter: Hit those turrets! Good lock on the bridge! Fox one! Come on! Come on!

Another ship is destroyed.

Ethan: No effect on target!

Salter: What's this thing made of?! Swingin' around for second shot!

Reyes: Stay with her, Ethan.

More missiles are fired at Reyes.

Ethan: We're marked, sir. Decoy with flares!

Reyes: Countermeasures out! Target the cannon, 1-2!

Salter: Impact! No effect!

Gator: All stations, target has not be reduced.

One more ship is taken out.

Ethan: Half our fleet is offline.

Reyes: Retribution, retreat, retreat!

Gator: Retribution is moving to intercept course for tactical collision.

Ethan: They're ramming it.

Reyes: Do not execute collision!

Gator: Captain's orders, 1-1!

The Retribution rams the Olympus Mons.

Salter: No!!

Ethan: Flak!

Salter: Evade, evade!

Reyes and Salter desperately try to avoid the debris.

Gator: This is Retribution, multiple casualties aboard!

Reyes: All stations, Retribution's in trouble. Focus fire on that supercarrier.

Ferran: Tigris is engaging. All SCARs, danger close.

Salter: They're retreating!

Reyes: Stay on it!

The Olympus Mons jumps away.

Salter: They jumped!

Ferran: All stations, be advised, enemy has withdrawn. AO is clear.

Salter: Olympus battered our fleet, Reyes.

Reyes: Lets get back to base. Just get to Ret. Guide us in.

Salter: Copy.

Reyes prepares to land on the Retribution

Salter: Retribution, SCAR-1 requesting permission to land.

ATC Mini Boss: Copy. You're clear to land. Runway 2-Lima.

Reyes: Roger, 2-Lima. Coming in now.

ATC Mini Boss: Hold for lock. Stand by.

Reyes lands on the Retribution. A drone latches to his Jackal to slow it down.

ATC Mini Boss: Good locks. We'll take it from here.

Reyes: Charlie, Delta, copy.

The Jackals are recovered by Retribution.

Reyes: 1-1 to Retribution, what the hell happened, Gator?

Gator: *coughs* Multiple casualties from crash maneuver, sir. I need a stretcher over here! Lieutenant Reyes, we need you up here, right away. Bridge out.

Reyes: You copying this, Salt?

Salter: Yeah.

Retribution: Aftermath[]

Salter: Got some major SNAFU's here, Reyes.

"Clamp 2 Failure" is shown in the HUD. An explosion occurs, throwing some debris onto Reyes' canopy, cracking it.

Reyes: Salt, you good?

Salter: Affirmative, you?

Reyes: Still here, Ethan?

Ethan: Outstanding, sir.

Salter: Gibson, get us outta here!

Gibson: Trying, 1-2, lines are snagged. Alright, you should have air now, Lieutenants.

Reyes: Check.

Reyes takes his helmet off. Reyes' canopy malfunctions.

Gibson: We gotcha, sir.

Gibson uses a prybar to force Reyes' canopy open.

Gibson: Damn good to see you, Lieutenant Reyes. Kloos, help him out. Get that jack to a service bay, pronto.

Kloos: Yes Ma'am.

Kloos helps Reyes out of the Jackal.

Kloos: Got an overdose of trouble here, sir.

Salter: Petty officer first class Ethan, this is Gibson, Ret's Air boss.

Gibson: Welcome to the Retribution. Or what's left of it.

The four of them start walking to the elevator. In the hangar bay, crew are putting out fires and treating wounded.

Salter: What was Alder thinking?

Gibson: Strategic maneuvers are above my pay grade, Lieutenant.

Salter: Alert the bridge, tell 'em we're coming up to see Captain Alder.

Gibson: Bridge has been locked down since the attack.

Reyes: Ethan, you're with Gibson, do as she says.

Ethan: Roger that.

Reyes and Salter enter the elevator.

Salter: What's the count, Boss? How many made it back?

Gibson: SCAR-2s are in the net. After that... You're it.

Salter: Son of a bitch!

The elevator closes and starts ascending to the bridge deck. As the elevator ascends, chaos is seen on the other levels.

Salter: Look at this. We need face time with the Captain.

Reyes: Yeah, we don't sacrifice our crew when we're overrun.

The elevator reaches the bridge deck.

Salter: Let's get to the bridge.

Several wounded Marines and crew members are being treated.

Corpsman: Get me an IV push now!

Crewman 1: Miller, pass me the morphine.

Crewman 2: We're out.

Crewman 1: Shit!

Crewman 3: They got us, man.

Kashima: I should've grabbed him... I could've...

Corpsman: Keep your eyes open okay? Do not close your eyes, you hear me?

If Reyes walks up to where the crew is being treated:

Brooks: Not much of a parade now, huh, Lieutenant? Word is, you and SCAR team stitched them up pretty good out there.

Reyes walks towards the bridge.

Reyes: Captain protects his men, Salt. He should've pulled back.

