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Playz10011 Playz10011 16 April

Characters (test)

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CommanderVain CommanderVain 16 February

Season Two of MWIII

Here's a quick rundown of everything in Season Two of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

Various different events have, and will be releasing throughout the Season.

  1. Horde Hunt: Horde Hunt brings Zombies into Multiplayer and Warzone. Each week, a new HVT is added. Kill the Armored Zombies, Hellhounds and Mimics and obtain fun new rewards.
  2. Year of the Dragon: Our sixth XP event featuring fun Year of the Dragon: Chinese Lunar New Year rewards.
  3. Cryptid Bootcamp: Eight challenges for both Multiplayer and MWZ. Completing all eight challenges rewards YOU a blueprint for the Siderwinder.
  4. The Walking Dead: Fear the Living: Our seventh XP event will begin on February 28th.
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Blankgaming Blankgaming 7 February


|-|Zombies Completionist=

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TheLoudHouseGranTurismoFan6528 TheLoudHouseGranTurismoFan6528 29 November 2023

The advantages and disadvantages of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

This is a page about Advantages and Disadvantages of my Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

  • 1 Things I like the game
    • 1.1 In Campaign
    • 1.2 In Multiplayer
    • 1.3 In Exo Survival
    • 1.4 In Exo Zombies
  • 2 Things that I don't like the game
    • 2.1 In Campaign
    • 2.2 In Multiplayer
    • 2.3 In Exo Survival
    • 2.4 In Exo Zombies

  • The gameplay is in next-gen style.
  • The combat in the game is in new-gen style.

Same as Campaign, except 2 new things are added:

  • The Scorestreaks in the game are useful.
  • The Exos in the game are also useful.
  • The Perks in the game are also useful.

Same as both Campaign and Multiplayer, except only one thing is removed:

  • The Scorestreaks in the game are useful.

and only one new thing is added:

  • The gameplay is in style of Free-for-all.


  • Real life factions, such a…

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RisingSun2013 RisingSun2013 21 October 2023

My 10 Year Anniversary on Wikia (Fandom)

Well, it's hard to believe, but I've officially been here for 10 years (if you count the years I've been gone). That's not even counting the time prior I spent reading up on things on the wiki and just generally using it.

Back in March when I came back, I didn't expect I'd stick around and keep editing, but here I am. I decided I wanted to get back to helping some; I've found myself using the info here in the past year, something I hadn't really done for years, and it made me want to contribute again.

If the wiki hadn't still been being edited and kept up-to-date by you all I might not have come back. So thank you to all those, old and new, who have helped keep the wiki in shape. Cheers!

P.S. anyone know what happened to the "R" template for …

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CommanderVain CommanderVain 16 September 2023

Middle of September 2023 Update

And we are back for the bimonthly discussion post. I dunno if y'all like these but I'm doing them.

  • 1 Most Posts
  • 2 Nitty Gritty
    • 2.1 Vandalism
    • 2.2 Bans
    • 2.3 Featured Pages
    • 2.4 Ending

As usual, we'll start off with who had the most posts for the past 30 days.

Real hip hop 2 - 84

LarsLuigiLars - 64

Droidtrifigher99 - 42

Ok, now into the nitty gritty of what's gone on this month:

We've had to protect a page from vandalism since the last post. That being the Nicki Minaj page. If any of you have an issue with stuff featured in Call of Duty, putting it down on the wiki will result in an instant revert and may result in a ban. Wouldn't recommend.

This ties into my next point of bans. We had to recently block a few editors for minor offenses and one user who had been here…

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UPBoss UPBoss 15 September 2023

Breaking down the MWII Attachments

Breaking down the attachments of Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 into more specific descriptions.

Idk if anyone will actually need this, but whatever.

  • 1 Muzzle attachments
  • 2 Barrel attachments
  • 3 Laser attachments
  • 4 Underbarrel attachments
  • 5 Ammunition attachments
  • 6 Magazine attachments
  • 7 Stock attachments
  • 8 Rear Grip attachments
  • 9 Trigger/Bolt attachments

  • Light Suppressor: Your basic suppressor, suppresses gun noise and buffs recoil smoothness at the cost of range. (Example: Echoline GS-X)
  • Medium Suppressor: A special ops suppressor that also increases range and velocity, but reduces ADS speed and stability. (Example: Echoless-80, Nilsound 90, XTEN RR-40)
  • Heavy Suppressor: Big, heavy suppressors that further reduce handling and stability, but buff recoil smoo…

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RisingSun2013 RisingSun2013 11 March 2023

I Live!

