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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"Tank" Dempsey

"Everybody just pull your shit together, or i'm gonna start freaking out too!"
— Said upon starting a co-op match.

"Field Report: Seems i'm the only one who made it down here. Ain't that just aces. Judging by the scratching behind the walls, i'd better get the fuck out."
— Said upon starting a solo match.

"Welp, nothing around here looks portal-ish... And I figure that monster guard smashed the only exit. Where ever the other guys wound up, they better have more to go on than this."
— Said upon starting round 2 in a solo match.

"It's always me! You pricks get wonder weapons but screw Dempsey, right?!"
— When receiving the padlock.

"Assault rifle? Don't mind if i do."
— When receiving an assault rifle.

"I still don't trust you sci-fi gun, but I like the way you work!"
— When receiving a Ray Gun.

"Swords are cool family heirloom and all, let's just hope it kills as good as it looks."
— When using the Path of Sorrows.

"Always remember to tip your soldiers!"
— Upon picking up Bonus Points.

"Wow, pocket change... You spoil me."
— Upon picking up Bonus Points.

" Hustle up, each freakbag standing is money on the table!"
— Upon picking up Double Points.

"Anybody touches my box, i'm gonna be pissed."
— Upon picking up Firesale.

"Take a breath boys...*cough* just not too deep."
— Upon picking up a Nuke.

"Haha! Who knew that Death Row had an EXPRESS LANE!?"
— When scoring a headshot.

"See? They make that whiny sound and I feel bad!"
— When killing a Hellhound.

"Sorry, fella!"
— When killing a Hellhound.

"Woof!..that stuff is thick!"
— Drinking a Perk.

"Had a girl try to turn me onto stuff like this, said it was vegan. Whatever that shit means."
— Drinking a Perk.

"Goes down like dried cream cheese, ugh."
— Drinking a Perk.

"If I don't understand it, it means it's important."
— When picking up a buildable piece.

"Some ghost sneezes all over a utility box and I just have to grab a handful of it...ugh, this crap better be useful."
— When picking up spectral essence.

"Now that is a nice door, and trust me, I know doors, open 'em all the time"
— When picking up a shield part.

"What a shame..the big scary demon guard dropped his key, i'll just hang onto that for him."
— When picking up the Warden's key.

"Let there be light! Hard to believe this junk still works."
— When turning on the power at New Industries.

"Hey, come back here and let me shoot you with this pellet gun! Maybe bleed on you a little!"
— When going down.

"Get up doc, you don't get to die on me."
— When reviving the player playing as Richtofen.

"Sick of playing doctor, doctor!"
— When reviving the player playing as Richtofen.

"Aw man... When is running to the roof ever a good idea?"
— When on the roof.

"Spectral...thingy all charged up!"
— When collecting souls.

"Yeesh...These the showers or a meat locker from hell?"
— When seeing the Shower room for the first time.

"First? Damn you guys are slow."
— Said when entering the cell blocks first during a multiplayer match.

"Atleast it's a dry heat...sooo dry!"
— When using a fast travel.

Takeo Masaki

"I'd never thought I'd say this, but i miss the gum!"
— Said after drinking an Elixir.

"Our host has returned. It is my honor to greet him!"
— Upon confronting Brutus.

"So, we meet again, Devil Warden. If it is suffering that you crave, I will gladly assist!"
— Upon confronting Brutus.

"Death appears to be the same for the Warden. Never tires, not once."
— Upon killing Brutus.

"Burn in hell! Or wherever cursed pit you are spawned from..."
— Upon killing Brutus.

Nikolai Belinski

"The Kronorium. He said that pages changed on him. Judging from face, it was not good change. So now, we fight for lives! This is what we get for trusting German!"
— Said at start of match in co-op.

— Being hit by a Zombie.
"If you tap on my shoulder, you get my attention!"
— Being hit by a Zombie.
"You waste time. I am not ticklish."
— Being hit by a Zombie.

"Unhand me, German! I mean... thank you."
— Being revived by Edward Richtofen

Edward Richtofen

"Maxis! Stop it Edward... This may be just another delusion - It must be. Surely, I would never lead myself into such a... Such a...? Mein Gott! Everything could change!"
— Upon starting a solo match.

