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"I speak for Sang'ket, first of the Bloodraven Order. Live giver, and life taker. Daughter of the Sea."
Klaus Fischer

Bloodraven is an ancient order of warriors that later was became the eponymous name a variation of Geistkraft energy after research done in Mittelburg done by the Ahnenerbe.


The Bloodraven Order is an ancient order centred around protection and the use of blood. Sang'ket, being the first member of the Order wielded a shield crafted in the city of Thule which became known as the Roar of Sang'ket.

Emperor Frederick Barbarossa had his four highest Royal Guards be members of the four Raven Orders, with their notable weapons being attributed to the order as well. The member of the Bloodraven order that was a Royal Guard wielded the sword known as "Bloodthirst" that was said to boil the blood of the unworthy along with being a sister to the Red Talon that was lost during the Crusades.[1]

Klaus Fischer utilising stolen research and technology from Peter Straub created modified Überschanlle that require different resonance frequencies charge, with the Bloodraven requiring Pests to charge it. The Bloodraven charged Überschanlle then is used to create parts for the Tesla Gun that change how the gun functions. Klaus hid the Überschanlle and research away prior to his capturing by Doctor Straub.

After his death Klaus became the new Rook which allowed him to make Raven squad into members of the Raven Lords.


The available research from the Bloodraven tree mainly provides support abilities, focusing more on the cooperative aspect, team assist roles and joint annihilation, as the shown by the Team upgrades mods available for all four Special Abilities, which provides Geistchild, damage bonus, Health or enhanced revive tools to any nearby teammates.

Raven Research Mods

Research Name Mod Type Icon Affect
Team Effort Frontline mod Team Effort Raven Mod WWII.png Nearby teammates also receive the damage bonus while using Frontline.
Explosives Handler Freefire mod Explosives Handler Raven Mod WWII.png Give yourself and nearby allies 2 lethals while activating Freefire.
Protector Shellshock mod Protector Raven Mod WWII.png Allies hit with Shellshock gain 1 point of Geistchild.
Field Medic Camouflague mod Field Medic Raven Mod WWII.png Revive fallen teammates quicker while using Camoflague.
Dutiful Medic Universal mod Dutiful Medic Raven Mod WWII.png Take no damage from one hit while reviving a teammate.
Ammo Carrier Freefire mod Ammo Carrier Raven Mod WWII.png Nearby teammates receive a full clip of ammo when activating Freefire.
Defibrillate Shellshock mod Defibrillate Raven Mod WWII.png Revive fallen teammates in range when activating Shellshock.
Exfilration Camouflage mod Exfiltration Raven Mod WWII.png Allies revived while using Camouflage are also hidden temporarily.
Preventative Medicine Universal mod Preventative Medicine Raven Mod WWII.png Your whole team has longer bleedout time. This does not stack with other teammates using Preventative Medicine.
Squad Tactics Freefire mod Squad Tactics Raven Mod WWII.png Nearby allies get a headshot damage bonus while using Freefire.


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