Hello and thank you for coming. I'm RisingSun2013, an editor on here for about 3 years (or almost TEN if you count the time I've been gone), and I would first like to start by saying holy cow things have changed here since I've been gone, like really where do I even find the regular Wiki Activity tab that used to be at the top? I can hardly navigate round here wow. Anyway, I just wanted to give you all that care a bit of an update on me. Please excuse me if I do something wrong as it's been apparently like 6 years since I've been here.

Here's the basics:

  • I started an unpopular YouTube channel a few years back which I hope I don't get in trouble for mentioning 'cause I don't remember if we can even mention them or not. Don't worry though, I wo…

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T-Raycroft T-Raycroft 10 May 2022

Ranking the rest of the Extinction weapons

Point of Contact features a slew of weapons that were one-and-done. Nightfall and Mayday introduced some new weapons, but not too many, and then Awakening brought some new ones that Exodus also uses. I may as well group all of these new weapons together and rank them individually!

Even though I am ranking weapons from four DLC maps, I'm not ranking the ones that also appeared in Point of Contact, so this list is actually even smaller than the Point of Contact ranking list.

  • 1 Dead last
  • 2 "Semi-automatic rifle"
  • 3 The rest of the marksman rifles
  • 4 Silent peashooter
  • 5 Ripped apart
  • 6 Space boolet
  • 7 RM-22
  • 8 The hefty Spaniard
  • 9 No cases?
  • 10 #1
  • 11 The end

Rock bottom for me is the Tac-12. Weird to say that because I have an irrational fondness for the FP6, but the Tac-1…

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Diego Esquivel Diego Esquivel 28 April 2022

Theory of why the HVI is dead during the final part of "Exodus".

Alright guys. Let's face off first. I decided to make two theories about the HVI during the end section of "Exodus" in Modern Warfare 2. This as I said, is are THEORIES, not actual true informations.

next to his right hand, implying an apparent murder-suicide or being killed trying to defend himself from the enemy.]]


When Overlord says to Hunter 2-1 unit to go to Brookmere Road 4677 after passing checkpoint Lima, an C-130 can be seen falling from the sky and crash into the house. The HVI probably locked himself on the panic room due to the Russian invasion and was still there playing chess with the teddy until the plane crashed. Then, Russian troops including Viktor apparently reached to him and breached into the panic room, flas…

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T-Raycroft T-Raycroft 3 November 2021

Extinction pistol rankings

The pistol: it is the Extinction soldier's first tool. You spawn in, and it's the first thing you see: a pistol being held in your character's own right hand. It's part of the loadout you pick before going into battle and battling Cryptids face to face.

That said, not all pistols are created equal. Each of the four pistols have distinct gameplay differences from one another, and I figured that it's best to rank the pistols, and see which one you should be taking into battle.

With all that said, what's the worst of the pistols?

  • 1 #4
  • 2 #3
  • 3 #2
  • 4 #1

At dead last, sadly, is the starting pistol, the P226. This isn't to say the P226 is bad. None of the pistols are bad, thankfully. But the P226 is a degree worse than the others in multiple facets. It has th…

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Diego Esquivel Diego Esquivel 27 September 2021

Does anyone noticed that the OpFor voice actors in COD4, MW2 and the Yemeni Militia in BO2 are the same guys? Lol

I just found out that they sound exactly and I was wondering that they are the same voice actors.

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T-Raycroft T-Raycroft 5 September 2021

Extinction map rankings

I've had the pleasure of replaying and completing every Extinction map as of late, several times over. Over that period of time, my opinions towards the five Extinction maps have shifted as I got a better, renewed feel for them.

So, with that said, what is at the bottom of the barrel?

