Nelmamoohead Nelmamoohead 13 December 2019

How can Call of Duty 2017 seem fresh?

After the release of Infinite Warfare, many Call of Duty players have started to realize the series has grown stale, despite Infinite Warfare's addition of Combat Rigs, a solid campaign, and several new modes. Here are some of my personal ideas on how Sledgehammer can make Call of Duty 2017 fresh as well as ideas I have heard throughout the community. These are just some of my thoughts(not in any order), so feel free tell me what you think in the comments.

  • 1 1. Boots on the Ground!
  • 2 2. Prequel to Advanced Warfare?
  • 3 3. Replace Old Multiplayer Modes with New Ones!
  • 4 4. Dedicated Servers!
  • 5 5. A Different Co-op Mode Other than Zombies!(With more than 1 map on the disc!)
  • 6 6. Four Player Splitscreen!
  • 7 7. Real Life Weapons!
  • 8 8. A Soundtrack They Actually U…

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Kid With The Baseball Bat Kid With The Baseball Bat 6 August 2017

Top Five Worst Call of Duty Zombies Maps

So after my "Top Five Best Call of Duty Zombies Maps", I wanted to create the antithesis of that blog post and create this one, the "Top Five Worst Call of Duty Zombies Maps". As a reminder, these are just my opinion and I'm not saying yours are wrong. So without further ado let's begin this Top Five.

  • 1 Number Five "Five"
  • 2 Number Four Call of the Dead
  • 3 Number Three Buried
  • 4 Number Two TranZit
  • 5 Number One Nuketown Zombies
  • 6 Dishonorable Mention
    • 6.1 Zetsubou No Shima
  • 7 Conclusion

At number five we have "Five" (haha I did it Ultimate94ninja). Set in the Pentagon, "Five" has the players play as the likes of John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Richard Nixon, and Fidel Castro. With these two things combined, it makes the map sound like a fun little lampoon of th…

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Kid With The Baseball Bat Kid With The Baseball Bat 3 August 2017

Upgraded Bows From Least to Greatest

Today I wanted to discuss the four upgraded Wrath of the Ancients variants in Der Eisendrache from least to greatest. I know this is long overdue, but I doubt being timely matters on this wiki. Please bear in mind too that these are just my opinions, so if your's differ from mine that's fine, I'm not telling you you're wrong, we all have different opinions. So without further ado let's begin.

  • 1 The Fire Bow
  • 2 The Wolf Bow
  • 3 The Void Bow
  • 4 The Storm Bow
  • 5 Conclusion

In my opinion, the Fire Bow is the weakest of the four. Now don't get me wrong I still like this bow and think it's very powerful. It's a great Wonder Weapon that does its job, but like I said it's much weaker compared to the other bows available. To give you an understanding why I feel thi…

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Kid With The Baseball Bat Kid With The Baseball Bat 29 July 2017

Top Five Best Call of Duty Zombies Maps

I'm sure by now most users on this wiki have already created their own blog posts discussing their five favorite zombie maps, but after a huge resurgence of interest for Call of Duty Zombies, I got inspired to make a blog discussing my five favorite zombie maps. So before I begin I wanted to let everyone know that honorable mentions will come last, also I won't be covering easter eggs quests (except for songs), as in the words of Jr rizzo "they don't make or break a map for me". And these are all Treyarch maps. So without further ado let's begin.

  • 1 Number Five Shi No Numa
  • 2 Number Four Moon
  • 3 Number Three Ascension
  • 4 Number Two Der Eisendrache
  • 5 Number One Mob of the Dead
  • 6 Honorable Mentions
    • 6.1 Der Riese/The Giant
    • 6.2 Origins
  • 7 Conclusion

To start off our l…

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Super Gamer Ghost Super Gamer Ghost 30 July 2016

The Problem With Infinite Warfare Hate

Alright so before I begin, I want to make it very clear that I am not "flip-flopping". I know my mindset on Infinite Warfare was much different a few months ago, but recently my outlook on the subject has changed since. I also want everyone to be aware that I'm not saying you should automatically have a positive stance towards the game. If you don't like Infinite Warfare or the direction it's taking then that's fine. I'm just discussing how people have handled their distaste towards it, and why it's quite naive.

