The Blessing of Anubis is a Field Order reward in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is exclusive to the Invasion DLC map Pharaoh. Upon picking up the Care Package containing the reward, the player will be granted every perk for four lives. It can not be picked up if wearing Juggernaut armor, as doing so will only show a message stating "Those who wear armor are not worthy of having my blessing."

Due to the Field Order reward's nature and multiple lives, this Field Order reward works extremely well for streakers due to the inclusion of Deadeye, whereas players with a tendency to die constantly will find little benefit from this Field Order reward. It can also be used to good effect with players using the Support Strike Package, as this will give them ease to rack up multiple kills, and possibly achieve most of the items in their pointstreak chain before they can lose the effect of this Field Order reward. It is strongly advised to not use the Specialist Strike Package on this map, as obtaining the Blessing of Anubis will effectively void the main use of it, although gaining this reward could help players gain whatever remaining perks they could not fit into their Specialist Strike Package in the first place.

With all the Perks in the game, speed, handling, damage, and resistance are increased, and they are almost indefinitely stealthed (if they are using a silenced weapon). However, health and amount of damage they take on the field remains the same, and they can still be killed by environmental hazards, such as getting crushed by heavy objects or falling of cliffs at the edge of the map (they are not even protected from the scarab jars littered around the map). Players must play conservatively in order to keep the reward active as long as possible. Essentially, the effect of this Field Order reward is the same as earning the Specialist Bonus from Modern Warfare 3, rather than Ghosts' Specialist Bonus where the player only recieves 8 points' worth.


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