  • 1 #5: Awakening
  • 2 #4: Mayday
  • 3 #3: Point of Contact
  • 4 #2: Exodus
  • 5 #1: Nightfall

I don't want to hate Awakening. It's a very ambitious map that has a lot of story relevance, but a lot of that ambition did not pan out well.

A lot of this failed ambition lies within the new enemies introduced. The Bombers are neat as new Seekers, but they're like 3 pixels large when they spawn in and are just stupidly tough to hit. The Gargoyles have way too much jank to them as they easily…

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T-Raycroft T-Raycroft 18 July 2021

Point of Contact Weapon Rankings

As is the case with many Extinction players back then and nowadays, Point of Contact is my most played map in the Extinction catalogue by a landslide. Over time, I've forged my opinions concerning each weapon that is available on the map, and I've decided to rank them.

Quick disclaimer: the ranking I have for this list is not straightforward in the slightest. My playstyle and opinions of weapons varies wildly depending of if I'm using Weapon Specialist or not. Usually I play with Weapon Specialist, and when I'm not using it, I steer away from many of the weapons I sing high praises about. When I am using Weapon Specialist, the opposite holds true, in that weapons that I would be much more willing to use when not using Weapon Specialist beco…

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T-Raycroft T-Raycroft 20 June 2021

The worst weapons of Black Ops 1

Black Ops 1 has its share of bad weapons, just like any other Call of Duty game. There's always going to be least common denominators in FPS multiplayers, and in Black Ops 1, while there's a lot of weapons that are directly outclassed by others due to the game's bad job of differentiating weapons from one another, there isn't a whole lot that is outright bad.

So, what are these bad apples that I speak of?

  • 1 M16
  • 2 PM63
  • 3 Uzi
  • 4 Kiparis
  • 5 Solo HS-10
  • 6 RPK
  • 7 Dragunov
  • 8 ASP, M1911, and Makarov
  • 9 M72 LAW

I ripped on the M16 in my last blog post, and I'm going to do it again. The M16 is not a good weapon in this game, sadly. Comparing this thing to the G11 is just sad, as the M16 is outmatched by the G11 in so many ways. It is not very accurate for a burst fire assa…

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T-Raycroft T-Raycroft 14 June 2021

Personal Black Ops 1 assault rifle ranking

Black Ops 1 is my favorite of the Call of Duty games, and has ten assault rifles to choose from. There's not a lot that makes the assault rifles different from one another in Black Ops, but Treyarch has managed to make the differences large enough for me to form my own list of what I consider the best and the worst assault rifles.

So, what's the bottom of the barrel assault rifle?

  • 1 #10: M16
  • 2 #9: Commando
  • 3 #8: AK-47
  • 4 #7: Enfield
  • 5 #6: FN FAL
  • 6 #5: M14
  • 7 #4: AUG
  • 8 #3: Galil
  • 9 #2: FAMAS
  • 10 #1: G11

The starting assault rifle. Really, Treyarch? Trying to reinforce the stereotype of low level weapons being bad? Well, you did a good job on that front, because the M16 stinks. Worst rate of fire in its class and worst centerspeed in its class make the M16 a weapon l…

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Iisaweird Iisaweird 31 March 2021

Note to Self

Per ScarletTwig's message, remember to license images. Wasn't aware that was a thing to be honest. Huh.

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PrincetonTakis123 PrincetonTakis123 2 February 2021

Rejinya Recio

heck literally why is she so freaking tall

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SniperJunkie217 SniperJunkie217 16 December 2020

MW 2019 Bots section needs to be shortened

Someone edited the MW 2019 section of bots a while ago, editor was Captain Atlas, and it seems a little long. I mean it took 5 to 7 minutes for me to finish that entire section. The information on bots in that game is very... informative, but it's too much to read.

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Kiriria Kiriria 13 October 2020

Fandom Major Update: What This Means For The Call of Duty Wiki

I am sure that those of you logging on to the wiki will be curious as to why it is performing differently.

Fandom has commenced migration to the Unified Community Platform, which you can read more about here. The main issues that we have detected thus far on the Discord involve a revamped editing system and updated Wiki Activity and Recent Changes compressed into the new Special:RecentChanges. This will take some adjusting to and of course you may feel free to contact myself or anyone on the Call of Duty Wiki Discord for support.