"I have done terrible things, surely, but I am certain even I do not deserve this!"
— Upon receiving a pistol.

"An adorable piece of engineering is it not? I'll give you a clue-- It's not."
— Upon receiving an Submachine Gun.

"The filigree is exquisite! Such a shame to see it splattered und defiled with gore."
— Upon receiving the Blundergat.

"There it goes! Mein last thread of sanity snapped in twain! In twain!"
— Upon receiving the box-moving Lock.

"Ammunition und life expectancy are directly proportional!"
— Upon being low on ammo.

"How can I work without ammunition?!"
— Upon being low on ammo.

"Bullets, bitte! I would love to continue shooting!"
— Upon being low on ammo.

"This is a very bad place to run out of ammunition!"
— Upon being low on ammo.

"What is small, metal, und about to run out? Ammunition, dumkopf! Mach schnell!"
— Upon being low on ammo.

"So creamy! So appallingly creamy!"
— Upon purchasing a Perk-a-Cola.

"I appreciate the science behind protoplasms, but-- not so much the aftertaste."
— Upon purchasing a Perk-a-Cola.

"Tastes like something was evolving inside of the bottle."
— Upon purchasing a Perk-a-Cola.

"Fizzy und stimulating!"
— Upon purchasing a Perk-a-Cola.

"Can anyone else hear what things smell like?"
— Upon consuming an Elixir.

"Ja. Pretty sure that's a neurotoxin. Oh well!"
— Upon consuming an Elixir.

"That one wasn't so ba-- It's revolting."
— Upon consuming an Elixir.

"Mein gott there's a lot of swinging involved! I can shred the undead und mein waistline at the same time!"
— Upon getting multiple kills with the Path of Sorrows.

"Let's see how well you bite und scratch without your heads und limbs!"
— Upon getting multiple kills with the Path of Sorrows.

"So much is made of this "ancient art form!" I've picked it up in an afternoon!"
— Upon getting multiple kills with the Path of Sorrows.

"It has been a fine afternoon of spirited amputations! Quite invigorating!"
— Upon getting multiple kills with the Path of Sorrows.

"Oh, Takeo! Do your ancestors have any more of these magic swords lying around? I simply must have one!"
— Upon getting multiple kills with the Path of Sorrows.

"If I were crazy and Japanese, I'd swear this sword just "woke up.""
— Upon reaching full charge on level 2 Path of Sorrows.

"Theory confirmed! This sword is dripping with supernatural power!"
— Upon reaching full charge on level 3 Path of Sorrows.

"Auf wiedersehen! Where is the Doctor?! Where could he have possibly gone?"
— Upon using the Shadow of Death ability of the Path of Sorrows.

"Now I have enough for all of you, und all your stinking, shambling relatives!"
— Upon receiving a Max Ammo.

"Ah, sehr gut! Mein waffen was thirsty!"
— Upon receiving a Max Ammo.

"Ammunition! Not ein moment too soon."
— Upon receiving a Max Ammo.

"All of them, so weak! I could sneeze und destroy the entire-- ACHOO! Marvelous, now it's everywhere."
— Upon receiving an Insta-Kill.

"I will tear through their ranks as I have torn through space und time!"
— Upon receiving an Insta-Kill.

"Board all the windows! Seal all the gaps! Watch your fingers!"
— Upon receiving a Carpenter.

"Marvel as I drive hundreds of nails using only my imagination!"
— Upon receiving a Carpenter.

"I could just squeal with gratitude! If only I cared one iota."
— Upon receiving a Bonus Points.

"Such generosity! Have you got any spare lumps of zombie stool as well?"
— Upon receiving a Bonus Points.

"Fine! Bonus! Just give it here while I retain some semblance of dignity."
— Upon receiving a Bonus Points.

"Creating a better tomorrow is neither easy nor cheap."
— Upon receiving a Double Points.

"Where does the money come from I wonder? The Bank of the Damned? Undead Savings und Loan?"
— Upon receiving a Double Points.

"If I get another teddy, I will be very upset! Teddies are liars."
— Upon receiving a Fire Sale.

"Ein more blut, bitte, danke! I simply can't get enough of that sickly-sweet ichor!"
— Upon receiving a Zombie Blood.