So as many of you are aware Infinite Warfare has been viewed very negatively by the "Call of Duty Community", despite the fact it's four months away from launch, and while people don't have to like it they should be more reasonable and m…

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Legos-Rule-15 Legos-Rule-15 12 May 2016

Everything Wrong With IGN's Top 10 CoD Zombies Maps

Hello everyone, Legos here with another blog. As some of you may remember, a little over a month ago I had a blog pointing out every mistake with a CoD related video by WatchMojo. I'd recommend you check out that blog, it's very disappointing how many errors were made.

Anyways, IGN, one of gaming's most highly regarded critics, recently posted a video with their list of the Top 10 Call of Duty Zombies Maps. The video actually has more dislikes than likes right now. I'll say this much before I begin - the mistakes in this video are nearly as atrocious as WatchMojo's. Now, without further ado, let's get right into this.

  • 1 General Errors
  • 2 #10 - #8
  • 3 #7 - #5
  • 4 #4 - #2
  • 5 #1
  • 6 Conclusion

Remember how with WatchMojo's video, they misspelled "TheRelaxingEnd" a…

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Legos-Rule-15 Legos-Rule-15 7 May 2016

Why BF4's Battlepacks are Better than COD's Supply Drops

Hello everyone, Legos here and I'm back with another blog, this time on CoD's supply drop system.

As you probably know, since Advanced Warfare, supply drops have since become a major aspect to the series. And with revenue for Activision being higher than ever as a result, there is little doubt that they will return in Infinite Warfare. Overall, the system isn't the most broken one. There is worse things, but at the same time there are numerous flaws to it.

If you have played Battlefield 4 or Hardline, you probably realize the similarities between their Battlepacks and CoD's Supply Drops. But at the same time, it can be argued that Battlefield 4 executed their system better than Call of Duty.

Today I am going to discuss the major differences between t…

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Super Gamer Ghost Super Gamer Ghost 4 May 2016

Infinite Warfare Backlash

So as many of you may know Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has gained a lot of hatred and backlash from the community. So given all this I've came up with three reasons that I feel has caused the most hate.

  • 1 #1 Infinity Ward
  • 2 #2 It's too sci-fi
  • 3 #3 Future setting
  • 4 Ending

Now I know this may sound unfair, but ever since Ghosts Infinity Ward has received a lot hate from the community. A lot of it was because of how much people dislkied Ghosts. In everyone's eyes and including my own the game was poorly designed and it was just not fun to play. I didn't even play much of it when it was still relevant just because of how much it rubbed me the wrong way. I only got back on it when DLCs were released. This was the case with most people and playlist popul…

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Super Gamer Ghost Super Gamer Ghost 4 May 2016

Top 5 Songs that should've been in Zombies

So a user by the name of Zombiehunter115 made a blog of a few songs he wanted in Zombies, and that inspired this one. If you haven't checked his blog out then I highly suggest you do, but without further ado lets get into this. Quick disclaimer this is not a wishlist blog, it's just a blog of songs I wish Zombies had in the past.

  • 1 Revealtions 2 Menu Theme
  • 2 Revelations
  • 3 White Rabbit
  • 4 Pareidolia 8-bit
  • 5 Sad But True
  • 6 Ending

This wou'ld've been a cool song for the main menu screen of Black Ops 1, 2, or 3's zombies main menu. The song is creepy and would make the mode itself feel more horror based which is what these modes are supposed to be. I don't listen to the song often but I do enjoy it when I do, and do think this song would've been great for z…

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Conqueror of all Zombies Conqueror of all Zombies 24 April 2016

Every Zombies Song Ranked

So it’s been over five years since I last wrote a blog and “best of” list blogs seem to be somewhat popular to make at the moment, so why not hop on the bandwagon? And by bandwagon, I don’t mean copying SGG’s blog post, since I started writing this before he posted his.

Any way, it should be noted that this list only includes the lyrical Easter Eggs written for Nazi Zombies, remixes and remasters excluded. This means that you won’t be seeing Beauty of Annihilation (The Giant Remix), Damned or Nightmare on this list.

  • 1 Coming Home
  • 2 Dead Again
  • 3 Pareidolia
  • 4 We All Fall Down
  • 5 Where Are We Going
  • 6 Dead Flowers
  • 7 Always Running
  • 8 Abracadavre
  • 9 Carrion
  • 10 Lullaby of a Dead Man
  • 11 The One
  • 12 Not Ready to Die
  • 13 Cold Hard Cash
  • 14 Snakeskin Boots
  • 15 Carry On
  • 16 Archangel
  • 17 Beaut…

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