There are two major issues that I have found so far which are exclusive to the Call of Duty Wiki. For comparison, I have checked my own wiki in Bandipedia, where these issues do not arise.

The first issue is text. Sp…

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The L3rNa3aN The L3rNa3aN 6 October 2020

About Terminal in MW2019

This is my first blog in the wiki, so do excuse if I make some editing or formatting mistakes.

I've been thinking about it for a while now. I'm not gonna rant and complain about Terminal not being present in Verdansk. But this one kept me awake all night thinking about it.

Modern Warfare 2019 is a reboot of the original Modern Warfare, right? A new setting and storyline which corresponds to real-life unconventional combat, classic characters maybe with a new appearance or even personality (such as Gaz). But what if we're gonna get a new Terminal soon?

I really loved the old Terminal, especially for SnD. And after seeing the new airport in Verdansk, I thought, "It still looks quite good. Maybe it could be the new Terminal." And that's what I'm…

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T-Raycroft T-Raycroft 28 September 2020

Black Ops Dual Wield SMG Tier List

Holy shit, it’s a blog post from me. It’s been awhile.

Here, I will do something that I don’t recall ever doing with my many blogs of old: a tier list.

This tier list will be concerning Black Ops SMGs... when used in Dual Wield.

This was the last game for a long time to have a number of SMGs capable of Dual Wield. Advanced Warfare brought back the magic somewhat with the SAC3, but not on a scale like Black Ops.

Even with there being multiple SMGs to mull over, there are many SMGs that did not get the Dual Wield attachment option, and all of them had magazine capacities exceeding 20 rounds, those being the MP5K, AK-74u, Uzi, MPL, and Spectre. As such, said SMGs will not be on the list.

  • 1 S Tier
    • 1.1 Skorpion
  • 2 A-Tier
    • 2.1 MAC-11
  • 3 B-Tier
    • 3.1 Kiparis
  • 4 F-Tier
    • 4.…

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Eva trinidat Eva trinidat 28 September 2020



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Holylasagnas Holylasagnas 14 September 2020

Mysterious Call of Duty Card

Hello, I recently got a card after playing the Pawn takes Pawn game in the mail. On the front of the card, there is some sort of code that I don't know where to enter. But, on the back, there is some sort of puzzle that includes squares and lines. I attached a photo of the back of the card so if anyone knows what the back of the card means or if anyone knows if someone else got this, let me know. Thanks.

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Capt. Miller Capt. Miller 28 August 2020

Black Ops Cold War Reveal - Everything Revealed So Far

With Black Ops Cold War fully revealed, I've decided to collect all the details into a single blog post, along with the trailers. Credit to CharlieINTEL for summarising it all.

  • 1 Singleplayer
  • 2 Multiplayer
  • 3 General
  • 4 Leaks
  • 5 Official Description
  • 6 Reveal Trailer
  • 7 Campaign Cinematic

  • The game is a sequel to the original Black Ops, and takes place in the 1980s.
  • The campaign will have multiple endings.
  • You’ll be able to create your own character.
  • Here’s he official description:
  • A major new character has been introduced, called Adler. The plot revolves around the hunt for a Russian mole called Perseus (Cold War), with both Alex Mason and Frank Woods returning.
  • The campaign is being developed by Raven Software.

  • The game will feature cross play.
  • All DLC, following last…

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Capt. Miller Capt. Miller 20 August 2020

Black Ops Cold War Revealed, Full Reveal on 26 August

Over the past couple weeks, Treyarch have been steadily releasing content related to the upcoming Call of Duty. Take a look at the Pawn Takes Pawn pages maintained by Kalinine for all the relevant info.

Recently, a teaser was found on the website that officially confirms the name of the upcoming game and hints at the general plot. The teaser features Yuri Beznemov, a real life Russian KGB defector, talking about a spy named Perseus. The teaser also mentioned that the game is inspired by “real events”.

The full reveal will be on 26 August.

