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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies

"How many years has this been hidden here?"
Marie Fischer on finding the Blade of Barbarossa

The Blade of Barbarossa is the broken blade of Frederick Barbarossa's Sword that appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies. It was recovered by Raven team of the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Program while they were surviving in Berlin, Nazi Germany after escaping from Heligoland.


The Blade of Barbarossa is the Blade and Ricasso of the Sword of Barbarossa, broken apart after his death by his Royal Guard. While it is in an incomplete state, it still houses a large amount of Geistkraft energy that permeates from the blade. It has an entirely unique attack set, being able to deal large amounts of damage in a singular swing or swung in an arc to unleash a Geistkraft wave that entirely gibs standard zombies until Wave 24.


The Blade of Barbarossa is hidden within a golden statue of the Emperor himself, which itself is hidden away within Berlin behind a unique lock that requires three weapons.

  • Perchta, Known as the Dancer's Dagger.
  • Nachtmahr, Known as the Smuggler's Bat.
  • Holda, Known as the Nazi Axe.

With access to all three weapons, they can placed in the respective recesses of a wall by the Church. With all three placed, they require Geistkraft energy to open the path to Barbarossa's Refuge. In order, 20 standard zombies are required to charge Perchta, 10 Gekochts to charge Holda and 10 Pests to charge Nachtmahr. With all three charged, the doorway to the Refuge slowly swings open.

Within the Refuge is the golden statue of Barbarossa with a Grease Gun Weapon Locker and a Resupply Package along with one of the tethers that Peter Straub's Zeppelin is using to stay hovered above. Overloading it with the Wunderbuss will cause the door to shut suddenly, locking the way in and out. However the statues on the walls start to respond to damage, sparking out Geistkraft until they are shot enough, to which they move. All the statues in the recesses need to be moved to face the center of the room, with completion of a wall rewarding a golden statue of a raven.

With all four golden raven statues in hand, they can be placed on the statue of Barbarossa. If done correctly, they will light up green but if incorrectly done, they will light up red before disappearing and reappearing around the grounds of the center of the room. With the correct position and the green confirmation, the blade of the statue will be destroyed, exposing the true Blade of Barbarossa hidden away in it.

The Blade can be placed in a recess by the door to open the path back out.