"So this is it, ja? This is how you spend every day in eternity, just appear out of nowhere, wave your stick about, und explode into a puff of smoke! Bravo!"
— Upon confronting Brutus.

"Look everyone! He's been reborn! Just like he always says! Isn't that spectacular?"
— Upon confronting Brutus.

"Herr Warden! What ein predictable und obnoxious surprise."
— Upon confronting Brutus.

"There you are, you ridiculous oaf! Prepare to die again!"
— Upon confronting Brutus.

"Impeccable timing as always, Herr Warden! I was just thinking about how much I want to annihilate you!"
— Upon confronting Brutus.

"Killing him may prove pointless, but at least it's therapeutic."
— Upon killing Brutus.

"DIE!!! Und I hope it really hurt that time!"
— Upon killing Brutus.

"I will choose the time und place of my demise! Not you!"
— Upon being hit by a zombie.

"Really, there's no need to be rude!"
— Upon being hit by a zombie.

"Do you mind? I am trying to erase your foul kind from existence!"
— Upon being hit by a zombie.

"Pardon me sir! I am no morsel to be chewed."
— Upon being hit by a zombie.

"What a surprise! Another reanimated corpse! Yawn!"
— Upon being hit by a zombie.

"Ach, I think I'm getting sepsis just looking at you."
— Upon being hit by a zombie.

"Now try screaming without a windpipe, dumkopf!"
— Upon killing a zombie with a melee attack.

"Ooh... Someone is allergic to knives!"
— Upon killing a zombie with a melee attack.

"Tell me again about mein issues with intimacy!"
— Upon killing a zombie with a melee attack.

"Such wonderful, wonder-violence!"
— Upon killing zombies with the Blundergat/Acid Gat/ Magmagat.

"Bless this ridiculous contraption!"
— Upon killing zombies with the Blundergat/Acid Gat/ Magmagat.

"The action, the recoil, the sound! Absolutely intoxicating."
— Upon killing zombies with the Blundergat/Acid Gat/ Magmagat.

"Mein gott, so much fun! Let's do another, I want to go again!"
— Upon killing zombies with the Blundergat/Acid Gat/ Magmagat.

"Away with you, vermin!"
— Upon killing a Hellhound.

"How could I have underestimated the Warden this much? How could he have the knowledge to build-- Unless..."
— Upon using the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

"Ja, let's build your lab under Alcatraz! It's just a twisted little pocket dimension, what could go wrong? Fucking Illuminati."
— Upon using the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

"Great Wolfgang's Ghost! Ohh, haha! It's only one of the demon wolves! They seem almost... drachen-esque."
— Upon first encountering Cerberus.

"Behold! The eater has become the eat-ed!"
— Upon feeding Cerberus.

"Chew your food, Wolfy, you'll choke on the pelvis!"
— Upon feeding Cerberus.

"Goodbye, wolfy! Greedy little ingrate. Not so much as a thank you bark!"
— Upon finishing feeding first Cerberus.

"Open wide, Wolfy Dog! Here comes another nice juicy corpse!"
— Upon feeding Cerberus.

"Feeding undead to a demonic wolf is exactly how I wanted to spend mein afternoon."
— Upon feeding Cerberus.

"Finished again! That thing eats more than any creature I have ever encountered! Dempsey is a human, he does not count."
— Upon finishing feeding second Cerberus.

"Ach, so jealous! It's been so long since I've eaten... that actually looks appetizing!"
— Upon feeding Cerberus.

"I'm not sure what's worse! The Warden's demonic office or his ghastly home decor."
— Upon entering Warden's House.

"Ach! As a doctor, calling this place an infirmary is offensive."
— Upon entering Infirmary.

"Could this be his inner sanctum? The writing all over the walls certainly doesn't scream "sanity." It reminds me of my lab."
— Upon walking into Warden's Office.

"The water seems so calm. Such a shame that any attempt to cross it would delete us from existence. I'm tempted to let Nikolai try."
— Upon approaching the edge of the Docks.

"Mein poor little pink lungs!"
— Upon removing Brutus's helmet.

"Sufficient souls collected!"
— Upon gaining full charge on the Spectral Shield.

"Spectral energy at full charge!"
— Upon gaining full charge on the Spectral Shield.

