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Bloodraven is one of the four variations of Geistkraft energy developed by the German research in Mittelburg. It is used to craft mods and as a source of energy for the Bloodthirst Tesla Gun variant battery.


It refers to one of the four mythical weapons wielded by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa's Royal Guards.

The name "Blood" is a reference to the Bloodthirst weapon, which was a legendary sword said to boil the very blood of the unworthy

Klaus Fischer named one of the four variants of the Tesla Gun after this weapon.

Its energy source might be related to Pests since they are used as a method to recharge the Bloodthirst's variant battery.


This Geistkraft variation form mainly provides support abilities, focusing more on the cooperative aspect, team assist roles and joint annihilation, as the shown by the Team upgrades mods available for all four Special Abilities, which provides Geistchild, damage bonus, Health or enhanced revive tools to any nearby teammates, and also the stun effect that affects a group of zombies and disintegrating them after a few seconds from the Bloodthirst tesla gun upgrade.

  • Mods Class: Camouflage, Freefire, Frontline and Shellshock Mods
    • Mods that are suited for a team player, sharing one's special ability trait with nearby teammates.
    • These traits can be Faster teammates revives, damage increasing bonus or even Geistchild points to nearby players.
  • Weapon Variant: Bloodthirst
    • Fires a shellshock beam that stuns a group of zombies for a short time and disintegrates them afterward.

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