Here’s the video:

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Joco111 Joco111 3 August 2020


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Shyrtex Shyrtex 17 July 2020

Ranking Every Gun in Black Ops 2

Hey everyone, this time I decided to rank every gun in Black Ops 2 from the worst to the best. I have 1,800 hours in Steam and 600 hours on PS3 in the game, and I started thinking what my top list would look like. Remember that this list is based on my experience and opinions and I do not claim the following list to be universally valid. Also, the majority of these opinions come from PC version of Black Ops 2, which has some glitches regarding the burst weapons. I'll talk about them once I get to them - let's start! STILL UNFINISHED!

41. SWAT-556

I feel really bad for putting this rifle to the last spot, but unfortunately the burst rifles in Black Ops 2 PC have been scripted poorly. I am a huge fan of burst weapons, and this gun is very good…

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Capt. Miller Capt. Miller 17 July 2020

Leak - CoD 2020 Will Be Called “Black Ops Cold War”

The new Call of Duty being released this year could be a soft reboot of the Black Ops franchise, similar to what Infinity Ward did in 2019 with Modern Warfare (at least that’s how it looks).

Various leaks have come out throughout the year, with a recent one appearing randomly on the Xbox Live store that looks like an internal alpha release, called “The Red Door” - however, it doesn’t provide anything concrete:

Additionally, according to leaks, the new game will be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Details are somewhat sparse at the moment, but through the ever consistent CharlieINTEL, we have some:

  • 2020 game is in fact set during Cold War era
  • Game is “actually in a good state” with “MP maps almost done.”
  • Campaign is “fully playable state” but no…

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GhostrealSAS GhostrealSAS 15 July 2020

hey i play cod MW my favorite character is ghost aka Simon Riley

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Capt. Miller Capt. Miller 9 July 2020

News will be Resuming, and Other Changes


I've been gone for 2 years, roughly, and I'm planning on bringing in some substantial changes. Mostly they'll be drawing more attention to parts of the wiki that need some more user involvement, and I'll be trying to draw some more people in from Discussions to properly contribute.

I'll also be resurrecting the main page blogs. I'll be starting that reasonably soon.

Head to forum to contribute. I'll be trying to get as many people as possible to vote, so feel free to head on in.

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SuperMario2011 SuperMario2011 25 May 2020

Call of Duty x The Loud House: Tank Dempsey and Lori Loud

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Mr krabs135 Mr krabs135 27 April 2020

Anyone looking for players on zombies ps4

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Cyindaquil87 Cyindaquil87 5 April 2020

A another day in the cod wiki

A another day here I love this wiki so much but how does nobody know what the code names For the zombies ds maps are it’s okay I put them

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Cyindaquil87 Cyindaquil87 6 March 2020


Hey boss

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Cyindaquil87 Cyindaquil87 27 January 2020


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Louis Bancroft Louis Bancroft 3 December 2019

Guess who's back

Back again. Bancroft's back...tell your friends. Awkward Eminem reference aside, i'm back to use my savant-like image archiving abilites and achievement obsession to spruce up the wiki with largely inconsequential but helpful information!

The reason behind my 2018 absence had everything to do with the fact that i despised Black Ops 4, so i had no reason to bother with gun or trophy pics. However, this new Modern Warfare is the bee's knees, so i think i'll be sticking around as much as i used to. Also there's like 100 attachments for all the weapons, so i've got my work cut out for me and my dusty capture card.

Glad to be back, though. Never thought i'd be doing this for six years, yet here i am. Can't complain though, this is pretty much a j…

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Joemama76 Joemama76 20 November 2019

why hate shadows?

shadows of evil is my favorite map but it gets shit on all the time its sad because the time and work they put into it im guessing it gets hated because of new people but they wont take time to get to know the map and thats the probelm in my opinion no map is the worst however they have bad things to them but you need to know the map thats how you get good at the maps and have fun because it not hard wen you know all right

Joemama76 (talk) 01:57, November 20, 2019 (UTC)joemama76

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Breached Breached 19 September 2019

Modern warfare 2019 clips?

I noticed there is a picture of the playable character up and it looks like it may have come from a clip, is there any clips of the single player floating around?

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Here is a tutorial showing how to make a Black Ops emblem:

I hope you will enjoy it :)

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Shyrtex Shyrtex 20 August 2019

Guns which cause the most crying, based on my experience

Hello, another blog again. This is a different type of blog, and this time I will go through some weapons which cause a lot of dislike towards me and my playstyle. They are in no particular order.

