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The Bloodhound is a revolver appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops III in the Zombies map Shadows of Evil. It appears as the starting handgun for all characters in the map. It is significantly stronger than the other starting pistols aswell as having a much higher fire rate. such as the M1911 or the Mauser C96, as it can kill zombies in just three body shots on round 1, opposed to the seven body shots its predecessors required. It does however have a slower reload time, being a revolver. The higher damage enables it to be somewhat usable to up to round 5, taking six headshots to kill compared to three magazines of its predecessors.

Pack-a-Punch[edit | edit source]

When Pack-a-Punched, it turns into the Meat Wagon, with a similar upgrade to the Mustang and Sally from previous games. It becomes dual wielded, and shoots grenades instead of regular bullets. The rate of fire is marginally slower than the Mustang and Sally, but it boasts a larger magazine compared to Mustang and Sally, with 8 rounds per gun compared to six for the other. The Meat Wagon cannot be Pack-a-Punched again to get the Pack-a-Punch upgrades, like Blast Furnace.

It should be noted that the grenades shot by this weapon have a high splash radius and damage against the player, downing a player without Juggernog in two hits. Along with the close quarters layout of Shadows Of Evil, the Meat Wagon may be detrimental to one's survival.

Bloodhound vs Meat Wagon[edit | edit source]

Bloodhound Meat Wagon
Bloodhound Zombies BO3.png Meat Wagon BO3.png
Damage 50 1200
Fire mode Double-action (semi-automatic) Double-action (semi-automatic)
Magazine size 8 8/8
Max ammo 80+8 50+8/8
Mobility High High
Extras Dual Wield, fires grenades with much higher damage, slower rate of fire.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After being Pack-a-Punched, the Bloodhound's revolving chambers no longer spin when shot.
  • "Meat Wagon" is slang for an ambulance, hearse or police van.
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