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"In their mission to "secure a better tomorrow", Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai journey to a secret laboratory beneath the iconic Alcatraz, where they realize that the future they sought to secure is now in serious jeopardy..."
— Mission Briefing

Blood of the Dead is the third Zombies map that is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and the twenty-seventh map overall. It is a reimagined version, as well as a sequel of the fan-favorite map Mob of the Dead from Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


Being a faithful reconstruction, it retains most of the original areas from Mob of the Dead, in addition to a few new areas such as Richtofen's lab, the Model and New Industries, the Power House, the Warden's House, and the dangerous Catwalk and Recreation Yard respectively. A few locations within the map were altered or removed for various reasons, a good example being the Golden Gate Bridge, and a few of the locations for aircraft parts on Mob of the Dead. It also features the 'Primis" crew - the Origins versions of "Tank" DempseyNikolai BelinskiTakeo Masaki, and Edward Richtofen - as the four playable characters, replacing Albert "Weasel" ArlingtonFinn O'LearySalvatore "Sal" DeLuca, and Billy Handsome. Brutus also makes a return, this time as the main antagonist of the map, as the Warden. In parallel to the original Mob of the Dead, Hellhounds are also featured in the map, and adhere to the same traditional mechanics.



Starting Weapons
Special Weapons
Off-Wall Weapons
Mystery Box


Intro Cutscene


Nikolai: Was stumbling around in total darkness part of plan?!

The screen cuts from black to a lighter lit by Dempsey. Richtofen takes the lighter from him and leads the way, with the others following.

Dempsey: You give us the fire, we'll give 'em hell.

Takeo: Do not speak so lightly of hell-

Dempsey: Easy, Tak. I didn't mean the real thing.

Richtofen stops at a hole in the wall, as he found an entrance to the prison.

Richtofen: Gentlemen, we are here.

Richtofen tears the movie poster blocking the hole, and Primis crawls through the hole and into the cell block.

Nikolai: Where have you taken us?

Richtofen: We should be closer to the matter. Er, this way, if you please.

The scene transitions to the underground lab with four cryochambers holding the Victis crew. Another Richtofen from another dimension is then seen reading the Kronorium, who is not carrying his own pair of blood vials, seemingly waiting for Primis' arrival.

Lone Richtofen: You're late!

Lone Richtofen turns around in frustration and closes the Kronorium and greets his other self.

Lone Richtofen: Doctor.

Richtofen: Doctor.

Primis walks up to the lone Richtofen.

Richtofen: Is there a problem?

Lone Richtofen picks up three pairs of blood vials from the table and hands them to Primis Richtofen.

Lone Richtofen: Two for each of them, survival depends on it...ya, ya, ya, you remember!

Primis Richtofen hands over the blood vials to Dempsey.

Lone Richtofen: Argh, there's so much to do. A vessel for Maxis, the opening of the gateways...

Richtofen: Are you sure you're not getting...confused?

Nikolai walks up to inspect one of the cryochambers which is holding Misty in place. Lone Richtofen then hands over the Kronorium to his other self.

Lone Richtofen: Here, you will be needing this.

Richtofen: The Kronorium? But I've already read it!

Lone Richtofen: Read it again.

A portal opens up behind lone Richtofen as he turns around and prepares to leave. Richtofen starts to read through the Kronorium with confusion and frustration.

Richtofen: What is the meaning of this? The pages have changed, they-our blood? MY BLOOD? You cannot possibly expect me to let this happen?!

Lone Richtofen turns around and gives Primis Richtofen a look before stepping through the portal. Furious, Richtofen throws the Kronorium at the closing portal.

Richtofen: YOU SON OF A BITCH!

The Kronorium hits the wall and lands on the ground with it open, and then closes by itself. Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai walks up to Richtofen.

Dempsey: Let me guess, you're not gonna let us in on what that was about?

Nikolai: Or explain why you have people in freezer?

Primis hears a group of zombies headed for their location and turns around in shock. Richtofen proceeds to leave the underground lab with the others following.

Richtofen: We are leaving.

Takeo: (In Japanese) Damn!

Nikolai: (In Russian) Yeah, right!

Dempsey: Asshole.