"Ouch very hot! But cooling quickly... It appears I haven't much time!"
— Upon receiving Tempered Blundergat.

"Re-heat please, mach schnell!"
— Upon reheating Tempered Blundergat.

"Hmmm, you could say that mein metallurgical skills are a bit "rusty." But it appears that the thermo-demonic infusion was a complete success!"
— Upon receiving the Magmagat/Magmus Operandi.

"Did the Kronorium predict this decision? With each move, do we rewrite its pages?"
— Upon purchasing a weapon off the wall.

"Worth every stinking, bloody corpse!"
— Upon purchasing a weapon off the wall.

"Wunderbar! Pull switch und power on! At last, a stroke of luck."
— Upon turning power on near New Industries.

"Power restored! Und I know how much you hate power, Herr Warden, but don't even think about knocking it out again!"
— Upon turning power on near Docks.

"Ahhh, spectral essence! Now if I only had some receptacle to store it in... Perhaps Nikolai has an extra pocket."
— Upon taking Spectral Essence for the Spectral Shield.

"Hmmm- Correct shape, proper alloy, acidic taste... Ja. This will make a suitable shield component."
— Upon taking Metal Door for the Spectral Shield.

"Ha ha, you dumkopf Warden! I have acquired your precious key! Let us see what skeletons you've got hiding in your closet then, shall we?"
— Upon taking the Warden's Key.

"Und SCHNELL! I've got it! Danke, wolfy!"
— Upon receiving the Hell's Retriever.

"Ja, guten tag ghosts! I was wondering if by chance you've seen--"
— Upon using a spirit blast to access the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

"Ahh, the Pack-a-Punch! Set it down just there, if you please!"
— Upon using a spirit blast to access the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

"I must be insane! AAAHH, the flames!"
— Upon fast travelling through Underground Passages.

"I definitely prefer the gondola!"
— Upon fast travelling through Underground Passages.

"I'm still steaming from the last trip!"
— Upon fast travelling through Underground Passages.

"Ach, I am going to reek of sulfur!"
— Upon fast travelling through Underground Passages.

"It's like jumping into a hair dryer!"
— Upon fast travelling through Underground Passages.

"Mein edges are starting to feel quite crispy!"
— After fast travelling through Underground Passages.

"Mein gott! So dizzy! So thirsty!"
— After fast travelling through Underground Passages.

"Wasser, bitte! Wasser!"
— After fast travelling through Underground Passages.

"Ich brenne! Ich brenne! I'm fine."
— After fast travelling through Underground Passages.

"Sehr gut, we've arrived! Is mein face red? I feel red."
— After fast travelling through Underground Passages.

"You may wish to take cover! This is going to make a mess."
— Upon activating trap in New Industries.

"Stand clear of the platter! Unless you wish to be blended!"
— Upon activating trap in New Industries.

Brutus[Enter 1]

" Welcome! to Alcatraz! Rise and greet our guests properly!"

-Said when players exit the catwalk.

"AT LAST! The day has arrived! Thank you!.... You belong...TO ME!"

-Said during the main easter egg before capturing the player(s).

"You think that this is - is your prison? That you can repay your debt to existence? This is not a matter of debts. Though debts you certainly owe. THIS! Is my life's sentence... The reason I was born, and the destiny for which i have bled, and tortured, and killed, and died. Again and again. It is Armageddon."

-Said during the main easter egg.

"Until you -- brought me the key! I can hear it pounding through your veins... Faster and faster, now. So your life sentence begins! you will suffer, You will not die! Your hearts will beat as everlasting engines in my machine- holding the gateway open, so that he- they will finally be free... Now rest yourselves! Soon, we being. LIGHTS OUT!"

-Said during the main easter egg in response to one of the characters.

"Get back in your cell!"

-Said during the main easter egg when catching the player(s) escaping their cell(s).

"Pathetic fools! I will not be disobeyed!"

-Said during the main easter egg.

"Now we will begin!"

-Said before the starting the boss fight.

"Nethurgast Lorozzor! Arburgneth! Arburgneth Arburgneth!"

-Said during the boss fight.

"Korast Asturgwa Arkazor Arkanoth!

-Said during the boss fight.


-Said before being defeated by Primis.