  • 1 1. Remington 870 MCS & M1216, Black Ops 2
  • 2 2. Flamethrower, Black Ops
  • 3 3. Glock 18 Akimbo, Modern Warfare 2
  • 4 4. S-12, Advanced Warfare
  • 5 I will write more once I have time.

I actually gave a laugh whlist I wrote those two guns, because 1) they give me good memories and 2) the M1216 is often considered to be the worst shotty in BO2. The Remington surely was no surprise, but I find it hilarious how the "worst" shotgun in the game causes the most crying towards me. Of course an overpowered pump action shotgun and a four-round burst fully automatic shotgun…

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Awyman13 Awyman13 10 May 2019

Your Fandom Wiki Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my talk page.

Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

  • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
  • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
  • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
  • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

Questions? Let me know how I can help. ---awyman13 (Talk/Work) 03:10, May 14, 2019 (UTC)

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PlantCentral PlantCentral 1 May 2019

Little Rant on Last Gen BO3

       So, a few days ago I was playing the Last Gen BO3, and I was attempting the "Blackout" Free run, and at that point I was used to the animations. But after that I watched some gameplay of BO1 on the Wii---Which is a less powerful machine--and saw that the animations were close, or even up to par with the Console and PC games. The same is even for those Mobile Call of Duty Zombies. But the visuals and models had a down grade, which leads me to wonder... Did Treyarch decide to take beautiful graphics over better animations, or even a slice of the Campaign?

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ParkerWhite2000 ParkerWhite2000 4 April 2019

Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 maps, weapons, lethals, tactical, camouflages, perks, attachments, calling cards, etc.

What is the best things to have for a class build for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? let me know.

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Marcusmcc Marcusmcc 26 February 2019

Ideas for future discussions with FANDOM posts

Still looking for ideas for FANDOM posts, I have posted Five Night's at Freddy's Theories and a recent Call of Duty Modern Warfare storyline. Still looking for new ideas to add for my account or YouTube account. Hoping to get ideas from you lot or any readers, even FANDOM Personnel.

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SpecialOperationsTrooper SpecialOperationsTrooper 10 February 2019


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GoldenPlayz15 GoldenPlayz15 28 January 2019

Wonder Weapons

Hi everyone in the zombie's community! I wanted to know, what is your favorite wonder weapon of all time in any zombies game ever created. This is everyone's personal opinions, so don't criticize or judge people for it. This can be any wonder weapon, including glitches such as the elemental knife.

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Dreihu Dreihu 18 January 2019



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Trainguy0217 Trainguy0217 14 January 2019

Is Call of Duty Ghosts and the Modern Warfare trilogy linked?

So I saw a post that suggests that the Call of Duty: Ghosts timeline continues the events of Modern Warfare 3.

During the mission "Federation Day" in Call of Duty: Ghosts, there is a TV that is broadcasting in another language, supposedly the reporter says in another language "Our foe is crippling as suggested from 2016. It won't be long until victory" I believe they are referring to the Russian Invasion of the United States in Modern Warfare 2 and 3.

Also in the mission where you are fighting on the "Atlas Platform" in Call of Duty: Ghosts, one of the enemy says supposedly in Spanish "So, are we going to Europe?" and another one of the enemy's responds "The Russians already did enough damage to Europe, and that is the key to our victory" I …

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Shyrtex Shyrtex 8 January 2019

AW weapon variants guide

Hi, this is my third overll blog in this site. In this post, I'll be listing down some great weapon variants which you can accuire from Supply Drops. I won't be listing all of them right now, due to my limited current time, but I'll write quite a few. If you happen to have any of these variants, keep them!!

I will start with Enlisted variants first.

This weapon variant is relatively straightforward. What you receive is -1 on accuracy and +1 in damage.

What this basicially means is that the regular BAL is 3-4-5 in term of shots to kill. The Carbon however, has 3-4-4, meaning that you'll have an infinite four-hit kill range. This is a massive buff!! I think this is better than the Obsidian Steed, because this one is simply just more versatile. I…

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