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"Press L2 to perform an arc attack."
— Description

The Blade of Barbarossa is a piece of Frederick Barbarossa's Sword that appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies. It was recovered by the MFAA team while they were surviving in Berlin, Nazi Germany after escaping from Heligoland.


To get the Blade of Barbarossa, the player must gain access into "Barbarossa's Refuge" within the Church by placing in the three special melee weapons and charging them. The player must now obtain all four raven statues by spinning all the stone statues facing towards to Frederick Barbarossa's statue by interacting with them in a specific pattern depending on the way the statues are facing. Completing this will reward the player four golden raven statues. The player must place the statues in specific places around the base of the statue. Once all four raven statues are placed on the base of Barbarossa's statue where they should be, the raven statues will glow green and the sword piece of Barbarossa's statue will break, revealing the real blade hiding inside the stone sword. If the player inserts them into the wrong position, they will glow red and scatter onto the ground below.

The blade has two functions of use. The first function is as a standard melee weapon, acting as the superior melee weapon in the map in terms of sheer strength and damage. The other function occurs when the player presses the "aim down sights" button whilst holding out the blade, which will send out a circular arc of energy, knocking down and killing zombies.


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