Stuhlinger's Conversations with Richtofen

To activate Stuhlinger's quote, the player must be playing as Richtofen while doing the main Easter Egg quest. Simply interact with Stuhlinger's cryo-pod once the lighthouse is activated.

Conversation 1

Stuhlinger: Twelve-thousand forty-two bottles of beer on the wall, twelve-thousand forty-two bottles of beer! Ya take one down, ya pass it around, twelve-thousand forty-one bottles of beer on the wa-- Oh!

Richtofen: Samuel?!

Stuhlinger: Gah!!! Who in the fudge?! Doctor Richtofen, is that you?

Richtofen: This is an Element 115-based delusion! You are in cryo-stasis back in the lab, how could you-- The Lighthouse... it must have triggered a chain reaction in the Aether!

Stuhlinger: It is you! Wait, hold the phone! Do you mean to tell me I'm a voice inside YOUR head now?! Ain't that a kick in the dick?!

Richtofen: I do not have time for this. Nor the strength.

Dempsey: Time for what, Doc? Who the hell is Samuel? Everything... okay?

Richtofen: Oh no, not at all! In fact, things are much worse now.

Conversation 2

Richtofen: Stop the bird! Stop the bird! Stop-- The book is gone! Why can nothing ever be simple?

Stuhlinger: Yeah, that's a shame! He doesn't trust you guys.

Richtofen: And what exactly would know about it, Samuel?! Hmmm?!

Stuhlinger: Jeez, touchy touchy! Ever since you guys switched on the lighthouse, I've been hearin' all kinds of freaky-deaky chatter in this place. Haven't been able to make out much, but that little bird-- he chirps pretty loud!

Richtofen: Brilliant, Samuel, I was unaware you were fluent in seagull!

Conversation 3

Richtofen: Give me that logic-forsaken book! At long last, something goes according to plan!

Stuhlinger: You could'a just tried asking him to give it back.

Richtofen: Reason with a phantom seagull... I suspect your brain may still be partially frozen.

Stuhlinger: Har dee har! Who's fault is'that, anyway, huh? You said you stuck me in this tube to keep me safe, but now I'm thinkin' you did it just to shut me up!

Richtofen: Ladies und gentlemen, I believe his brain is beginning to thaw!

Conversation 4

Richtofen: If I had three men just like him, we would have been done with this mechanism business, through with that bastard warden, and drinking schnapps in the lab!

Stuhlinger: Hey, Richtofen? Remember when I used to pull levers and jump through portals and get fancy books for you? I could still do all that stuff--

Richtofen: Nein, you can't, Samuel. You are frozen in ein pod in mein lab. Just accept it!

Conversation 5

Stuhlinger: Attaboy, Ed! Way to give that spoon-stabbin' so-and-so a dose of industrial homicide!

Richtofen: Refer to me as Ed again, Sammy, und I will press the Pulse button on your cryo-pod. Repeatedly.

Conversation 6

Stuhlinger: En-core! En-core! En-core! Fuck yeah, Richtofen. Oh man, you guys should start a band!

Richtofen: Of all your idiotic suggestions, Samuel... That one is the least offensive.

Conversation 7

Stuhlinger: Jumpin' fuckin' Jeremiah, you're alive! Wooo! Man. Do you have any idea how scary it is- thinkin' you're gonna be stuck in a box with your own thoughts forever?

Richtofen: Yes, Samuel. I'm afraid I do.

Conversation 8

Richtofen: The thawing sequence has begun, but we cannot wait here. We must finish what we have started und confront our fate above.

Stuhlinger: What about fate, huh? all day, I've been helpin' you out, but no! You're gonna defrost that--

Richtofen: Samuel, if we succeed, you will be safe. Please trust me. Und keep quiet.

Conversation 9

Stuhlinger: That was... That was beautiful, you guys! What you did for that man? I wish you were half as nice to me!

Richtofen: Ohh, would your immortal soul be somehow able to activate the Warden's mechanism?! Because if it is, I will happily toss your pod into the bay!

Conversation 10

Richtofen: Now, gentlemen, I do the right thing! Stand back, you imbeciles! You want mein blood?! TAKE MEIN BLOOD!

Stuhlinger: Wait, what?! You can't mean--

Richtofen: Goodbye, Samuel...

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