The bridge door is blocked by a server rack that fell over.

Salter: Bridge entry's blocked. We need to clear it.

Reyes and Salter start trying to lift the rack.

Reyes: Let's do it.

They try to lift it but are unable to.

Omar: I'll help you, Lieutenants.

Salter: Staff Sergeant Omar.

Omar: No easy call your Captain made.

Reyes: Cost us some good men. Didn't have to happen- not like that.

Together they managed to lift the rack back up.

Omar: All due respect, Lieutenant. The Captain did his duty. He drove the enemy into retreat.

Reyes: Captain's duty is to get his men home alive, Staff Sergeant.

Omar: Not always lieutenant. Not always.

They enter the bridge.

Boats: Make way for the Captain!

Salter: Where is he Boats?

Reyes: Where's Captain Alder?

Boats: Right here, sir.

Two crewmen carry a body bag containing Captain Alder out of the bridge.

Reyes: Gator.

Gator: Captain's dead.

Omar: Went down with his ship.

Salter: XO?

Gator: No longer with us, ma'am.

The Retribution's XO also lies dead in the bridge.

Reyes: All this happened in the crash?

Gator; Yes, sir.

Reyes: So who has the conn, Gator?

Gator: As the highest ranking officer on board.. I believe you do, sir.

Boats: Destroyer Tigris is docking a shuttle to come aboard.

Reyes: Roger that. (To Gator) You spinning radar?

Gator: Still turning, sir.

Reyes: Get Raven transports set for evac. I want our casualties outbound right away. Drop Officer, coordinate with engineering and get us mobile.

Yetide: Roger. Engineer MaCallum's on her way.

Reyes: Staff Sergeant. Can we count on your help?

Omar: You'll have what you need from me, Lieutenant.

Reyes: Salt, you with me?

Salter: Always.

Reyes: Gator, get the Admiral on the line.

Gator: Copy. Comms Officer, STRATCOM, Top Cat Sovereign.

Comms Officer: Roger.

Captain Ferran from Tigris enters the bridge.

Boats: Tigris Captain on deck!

Salter: Captain Ferran.

Ferran: Lieutenant. Who's in charge here?

Gator: Lieutenant Reyes. SCAR Team Leader.

Reyes: Captain. Your ship and crew?

Ferran: Intact.

Comms Officer: Sir, Admiral Raines is on the line.

Reyes: Put him through.

Reyes and Ferran go to the communications screen. Raines appears on the screen.

Raines: Captain Ferran. Ladies, Gentlemen. It's good to see you.

Ferran: Sir.

Raines: Let me make our situation absolutely clear. We are now at war with the Settlement Defense Front. Due to Captain Alder's use of force, the enemy was driven into retreat. At this time, Tigris and Retribution are the only operable ships we have. Our course of action moving forward is to buy Earth time, while we rebuild our fleet.

Ferran: Understood Admiral. Tigris is prepared for tasking.

Raines: Today's attack was not limited to Geneva. SetDef launched a concurrent strike on the Moon Gateway Port. And those cargo terminals receive freight critical to rebuilding our fleet. So your mission is to retake that port. Lt. Reyes- I'm promoting you to the rank of Commander. You are now the acting Captain of Retribution.

Reyes: Roger that, Admiral.

Raines: Keep the enemy away from home. Godspeed, Captains. Top Cat out.

The communication ends.

Salter: We've got no air wing.

Omar: We'll go without it. That's how we do things in the infantry, Lieutenant.

Reyes and Ferran walk towards the docking ports.

Reyes: We'll insert the Marines from Retribution.

Ferran: I'll provide over-watch from Tigris. Let's go to work Captain Reyes. Stay sharp out there. All of you.

Reyes: You too, Captain.

Ferran leaves the Retribution.

Omar: You got some shoes to fill now, Captain.

Reyes: We've got limited boots and guns. Lieutenant Salter and I will deploy with you.

Omar: This is a ground assault. Captain's place is on the bridge.

Reyes: Not this Captain. Not today.

Omar looks back at Salter, then starts leaving the bridge.

Omar: Marines take point. You ride in with us, see how the view changes.

Reyes: Muster on the Well Deck in five, Staff Sergeant.

Omar: Copy.

Reyes: Get us going, Gator. Lunar Gateway.

Gator: Aye, sir. Plotting a course.

Yetide: Will notify when ready, Captain.

Boats: Commander Reyes. Captain Alder's Operations Office is now yours. Be advised, his effects are still in place.

Reyes: Thanks, Boats.

Reyes and Salter enter the Captain's office. Reyes picks up a trophy from the floor and hands it to Salter.

Salter: For the indomitable Captain John Alder.

Reyes: The Captain is dead.

Salter puts the trophy down.

Salter: Long live the Captain. Hey Nick...

Reyes: Yeah?

Salter: You can do this. You're the best we've got.

Reyes: High praise coming from you, Nora.

Salter: You earned it, Raider. I'll give you a moment.

Salter leaves the office.