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"Would anyone mind telling me WHAT that is?"
— Diego Necalli

The Blightfather is a special Zombie in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies mode on the maps IXVoyage of Despair, and Ancient Evil. It also spawns in Zombies locations in the Blackout mode, as well as the Specialist HQ mission for Katsumi "Recon" Kimura.


Blightfathers will not spawn until round 15. Much like catalysts it will spawn from a standard zombie. Unlike catalysts however it can not be killed with normal weapons during its transformation, but a well-timed Nuke power-up can stop the transformation, it is also possible to prevent it from spawning if all the zombies are killed fast enough, before they have a chance to begin the transformation sequence. The Blightfather has a number of attacks including a standard melee, a homing vomit attack, and a ranged grab attack utilizing its tongue capable of pulling a player towards it. The Blightfathers main weak-points are the large sacs on its back and elbows.

The most reliable and easy way to dispatch Blightfathers is using special weapons, taking 10 to 15 melee hits to kill one. One should note however, that its powerful melee attack can deplete the player's armor rather quickly, and mindlessly mashing the melee button would likely to result in down.

Blightfather is also somewhat weak against explosives, and especially Pack-a-Punched Hellion Salvo can dispatch one with few shots.

Much like Brutus, the Blightfather is capable of disabling utilities by vomiting on them, but the vomit can be removed by paying 500 points.