The scene changes to Primis back in the cell block. Takeo proceeds to slice a zombie that is blocking their way in half with his katana, Richtofen and Dempsey uses their pistols and starts to kill zombies surrounding them, Nikolai throws a hatchet at a zombie down the hallway of the cell block. A portal is seen opened at the other end of the hallway. Primis starts to make a run for it.

Richtofen: There! Get to the portal now!

Out of the blue, the Warden crawls out from behind the Warden's Office, obstructing Primis's path. Primis looks at the Warden in horror.

Richtofen: Scheiße!

Warden: I will be reborn!

The Warden uses his baton to destroy the portal. The portal's destruction kills the Warden and knocks Primis to the ground. Richtofen stares at the destroyed portal, as it disappears.

Richtofen: Mein Gott, what have...what have I done?

More zombies starts to swarm behind Primis. Dempsey grabs Richtofen and pulls him up.

Dempsey: Move it, Doc!

Primis escapes into the generator room from the docks. As they begin to get swarmed by zombies, they retreat to the lower level of the docks. Nikolai shoots his shotgun before Takeo slams the door shut on the zombies. But to no avail, the zombies knocks down the door and continues to chase Primis. Primis then comes to a dead end at a dock, with zombies swarming all over their location. Primis is then left stranded on a dock and the screen cuts to a wide shot of Alcatraz Island with a stormy weather, and the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen at the background. Screen cuts to black.

Outro Cutscene


A red glow is seen traveling through Alcatraz, freeing the broken souls of the zombies. Primis and Great War Richtofen get up from the ground.

Takeo: Listen to how the spirits sing. They are free of this realm.

The group watches as the spirits imprisoned on the island fly away in peace, having been freed of their eternal purgatory.

Dempsey: Ain't that swell. Does that mean we win?

Nikolai: I would be greatly relieved if that was so. I am in no hurry to ensnare my mortal soul.

Great War Richtofen: That will not be necessary, Nikolai. The future has changed.

Great War Richtofen hands Nikolai the Kronorium.

Nikolai: The Kronorium?

Great War Richtofen: Read it. Learn of your true calling. You must keep your soul. It will be needed to defeat Doctor Monty.

Nikolai: Who?

The sound of portals can be heard opening. Meanwhile, Primis Richtofen is shown struggling inside the Dark Mechanism.

Richtofen: Hello? Hello? I am still here. Wait! Mein, mein Gott. What have, what have I done?

Great War Richtofen walks over towards Richtofen.

Richtofen: I honestly thought you were going, going to let me bleed to death. It was so sad!

Great War Richtofen: The cycle is broken, Herr Doctor. As such, insurance policies are no longer needed.

Great War Richtofen takes the blood vials off Richtofen.

Great War Richtofen: I wish I could tell you I was sorry, Edward. But I'm not.

Great War Richtofen takes the Summoning Key off Richtofen and walks away.

Richtofen: No! No, you can help me! You're a doctor! Wait! Don't you know, who I am?

Richtofen clenches his bloodied hand.

Richtofen: I have been witness to miracles und calamities! Dimensions born und collapsed! I walk a path no other can take!

Great War Richtofen walks over to Nikolai and throws the blood vials on the ground, breaking them.

Richtofen: NO!

Great War Richtofen asks Nikolai for his blood vials. Nikolai stares at them.

Richtofen: I want to be me, the one who did all the hard work!

Great War Richtofen, Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey leave through a set of 4 portals. A total of 5 blood vials are seen lying on the ground.

Richtofen: I wanted to keep going. This me... I was the nicest one.

Richtofen looks over to 3 portals as they close.

Richtofen: And you won't even remember.

Richtofen bleeds to death while crying. The screen fades to black and white as lightning strikes the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.


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Radios and Audio Reels

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Ciphers and Scrap Paper

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  • In the Blood of the Dead poster, it can be seen that Edward Richtofen is holding the Mauser C96, but it's not in the game nor the game files at all.
    • Furthermore, Dempsey can be seen wielding a KN-44, despite the fact that the weapon is nowhere to be found in the game.
  • The PhD Flopper machine can still be seen at the docks as it once was from Mob of the Dead. Of course, though, it isn't accesible.
    • Aside from this, the Mule Kick machine, that was originally there, is missing from the dock as the dock is nearly destroyed.